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Group Post Count: 528

Included Missions

GSN Havraha

Post Count: 10

Adventures of the Bad Penny, the GSN Havraha

Return Of A Bad Penny

Post Count: 11

A returning bad guy causes issues.

Darkness Rising - A Phoenix Lalor Sub Plot

Post Count: 339

Epsilon Protocol in affect. Phoenix leaves the Elysium for places unknown and a future that is uncertain.

Side Mission: The Aftermath of Kronos

Post Count: 28

On Arrianna's homeworld of Sena Alindar, Time has reshaped and has produced new friends, and new threats.

Tales from the other side of the Mirror

Post Count: 101

For players who wish to explore the MU and the depravity within.


Post Count: 39

What If --- Up to you what story is told, but it has to be different to our current era and theme.