Telepathic Moral Laws

Created by Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson on Sun May 27th, 2018 @ 7:53pm

1st Moral Law

An officer will not invade the mind of another without permission or very good defendable cause (defined later).

2nd Moral Law

A Counsellor can use his/her abilities in a therapy setting only if the patient is willing and has submitted themselves to a full evaluation or treatment.

3rd Moral Law

An officer or Counsellor may use their abilities in a first contact setting in a empathic manner only, no unauthorized entry of the mind will be allowed unless… The group in question is obviously hostile, Communication is impossible and the group in question may get hostile The other group is telepathic and that is the only means of communication The other group makes initial telepathic contact.

4th Moral Law

full telepathic abilities may be used in combat only if the other has signified the intent of no mercy or the combatants only communicate by telepathy.

5th Moral Law

Under no circumstances whatsoever should 'mind blasting' be used unless the ultimate security of the Federation is at stake or the Prime Directive is threatened an NO other course is available.

6th Moral Law

Only general empathy may be used in Interrogations, no exceptions excluding the direct orders of the top command of Starfleet.

7th Moral Law

An officer may use telepathy or mind-meld if it is absolutely necessary to sustain the life of an un-responsive individual. A Doctor or other qualified person MUST be present.

8th Moral Law

Telepathy may only be used in negotiating only if all sides are informed and agree, or the negotiations can turn hostile with relative ease and one or more sides absolutely cannot be trusted.

9th Moral law

No officer may be forced into using their abilities if they do not wish to (including mind melds).

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