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Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

Name Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

Position Wounded Starfleet Officer

Second Position Academy Instructor - Science Track

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "A calm mind and body, will always prevail against anger and passion."
Species Alindari
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

Arri is very athletic for a race that has to this point, lived onboard a refugee fleet. Due to the Alindari's extended exposure to artificial gravity, they thrive in 0.5 Gs. Also their muscle density is lower, and because of this, Arri must undertake a daily physical regiment in order to function in a 1 G environment. She is very professional in her appearance, and keeps her uniform neat and pressed at all times. Everything on her is regulation. Her body is exceptionally healthy, with an amazing curvature.

Kate Daniels

Kate keeps herself in escellent condition as a vegetarian, she's nimble and fast. While she's not the strongest person, she is quick, fast, and intelligent. Perfering to use her masterful intelect to solve probelms. She often wears black leather with a black cloth duster and hood, prefering to conceal her identity as much as possible.


Spouse Josephine Carlyle-Cragen
Father Lord Cyrus Salannis an Vantar
Mother Lady Alethiea Salannis an Krista
Brother(s) Doran Salannis an Verasan
Sister(s) Kirasanna Salannis an Vantar
Other Family Cousin Empress Alena Althir IV

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arrianna is a sea of calmness, tranquility and rational thought, which is common with most Alindari. She is soft spoken, well educated, and intelligent with mental discipline that matches that of Vulcan. She prefers rational and well-conceived solutions to difficult problems over critical decision making, and will often ponder a decision for days, if not weeks, before she makes it. She's learned from the academy that some situations require critical decision making, but she, like her people, view such decisions as ignorance.

Also, due to Arrianna's calm demeanor, it's easy to make the mistake that the Alindari practice logic, they do not. They merely believe that emotions are to be controlled, and never allowed to rule a individual. That with enough education, emotional, and physical development, an individual can not only improve one-self, but serve the greater good.

And she'll spend a great amount of time in Astrometrics, as she has a fondness for stars and space. Also the large screen in astrometrics offers her space to organize her thoughts when she's attempting to solve a problem, which is another one of her many strengths, and a product of her well ordered mind. However her people are known for their patience. She can literally wait, and think, for hours on end, and that has been known to wear on the people around her.

Unfortunately, Arrianna is not without her faults. She views Romulans as inherently treacherous and pities them. She will not trust them due to a diplomatic incident when the Alindari first encountered the Romulans. She's been known to state that 'the Romulans are a dying people, we cannot save them, they can only save themselves.'

Also she's not fond of Cats, and prefers Dogs because their loyal dispositions.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Calmness
+ Rational Thought
+ Intelligence

+/- Patience (She can literally wait for days for something.)

- Romulans
- High Gravity
- Cats (She's a dog person)
- Critical Thinking (She dose not prefer it)
- Intoxication
Ambitions Arrianna wants to go into Command. She has her eye on the center chair and is currently practicing for command, though she has overcome the obstacle of critical thinking.
Hobbies & Interests Arri is very interested in Horseback Riding, as she finds it relaxing and enjoyable. She also takes an interest in painting and writing.

Character Background

Personal History Arrianna lived the first fifteen years of her life in a fleet of refugees fleeing the destruction of the first Alindari Homeworld at the hands of the Borg. Essentially the refugee fleet was a fleet of survivors searching for a new homeworld when Alindar was razed to the ground, and the refugee fleet moved for almost two hundred years before settling a world in the Typhon Expanse. She would spend the first part of her life in school and maintaining the Vantar, that served as the home for about five hundred Alindari in the fleet. When Arri was fifteen, a suitable homeworld was found in the Typhon Expanse, but this settlement would not go unnoticed.

The Romulan Star Empire sent a fleet to investigate the unknown fleet in the Typhon Expanse. An arrogant Romulan Military Admiral named Admiral Lh'ren viewed this fleet as a threat and threatened to destroy it unless they withdrew immediately. The Alindari Empress refused this demand, citing that 'just because your empire scans a world, dose not make it a claim.'

