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Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik

Name Alicia Kelea-Salik

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "And so it begins"
Species Betazoid/Trill
Age 32
Cabin Assignment Deck 16, 5 W-O

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Alicia is an attractive young woman, she has the a-typical Trill spots than run from head to toe. She also has the dark hair and dark eyes that are expected of a Betazoid. She has a scar on her wrist from where she tried to commit suicide.


Spouse Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen
Children Connor Taylor (age 2 - born 8th May 2395, mirror universe son)
Daughter N’Vea Allison Kelea-Salik (meaning “seed which is life” - born 28/01/2397)
Soral (adopted 2397 - age 9. Born 05/07/2388)
Father Sthilg (Adoptive father)
Mother Deanna Kelea (Betazoid/Trill)
Brother(s) Jonah Kelea
Other Family Father - Joran Kelea (Betazoid) - Deceased,
Various extended family

Pet Sehlat called Tux

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alicia is a friendly, outgoing young woman, she loves a good laugh and likes to be in the thick of the action when anything is going on. She’s empathic & telepathic like all Betazoids.

Alicia has become the mate of Vulcan, Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen, having fallen in love with him in the short time she’s been onboard.

Quarters: Deck 17, Cabin 12 W- O (outer cabin with window)
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Empathy, telepathy, kind hearted, strong willed, friendly, loving & loyal.

Weaknesses - Those same empathic & telepathic gifts which can be taken advantage of & easily overwhelmed, a little too quick to leap into danger, a little too hard headed sometimes.
Ambitions To be the best Starfleet Officer she can be and get her career back on track again.
Hobbies & Interests Alicia loves children, animals, archaeology and anthropology, old earth music & films plus real books as she prefers the feel of the pages to reading on a PADD. Alicia is also the proud owner of a Bugatti Type 57 C Cabriolet that Kal gave her aim their Prom night, she keeps it safely stored away on her family’s homestead on Trill.

Character Background

Personal History Alicia was born aboard a starship, her family being a typical starfleet family she was transferred back to Trill with her mother when complications arose with the pregnancy leaving both mother, & baby. The unusual complication of Alicia being born with her senses active made early life difficult at best.

Growing up between starfleet ships, starbases and Trill where she continued to undergo evaluations as she grew.

Whilst growing up Alicia had a childhood friend Kalraan Ran who became much more to her over their growing years, accompanying Ran to their school prom Alicia and Ran took their relationship to a whole new level in taking each other’s virginity after which they became a serious couple. Joining Starfleet Academy Alicia continued her relationship with Ran throughout their combined years in the Academy, their relationship was eventually forced to go long distance.

A couple of months after their latest shore leave meeting Alicia discovered that she was pregnant with Kal’s child but disaster struck shortly afterwards when Alicia received news of not just her father’s death but that of Kal's death as well, the shock and trauma caused her to suffer a miscarriage. As a result of her loss she tried to commit suicide but after trying to slit her wrists she found she couldn’t face finishing the job.

Alicia has spent the last two years recouperating from both her losses and has decided to continue on her career path. She has accepted the position of Chief Counsellor aboard the USS Elysium.

Since joining the crew Alicia has met and bonded with Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen becoming his wife. She has chosen to double barrel her name and take Savar’s father’s name in honour of their bonding.

In June 2396 during time in a mirror universe Alicia accepted responsibility for the life and welfare of Connor Taylor, the twelve month old son of the mirror universe version of herself and Gary Taylor. She also learned that she was three weeks pregnant with the child of her husband Savar.

Alicia has recently been adopted into the family of Gorn Doctor Sthilg. With no surviving family of his own Alicia invited him to be part of her family and as such has gained a new father, and Sthilg has gained not just a daughter but a son-in-law and Grandson as well.
Service Record 2382-2386 - Starfleet Academy (Specialising in Psychology, Child Psychology)
2386-2387 - Starfleet Medical (Counsellor,)
2387-2389 - USS Stien (Counsellor)
2389-2390 - USS Mars (Assistant Counsellor)
2390-2494 USS Winchester (Assistant Counsellor)
2394-2396 Personal leave
2396 - USS Elysium (Chief Counsellor)
Languages Federation Standard (English), Betazoid, Limited Klingon
Academy Graduation Year 2386

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Alicia has no medical conditions on file.
Allergies/Health Issues No allergies on file.