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Mission Wrap

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 9:42am by Captain Phoenix Lalor

Hi All,

Am looking to have this mission wrapped within the next week or so.

MD6-MD10 will be at DS16 for counseling and Medical review. It will also be used for new crew and returning crew to join the rest of us.

I am aiming to have us back at DS16 by 11h on MD6.

End date of this mission will be (hopefully) 23.10.2020

So for now, MD4 and MD5 posts can be sent.

I am looking to start MD6 posts being sent from the 16.10.2020.

On the 20.10.2020 - I will be ending the Shore leave mission as well so please get them posted ASAP.

On the 24.10.2020, we will depart DS16 for Pacifica for Season 4: Episode 2: Rest And Relaxation! and it will be 12 days in game there before we move to our next mission and it will run from the 24.10.2020-14.11.2020. to see the missions we have planned.


Captain Lalor


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