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Lieutenant Scott Gregory [Taylor]

Name Scott Gregory [Taylor]

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender male
Character Quote " Organization is the key to success"
Species Human
Age 27
Cabin Assignment Deck 15, Cabin 32 W-I - Quarters he shares with Sapphire Morgan

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Glacial Blue.
Physical Description Physically fit with alert eyes, always looking about to assess the situation.


Spouse Sapphire Morgan---engaged
Children Twin boys, Daniel and Darian Henderson (adopted)
Father George
Mother Maryanne
Brother(s) Mitchell

Other Family Various aunts and uncles

Personality & Traits

General Overview Your first impression of Scott is that he is a serious young man. While that is true. He also has a delightful sense of humor. He liked to tease Sapphire whom he is totally in love with. At work in the operations department, Scott mans the battle bridge, overseeing that its power grid is fully functional, and it has all available power.
Strengths & Weaknesses (S) Level-headed
(S) Organized
(S) Disciplined
(W) Can get one track
(S/W) Biting sense of humor
(W) No patience with fools.
Ambitions To settle down with Sapphire and the boys and have a home out in the country. Have a travel business with Sapphire.
Hobbies & Interests Spend time with Sapphire, listen to her stories on various places she has visited.
Loves to read, westerns, mysteries, war.
Like outdoor activities (camping, hiking etc)

Character Background

Personal History Scott was born to George and Maryanne an everyday working couple in Moses Lake Washington. George worked as an engineer at the local power planet and Maryanne was an RN at the local hospital. He is the oldest of the Morgan boys. He was enrolled in standard elementary and high school where he excelled in sports as well as academics. Upon graduation he entered Starfleet Academy. Where he again excelled in operations track. He also starred on the Academy's football as its star wide receiver.

Upon graduation (he graduated in the top ten percent) he was first posted to the USS Arlington and old Excelsior class starship as an Ensign and junior operations officer on Gamma Shift. Where his duties included making sure power conduits were functioning and able to handle power transfers when needed.

His next posting was to the USS Boston, a Galaxy class starship where he was promoted to Lt. j.g. Where his duties grew, and he oversaw a whole team of software engineers who worked to make power grids more dependable and more able survive attacks against it. He loved his posting and this new stage in his career, but he was ready for bigger and better challenges. Which led to his posting on the USS Salamis. A Sovereign class starship. He was promoted to full Lieutenant and named Assistant Operations Chief. After performing in that role, he was transferred to the USS Elysium and placed in charge of the battle bridge and overseeing its power capabilities. It was here he met the exquisite Sapphire Morgan. It was a mutual attraction and the pair fell in love and moved in together. As their love grew and blossomed Scott proposed to Sapphire, and she said yes. A wedding date and plans are works in progress.
Service Record 2388-First year at Starfleet Academy, Ops track

2386-Second year at Starfleet Academy

2387- Third year at Starfleet Academy

2388- Fourth year at Starfleet Academy

2388-Graduated Starfleet Academy

2389-2390 USS Arlington: Junior Ops officer

2390- 2393 USS Boston: Promoted to Lt. j.g.

2393-2396: USS Salamis: Promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Ops Chief

2396: USS Elysium: Placed in charge of battle bridge and all duties that apply to it being able to function as needed.
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan and some Klingon.
Academy Graduation Year 2388

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Completely healthy
Allergies/Health Issues None. Raw onions make him sick.
Counseling Review Sane, levelheaded. No sign of emotional or mental weakness.