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Lieutenant Sapphire Morgan [Lalor]

Name Sapphire Jade Morgan [Lalor]

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5f10
Weight 145LBS
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green/Blue


Father Edward Morgan (D)
Mother Zuri Morgan
Brother(s) Rolland Morgan
Sister(s) Lt. Commander Marissa Morgan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sapphire is a quiet person who enjoys spending time alone. At 28 she has never dated. She enjoys Horse Riding, Archeology, and Swimming.
Ambitions To just do her job.
Hobbies & Interests Horse Riding, Archeology, Swimming

Character Background

Personal History Sapphire Jade Morgan was born to Edward and Zuri Morgan in 268 on March 23rd at 3am. Youngest of three children she was 5 years younger then her elder sister and 8 years younger then her older Brother. A pre-mature baby, She was christened and given a fanciful name because of their belief she would not live. Sapphire spent the first three months in the neonatal intensive care unit in Luxor’s Premiere Hospital “Ramses’ Medical Center”.

Her parents were wealthy business owners and could afford the
best medical care for their newborn baby girl. When they finally
took her home to their mansion by the Nile, Her brother and Sister
got their first look at her. Her older brother Rolland was not impressed,
and Marissa was very mad to have a baby sister to share their parent’s
attentions with and both were mad because their grandmother had
told them that their sister would die and she had not.

Sapphire became the apple of her parent’s eyes and the target of her siblings’ dislike and sometimes outright hatred. She went through her school years studying hard and working to get into Starfleet. Her older sister Marissa went into Starfleet while her brother had gone to business school in England. When she graduated at the top of her class in 2385, she was accepted into Starfleet. She spent that summer in Hawaii with her parents.

That summer would change the family. Her father died in a boating accident and Sapphire and her mother were injured when the boat exploded. Heartbroken and shattered in the soul, Sapphire was numb throughout the funeral and dimly heard her siblings blame her for their father’s death, though her mother denied it and the police never found anything to lay the blame on the youngest child of Edward Morgan. After the funeral, the will was read. The four remaining family members were shocked at what was revealed.

Will of Edward Morgan © 2385

To my wife, Zuri Anne Morgan I leave our homes in Luxor, Hawaii,
Brisbane and On Risa, All Jewelry I gave her, all the artwork and
items therein that are not owned by our children. I also leave her
the apartment in Sydney and 50% of the stock options I own in
Morgan Engineering Corps. As well all of my other stock Options
with the exception of the Stock in Luxor Banks.

To my son, Rolland Jacques Morgan, I leave the apartment in London,
England, All items within and 10% of my stock Options in Morgan
Engineering Corps.

To my daughter Marissa Kelly Morgan, I leave our San Diego Ranch
all items within and 5 % of my stock Options in Morgan Engineering Corps.

To my Daughter Sapphire Jade Morgan, I leave the House in Washington,
the mansion in Fiji, the apartment in San Francisco, The Morgan Sapphires,
except for the bracelet in her mother’s procession and 35% of my Stock
Options in Morgan Engineering Corps and my Stock in Luxor Banks. I also leave
to Sapphire, the cabin in North Dakota and complete control of Morgan Shipping.


The will caused a riot between her siblings which caused her mother much grief. But without anything to be done, the will remained as it was. Her siblings left and Sapphire and her mother retreated to their family home in Luxor for the remainder of the summer.

After summer was over Sapphire went to Starfleet academy. There she found herself in a totally different environment. But she threw herself into it and when she graduated from Operations School in 2388 she graduated with honors once again. And found herself on the USS Hydrana as an operations officer. She spent two uneventful years on the Hydrana before being transferred to the USS Carlyle.

On the Carlyle she came up against someone she had not seen since the summer before she went to the academy. Her Sister Marissa. Marissa, a Full Lieutenant in the security department had a full fit on the bridge when she saw her baby sister at the Ops console. She then proceeded to make Sapphire’s (Now known as Jade) life on the Carlyle a living hell. Marissa was sleeping with the captain and convinced him to order her sister to go down to a dangerous planet without any escort on a messenger mission. As the planet was listed off limits to everyone and Jade refused to obey the order.

The captain had her thrown in the brig and sent to Starbase 354 as punishment before she was given a proper trial. The reprimand was listed on her file by her former captain as a plain “Refusal to Obey a direct Order given by the Captain”.

She spent 4 years on the starbase, toiling as a junior lieutenant for a trumped up charge. She got no leave to return home and her comm calls were often ‘lost’ by the communications officer, who had slept with her sister at one time. During this time, her sister died on an away mission and Jade used her mother’s connections to get her reprimand looked into. She was cleared, though the reprimand remained on her file.

In 2395 she was assigned to the USS Relentless as an operations officer. After a year there she was assigned to the USS Elysium as an ops officer.
Service Record 2385
Operations Cadet 1st Year
Starfleet Academy

Operations Cadet 2nd Year
Starfleet Academy

Operations Cadet 3rd Year
Starfleet Academy

Operations Cadet 4th Year
Starfleet Academy

Operations officer
USS Hydrana

Lieutenant JG
Operations officer
USS Hydrana

Lieutenant JG
Operations officer
USS Carlyle

Lieutenant JG
Operations officer
Starbase 354

Lieutenant JG
Operations officer
Starbase 354

Lieutenant JG
Operations officer
Starbase 354

Lieutenant JG
Operations officer
Starbase 354

Operations officer
USS Relentless

Operations Officer
USS Elysium

2391 Refusal to Obey a direct Order given by the Captain.
Sent to Starbase 354 on the Tholian Boarder
Languages Egyptian, Hebrew, Arabic, Vulcan, Bajoran, English
Academy Graduation Year 2388

Medical and Psychological Information