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May Awards

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2024 @ 6:28am by Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson

Below are the May Awards!

Lieutenant Commander Rin
Crew's Choice Award
by Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson
Awarded for May 2024 - In a very close vote :)

Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson
Highest poster of the Month!
Highest Poster of May 2024!

Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D.
Outstanding Personal Character Arc
by Captain Samuel Woolheater
- I nominate tate Sullivan for her excellent soliliquy in "Now or Never". An exceptionally good post. Representing the highest quality of writing, using the simplest of structure and form and carefully crafted. Remarkably good. One of the best posts so far in 2024. A post that sets the standard. Well done.

Commander Kyle Reece
Stalwart Herald
by Captain Samuel Woolheater
- I nominate Commander Kyle Reece for th Stalwart Herald Award. Specifically for being a good friend to all the new comers to our dang-o game here. It is, sometimes, hard to be new. One may feel like they don't fit. Or have trouble finding their voice and style. I feel our game is enhanced because we have someone in Mr. Reece that reaches out to the new players. Helps them incorporate. Like beans in a dollar value menu burrito; Kyle helps things stick together.

Teevs Dosivi
Story Time
by Captain Samuel Woolheater
- I nominate Teevs for his work in the post "I Promised You I Would Return". It is a poignant read and a cool POV to see written from a civillian. It is an endearing post with a wee child, Kerilia, included in it. An enjoyable read.

Lieutenant Commander Rin
Intelligence Star
by Captain Samuel Woolheater
- I nominate Ltcdr. Rin for the Intelligence Star award for her work in locating and rescuing the many captives and children from the clutches of the Tee'h's. It is good to see Intel depicted as an active agent rather than a clandestine service. Really awesome work. Thank you!

Captain Samuel Woolheater
Silver Book
by Commander Kyle Reece
- While his solo posts are always very interesting reads, the one titled, "Winning every battle - losing the war" was leaps ahead. It showed, in great detail, that there is life beyond Elysium's hull. Very well done! Bill Aka Cmdr Kyle Reece


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