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Challenge Missions

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Every month, I will set a new challenge for you all, you do not have to participate, but it is just a bit of fun to keep your creative juices flowing and these posts will have little affect, unless you want them to, on your character's main lives. And you can even write them about your NPCS if you like.

January 1st is when it will start, and January's title is: The Memory Challenge!

And the Challenge is: Write a solo post about a fun memory in your character's past - minimum 1500 words.

All posts for the challenge must be submitted by the end of the month. And when you post the post the subject should read:
[[The Memory Challenge: - ]]
For example:
[[The Memory Challenge: "Jumping Jack Flash-bombs" - Lieutenant Sha'nae Ba'au]]

I hope you enjoy these challenges as much as i have creating them.

Go for it crew!

Below Decks Month

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Player Challenge:

Write a post with each player character ranked Lieutenant and Below.
(For Marines, everyone but the MARDETCOM is ranked Lieutenant and below)

That is 17 of our player base!

You have 31 one days in which to do these.

The player with the most joint posts (1000 words or more) will receive a special award at Months end and get mentioned in my monthly report!