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Lieutenant JG Heather De La Rosa {Kelea-Salik}

Name Heather De La Rosa {Kelea-Salik}

Position Head Nurse

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "If I can help others, my job has it rewards"
Species Betazoid/Human
Age 24
Cabin Assignment Deck 13, 26 G-0

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Ginger/Red
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Heather is an attractive young woman, she has long red hair and the typical dark eyes of her Betazoid heritage.


Spouse Fernando De La Rosa
Children Cody Sthilg De La Rosa (born 28/02/2397)
Caitlin Paige De La Rosa (born 3rd March 2398)

Father Andreas Raines
Mother Marina Raines
Other Family Various extended family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Heather is a very caring and friendly young woman, she treats others the way she would want to be treated. She's very good with children. She's also a qualified marine field medic.

Quarters: Deck 27, Cabin 42 W-O (Fernando De La Rosa & Heather De La Rosa)
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Loving
Empathic & telepathic.

Weaknesses - Her abilities could be easily exploited, tends to bury herself in her work.
Ambitions To follow in her parents footsteps, to eventually meet mr right and have a family of her own.
Hobbies & Interests Heather enjoys reading (preferably real books, collecting souvenirs, old earth movies and music. She loves children and animals.

Character Background

Personal History Heather was born in Scotland and raised between her families home and the various starships and starbases that her parents were assigned to. An a-typical Starfleet child it wasn't a surprise when she decided to enlist and follow in her mother's footsteps in medical and her father's marine career.

Heather joined Starfleet Academy at the age of sixteen, enrolling two years earlier than most thanks to the influence of a family friend. Her time at the Academy was uneventful, she was one of a handful of medical students who didn't collapse of 'lose their lunch' at the sight of an autopsy and she took to medical studies and duties like a duck to water. She graduated the Academy four years later high in her classes.

After graduating Starfleet Academy Heather was assigned to the USS Wildcat as nurse and marine medic. It was during her second year aboard that the Wildcat that the ship disappeared without a trace. No sign of the ship was ever found and after an extensive search the crew were all listed as missing, presumed dead. That is until she turned up on Casperia Prime.

Heather fell in love with Fernando De La Rosa after he saved her from slavery and helped her through a long period of recovery. Having asked her to marry him Heather happily said yes!

After recent events in a mirror universe Heather volunteered to carry the three week foetus of mirror universe Fernando after his victim decided she didn’t want the child. Heather has recently given birth to their son Cody.

[ Mirror Universe Counterpart ]

Heather’s Mirror universe doppelgänger was once a slave to the Terran Empire. Trained to be an inquisitor, she is paired with Savar. The two were paired with intent to create powerful offspring, though their pairing turned into true love, resulting in the birth of their daughter.

Service Record 2388-2392 - Starfleet Academy (specialising in medical studies, field medicine)
2392-2394 - USS Wildcat
2394 - M.I.A. presumed dead
2396 - USS Elysium
Languages Federation Standard (English), Betazoid.
Academy Graduation Year 2392

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Last review aboard USS Wildcat stated no medical or psychological concerns.
Allergies/Health Issues Heather has a heart murmur which she's had since she was a child. She currently doesn't require any medication for it.
Counseling Review (From the USS Wildcat 2392) Heather is a friendly, caring young woman. She genuinely cares for those she looks after and like all Betazoids she empathises with her patients. Sometimes a little too much.