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The mirror looks back.

Posted on Sun Oct 18th, 2020 @ 8:39am by Mal Garrison & Lianej Derani

Mission: SEASON 4: Episode 1: Know Thy Self!
Location: The Serpents Tooth, on the border of the Terran Empire
Timeline: MD 5 0100
384 words - 0.8 OF Standard Post Measure


When Lianej arrived in her quarters, it was late enough to be tomorrow rather than today. Mal was already there, sitting in bed with a pad in his hand, "You look tired."

"Dealing with the orions." She admitted. "I feel unclean. How are the guests?"

"Settling in. We've got some new recruits from the Terrans slaves. Enough to replace losses. The Terrans themselves know they're beaten. I've got a suicide watch in place in case any of them decide to cheat justice."

Lianej nodded, staggered to the sonic shower and turned it on. She could feel the sweat and dirt dissapearing. "Lady Penelope?"

"All settlled in." There was a note in his voice, a hesitation.


Mal shrugged as Lianej stepped out from under the shower, and stripped her clothes away. "I feel sorry for her. Married off to her brother for crying out loud. Thats perverse. pawn, prisoner. They put a bomb in her brain. Is she evil?"

Lianej slipped under the sheets. "You are such a softie. What about selling her to the orions for upgrades?"

"The Terrans will cover that." He put an arm around her shoulders. "Maybe she'd like a real family."

"Family." Lianej's thoughts went to the girl with the pink hair.

Her lover saw her distraction. "What is it?"

"I met someone on the Elysium. One of the Federation crew. She said she was my daughter. She's only part boslic."

"Really?" Mal turned to face her. "Why didn't you bring her back here." A thought occured to him. "How old is she?"

"Young, but in a federation uniform. So... twenty?"

Mal breathed a sigh of relief. "Not mine then."


"So who's the father. Who did you love in the other world?"

Lianej shrugged. "There wasn't really time to ask, we were under attack after all."

"You have to find out."

Lianej smiled, and brushed his cheek with her fingers. "Jealous darling?"

"No." It was only half a lie. "But I need to know who to look out for in future, in case I have competition." He kissed the inside of her elbow

Lianej kissed him back. "No one compares to you, sweetling."

"Aren't you even the least bit curious?" Mal asked, nuzzling at her neck. "You always wanted children. Maybe she has brothers and sisters.



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