Below are our original rules, which will be extended and explained in more detail as well as added to.


  • A player cannot impersonate, write for or otherwise make a decision in-character (IC) or out-of-character (OOC) for another players character (PC) or protected non-playing characters (PNPC) without approval of the player in ownership.

  • All players are required to compose one post a fortnight unless otherwise cleared by the CO or XO or an LOA (leave of absence) or ELOA (extended leave of absence) form is submitted.

  • A joint-post counts as a full post for all authors.

  • A solo author post must be no less than 500 words in length.

  • A joint-post must be no less than 1000 words in length.

  • A joint post counts as a full post for all authors involved, as long as they have contributed more than 2 paragraphs to it. If not, then the others will gain recognition for the post and the player will still require to post a solo post to meet the posting requirements.

  • You must not, under any circumstances, write using another player's character or NPC without their consent. This may ONLY be done by the CO or XO if a player suddenly becomes inactive or is unable to be located and a response on that character's behalf is required to move the plot along.

  • LOAs are granted for periods of two weeks and ELOAs for two weeks to a month. Over that you need to speak to a member of the command staff. Repeatedly going on LOA for extended periods is harmful to the simm and will be looked at by the command staff.

  • Joint Posts: If there has been no reply within 7 days from your last response you may PM and nudge the other player/s. If after that, there is nothing in 5 days, then you may post the post as is.

  • No quoting Starfleet regulations to the GM or AGM, that is the quickest way to find your character transferred to Breen

    No super powered characters (Q like beings will NOT be accepted.) No one can do everything please remember that!

  • Only standard federation (Obsidian Fleet) races are accepted… Though Player Created Races are allowed, at the CO's discretion

  • Play nice children. Constant bickering will not be tolerated. Please respect the other characters on this Simulation. Failure to do so will result in a warning.. after two warnings you will be asked to leave the Simulation

  • For further reading in regards to CHARACTER Development, we suggest you look here:

    Character Rules and Regulations