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Staff Warrant Officer Reo'thanra Sandtail

Name Reo'thanra Sandtail

Position Diplomat

Second Position Guest Star - Federation Ally

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Arten
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 4'6"
Weight 42 KG
Hair Color Fur: Sandy tan with black and white markings along his muzzle, ears and tail
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Reo'thanra Sandtail, or Reo for short is a Slim Short Vulpinoid with Large Motored ears, A Medium length black fur tipped tail. Like the rest of his species He is Omnipedal, capable of comfortably walking or Running on two or four limbs, though Reo Spends the overwhelming majority of his time standing in a bipedal stance. Like all Artens He is digitigrade, meaning he'll never be seen wearing Boots. His uniform is a modified star fleet Engineers Uniform with Impact Armor sewn into the Chest and Legs region.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Mit'hranacs Sandtail
Mother Tel'Hana Sandtail
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Clan SandTail of

Personality & Traits

General Overview Reo Is a Combat engineer in the Confederate defense fleet Of his Home system, Dealing primarily in weapons and Transporter technology aboard his species Ships. with a bid to join the Federation of Planets coming up He and several of his compatriots from the fleet have been assigned to Star Fleet as Diplomatic attaché Between the Militaries of both Governments to see if integration is possible.

Species: Arten (Vulpes Artrea Artrea)
Home system: 24 Vulpeculae
Home Planet: Telacha
Biology: Artens are Fur covered Vulpinoids with Short muzzles large motored ears and long fur covered tails. Artens Have Varied Fur patterns depending on the subspecies. The main species have Orange and white fur, Black and white, Or Red and white, Fur patterns. Artania Sub species has Kakhi, Kakhi and white, Kakhi black and white fur patters, with larger ears and shorter tails. Cordia Sub species are almost universally white in fur pattern with thicker fur and shorter tails and ears.
Average Height: 5’ (Main species) 4’(Artania sub species) 5’5” (Cordia subspecies)
average Weight: 45 KG (Main Species) 44 KG (Artania Sub species) 66 KG (Cordia Subspecies)
Dietary: Omnivores
Locomotion: Omipedal digitigrades; Artens are capabable of walking and running on both two and four Limbs, though social Norms are to Walk and Jog on two legs, sprint on all fours.

A young militaristic Non-Humanoid From the M-class Planet Ternan Located in the 24 Vulpeculae Star system Artens are Diminutive Vulpinoid Race Native to A temperate world with Deep oceans, shallow Seas and Mountainous Sub continents. The Arten Home system of 24 Vuleculae contains One M Class planets, two L Class Planets, two T Class Planets, 1 D Class Planet, 1 J Class planet and A Y Class Planet and a Large Mineral rich Asteroid field.

Artens Are Deeply social creatures who Prefer to Spend their time among their large clan Like families. There are Two Noted Subspecies of Arten, A Subspecies that was Gene-tailored for cold environments, and one that was Gene-tailored for Hot Dry Environments. The average Arten Life span is 55 Years, though some Artens have lived up to one hundred years. Artens are even tempered and Generally don’t become aggressive unless Provoked, but will viciously defend what is theirs. The Arten Home system is home to numerous Orbital Habitats as their home world has largely been depopulated in favor of Massive agricultural Works to feed their population.

The Arten Confederacy maintains four well organized fleets for defensive purposes, with one Fleet being assigned to each planet in their home system, and the Remaining fleet To defend their asteroid mining operations. In addition to their star Fleet the Artens Also maintain a Small army with Armored Corps. To Help secure their holdings in their home system.

In the Late 21st Century The Artens launched their Interplanetary Vessels two the Two Habitable but Hostile L Class Planets with thousands of Genetically engineered Colonists. Unlike Most Genetic Engineering through out the Alpha quadrant the Artens didn’t seek to create Super soldiers, but rather to Bioform themselves to better inhabit their Sister Planets Of Cordia, A cold planet with large tundra’s, and Artania An Arid world. Though both Colonies were successful and the Subspecies created as part of this colonization effort continued to Call themselves Artens tensions did rise over the issues of Colonial independence Once both Colonies reached a Level of self sufficiency.

During the Late 22nd century Interplanetary war Was fought between Cordia and Telacha with Nuclear annihilation Nearly breaking out as the two Warring factions launched Thermonuclear warheads at each other. Fortunately for the species the Missiles were intercepted by planetary Defenses on both sides. Seeing the war Now had the potential to cause their extinction, the Artania Faction Brokered a shaky cease fire that Quickly stabilized into a full Confederation as the governments on Telacha dissolved into the Planetary government.

Freed from the threat of Nuclear annihilation the Artens Quickly industrialized their solar system, Setting up extensive Asteroid mining operations where the Artens Came across their first sample of Dilithium And began experimenting with it. In 2315 The first subspace transceiver array went online, intended to be an advanced telescope system to beat out Radio telescopes, the array started to pull in data that was far to organized to be Natural. In truth the Artens had Just accessed the quadrants Subspace data net before they’d even achieved warp drive Ushering in Technological boon to the species as they Hacked and stole data from an unknown source, accumulating massive amounts of Scientific data before they were shut out with each attempt.
For five Years this data theft ran rampant leading to the construction of a fleet of one hundred advanced ships Armed with pulse Phase weapons, Particle Distruptors and Photon Torpedo’s as well as Powerful RKKV Cannons and shields. The first of these ships to Be Equipped with A warp drive Made a Trip out to the furthest reach of their solar system and back.

Shortly after this A small ship Appeared in their system broadcasting on Low end radio spectrum, This message was Roughly translated to: Welcome to the federation. How ever much to the federations Dismay the Militaristic Artens Chased the Envoy ship from their system.

A year later The Federation returned with a much larger Excelsior class Ship, though by that time the Arten Confederation had voted to Hear out the next visitors they received from beyond their borders. The Federations Ambasadors Welcomed the Artens to the stellar Community, Informing them that their system was entirely surrounded by the United Federation of planets, but Informed them that due to their societies limitations They were Not welcome to become full Members of the Federation of Planets at this time.

The Confederacy was content to Remain independent for the time being as they studied the federation and its member species. Though They didn’t Join the Federation the Confederacy determined that They were more then willing to engage in Trade with the Federation, and Later Became Close trading partners with the Caitians specifically, though they engage in Trade, Military war games, and scientific collaboration with the federation on a Regular basis.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Accurate marksman
+heightened sense of smell
+High end Problem sovling skills.
+-Deeply Social Psychology Will likely never clash with crew mates, but will suffer anxiety and depression if he becomes isolated for too long.
-High metabolism; Needs to eat. A lot.
-+ High frequency hearing. Able to hear above what most Humanoids are able too, though this can result in pain at the higher end of the scale.
Ambitions Seamlessly integrate the CDF Into Star Fleet. Learn to Speak English. Wrestle a Klingon into submission.
Hobbies & Interests Linguistics, Culinary Arts/XenoCulinary arts, antiquated Engineering. Model Vehicle sets.

Character Background

Languages Artanian (Native tongue) English (Broken) Cait (Fluent)

Medical and Psychological Information