Vice-Consul Ghev mox Grishi

Name Ghev mox Grishi

Position Diplomat

Rank Vice-Consul

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote None
Species Tellarite
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 170
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A paunchy Tellarite with active eyes, less deep-set than an average member of the species.
He wears traditional Tellarite clothing: black and bronze and gunmetal being the dominant colors, with many strings and puffs and tassels for style.


Spouse Yan mox Grishi (50)
Children Ghal mox Grishi (Male,6)
Father Jok mox Grishi (Deceased)
Mother Yal mox Grishi (Alive)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Unimportant

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ghev is considerably quieter than the average member of his race when interacting with those he knows would disapprove of argument. He is trained for diplomacy, and understands when and when not to engage in a Tellarite's greatest pastime.

Though professionally detached in his personal life, the Tellarite has an incredible ability to feign personal connection with those he is engaged in intrigue with.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is constantly educating himself of politics, history, and culture, and prefers to be a loner than surround himself with friends, as making friends and speaking to people is his day job.
Strengths: Ghev is a master debater;
He is extremely well-versed in History, Art, Science, and Psychology;
He has a remarkable charisma, and demonstrates proper restraint when dealing with certain people;
He is very brave, able to stand up to the most intimidating situations or people with ease.

Weaknesses: Ghev is fat, making him have no athletic skills;
He would be a liability on the battlefield;
He has a rudimentary knowledge of computers and how they work.
In his family life he hopes to raise his son properly. To achieve this, he takes much time off (leading others advantages to rise past him) in order to maintain the Tellarite ideal of a nuclear family. These times off wear at him, but he knows he must do it in order to raise little Ghal in the model Tellarite home.
Ghev is devoted entirely to two things: work and family. His ambitions revolve entirely around the two.
Ambitions In his work life he hopes to achieve the greatest breakthroughs in diplomacy and politics and rise through the ranks of the Federation.

In his family life he hopes to raise his son properly. To achieve this, he takes much time off (leading others advantages to rise past him) in order to maintain the Tellarite ideal of a nuclear family. These times off wear at him, but he knows he must do it in order to raise little Ghal in the model Tellarite home.
Hobbies & Interests He follows the debates on his home planet Tellar very closely, knowing every team and member, historical or contemporary, by heart.

History, Culture, Science, and Psychology drive the remainder of his time.

Character Background

Personal History Ghev was born on Tellar but did not step foot on the planet until his 20s. Instead, he spent his early years moving from starship to starship with his mother and father. His father was an Starfleet officer who devoted his entire life to his work. As such, even though his family was with him on his voyages, he was usually absent. Even when he wasn't physically absent, during leave or breaks, he was emotionally absent. It seemed to Ghev that his father had no connection to him, which hurt him deeply. Because of this he was very close to his mother, who raised him as best she could.

It can be said that Ghev feels such a love for Tellar because he still has much to learn about it. He reveres his homeworld because he was never able to grow up there. Like his father, who he was constantly trying to prove something to - by working to become valedictorian in the Academy, making high marks in school, and participating in every team he could - Ghev also feels he must prove something to Tellar, by knowing all he possibly can about it, and spending his free time (when not with his family) trying to change things there for the better.
Service Record Ghev graduated from the Academy as a valedictorian, majoring in Diplomacy and minoring in Cultural Science. During his stay in the academy he wrote many editorials on diplomatic processes, Federation politics, and historical, cultural, and artistic developments of other worlds (many focused exclusively on his beloved Tellar). He also served as president of one of the Academy's leading debate teams.

He joined the Federation Diplomatic Corps upon personal request by a high-ranking official who had read his writings and watched one of his debates (in which he skillfully deescalated a conflict between two Klingon students), and worked himself half-to-death to rise through the ranks. He was assigned to the tense Alpha Quadrant, where he was present or had some involvement in many of the historical diplomatic successes (and failures) had there.

One of his greatest triumphs - and what made his career - was a famous agreement with the Ferengi Alliance to allow a nearby Class-M planet to be colonized by the Federation, immediately bringing prosperity to nearby Ferengi worlds, but bringing far more prosperity to the Federation in the long run. This was done through deep study of all 285 of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, as well as historical documents of both the Alliance and the region that the Federation hoped to colonize. Ghev's triumph is still criticized by many in the Federation, though, as he used many Federation resources to achieve this deal. Ghev himself is a bit displeased by the deal, as well, noting that more could have been achieved; but he still thinks it was a triumph, as the potential gains outweigh the costs.

After a long leave of absence to Tellar to raise his son on the proper world (a luxury Ghev himself was never afforded), he is ready to get back in the swing of things. He is unsure to which Quadrant he will be assigned.
Languages Any translated by the Universal Translator
Academy Graduation Year 2366

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Though slightly overweight, this Tellarite is average for his race.
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review Ghev places all the weight that he can on himself, as he does not fully trust others to do a better job than him. As such, he grows very annoyed when his superiors or subordinates do not do their jobs perfectly, and will often take over their jobs if he is able. Due to this, Ghev is very stressed and shows signs of depression. It is clear he sees himself more as a tool of the greater good than a man, and regards everything he does as a job. Even raising his child is a job to him, so, therefore, his every waking hour is said, by him, to be at work.

He is obviously a perfectionist who bullies himself relentlessly. When he was stationed in Alpha Quadrant he showed signs of depression at the fact that he could not "help the Beta Quadrant", even during the height of the Dominion War, when the Alpha Quadrant was the focus of the Federation.

If he continues at this rate, without stopping to smell the roses, Ghev could die an early death, or worse, leaving his wife a widow and his son without a father. Even though I have warned him of this he still insists he must go on.

Even so, he is highly capable and his health is good for his age and species.