Just as the Admiral was about to attack, a Federation task force arrived investigating a Romulan buildup in the Typhoon Expanse. Admiral Paris negotiated a Romulan Withdrawal from the Typhon Expanse as Admiral Lh'ren was not willing to risk an incident with both the Alindari Refugee fleet and Starfleet. Unfortunately, the Alindari learned of Romulan treachery firsthand due to this race's use of cloaking devices. Also the threats of violence made the Alindari regard the Romulans as arrogant. The Romulan Pro-Consul tried to improve relations, but the Alindari began to regard such attempts as even more lies and treachery. Fortunately the Federation succeeded in a dialog that created what could only be described as a cold peace between these two races.

Fortunately, first contact went remarkably well with the Federation, diplomacy was very successful and relations were improved significantly when the Alindari learned that the Federation had resisted assimilation by the Borg, not once, but twice. Such a feat was unheard of by this race and it fascinated Arri enough to consider joining Starfleet Academy. The senate seriously considered joining the Federation as they shared much in common with the Federation, and for the simple fact that they needed help to settle their new homeworld. A year after New Alindar was settled, an affiliation treaty was signed with the Federation.

Starfleet Academy was an interesting adventure for Arrianna. She made a great amount of friends with the other races of the Federation as her own world prepared to join the Federation, though Starfleet Academy would provide Arrianna a greater challenge than even her people's extensive academic establishment. She excelled in her studies at Starfleet Academy, but would struggle with the Academy's emphasis on critical decisions. While her instructors praised her rational mind, she 'needed to make the hard decisions.' The Kobayashi Maru would become her greatest stumbling block, and would represent and ideological quandary for her. There was no way to win, and even when the scenario was explained to her, that only raised more questions which her instructors struggled to explain. Finally a solution was found for this cadet; they assigned her to a cadet cruise. The USS Talleyrand during her second year.

The Talleyrand offered her more insight into the challenges starfleet present, and indeed she needed greater challenges than just the academy on Earth. The Talleyrand was assigned to an uncompromising, stern captain named Doryan Kox. Captain Kox was the toughest instructor she ever had, and she learned more from him than any other instructor she ever known. Work became a mutual respect, and respect became friendship by the time she was ready to graduate from the Academy.

Arri would be assigned to the USS Pacific upon graduation under the Command of Admiral A'rea which was a huge leap for a first assignment. She would play a great role when a prototype transphasic torpedo and attempted to use it on a active fault line on Perditus. The Pacific's crew stopped this plot, but the Romulan governor of Perditus accused the Pacific's crew of terrorism. The Star Empire demanded the crew of the Pacific to be extradited, however the Diplomatic Corps negotiated and the Romulans settled for disciplinary action against the Pacific's crew. However many members of the Pacific's crew were hung out to dry by the Diplomatic Corps as they sought to appease the Star Empire

Arrianna would find herself assigned to several uneventful backwater assignments until she managed to repair the damage the Diplomatic Corps did to her career and secure an assignment as Chief of Ops on the USS Elysium.

Service Record Starfleet Academy

USS Tallerand
Chief Science Officer

USS Pacific
Lt. JG
Asst. Chief Science Officer
Chief Science Officer

Kepler Subspace Observatory

USS Fielding
Asst. Chief of Operations

USS Marcus
Chief of Operations

USS Elysium
Chief of Operations
Chief Science Officer


Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Arrianna is in exceptional health due to the Alindari's holistic lifestyle. She practices exercises to acclimate herself to a 1g environment and even Aikido as a self-defense technique if she ever had to fight.

Race Physiology Information

The Alindari are not too removed from Humans or Betazoids, the alindari brain is complex with three lobes, including the telepathic lobe.

Alindari telepathy is very similar to a Betazoid and Vulcan Mind Melds however most Alindari prefer spoken language and will not communicate with outsiders due to their past wars in their history.
Allergies/Health Issues All Alindari are vegetarians, as meat has not been actively consumed for two thousand years since their ancient wars ended. While an Alindari could eat meat in survival situations, it's inadvisable for a normal diet.

Furthermore, alcoholic intoxication is five times more potent to an Alindari than humans. To the point that an Alindari could loose touch with his or her ability to rationalize.
Counseling Review This race is known to share memories through a type of Meld similar to a Vulcan Mind Meld. Some memories date back to this race's destruction at the hands of the Borg.

Also, as noted above, public intoxication is embarrassing to an Alindari. Nothing violates this race more than to know they are not calm or rational.