USS Elysium 18+ rating explained

Created by Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson on Tue Oct 16th, 2018 @ 7:30am

USS Elysium 18+ rating explained

While we are an 18+ simulation and we have that really cool rating from which puts us at

3 for Language: Swearing and mature language is permitted. 3 for Sexual Content: Sexual content may be described in detail. 2 for Violence: Explicit violence is permitted.

This does not mean open slather. We expect all writers to show maturity with such things and understand that while we are an 18+ Simulation, not everyone wants to write that sort of thing nor do they wish to see if splashed everywhere.

USS Elysium is a safe and creative role playing space where everyone is allowed to be creative and to be respected.

We the command team, fully expect and uphold all players to, the following:

Respect for their fellow players.

Understanding, that everyone is different and allowed to be.

That posts of an explicit nature are well labeled and are self moderated. Also that these posts are done within context and not just done for filler. Anyone having sex during red alert or a battle will find themselves in trouble.

That concerns are brought to our attention otherwise how can we fix them or assist with them.


the Command team

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