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Posted on Thu Apr 29th, 2021 @ 8:34am by Lily Kass

Good Morning All!

After reading and reviewing the crew survey, I have chosen to change our mission timeline planner.

I have broken down the Mission days into time increments and will be placing the post COUNTER beside it.

As some people like MD and some like current and others yet again like stardate (Which BTW is hard to do) I have incorporated both MD and calendar date into the Mission calendar.

It is currently set up for May and I have put in several post titles to show where the posts fit.

TIMELINE: MD3- 08h00

Is all that is required for me to log the post where it needs to go. If you wish you can write 26.01.2397 - MD 3 08h00 But i will be looking for the MD3 - 08h00

Mission Planner and Post Counter


Captain Lalor


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