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Lieutenant JG Miraj Derani

Name Miraj Derani

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Shiver me timbers! Rum and Booty!
Species Human/Boslic
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Candy Pink
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Anyone looking at Miraj, tends to think the word "bouncy".  She'd much rather it was willowy, but she's on the well endowed side.  Her Boslic heritage gives her candy pink hair that she wears in bunches, and her orbital arches are much less, and the trident crease in the forehead of a full boslic is much shallower.

Off duty she has what can only be described as an appalling dress sense, She tends to favour clothes that make her look a lot longer than her already young 21 years, and she favours bright, frequently clashing colours. When not in uniform she also prefers to have bare feet, to better feel the ship

 She has a tattoo of a skull and cross bones on her left shoulder.


Spouse None
Children None
Father William Garrison
Mother Lianej Derani
Brother(s) Malcom Garrison (half Brother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Miraj is pretty much a puppy in human/boslic form,  She's enthusiastic and positive and perky.  She doesn't just love to fly, it comes to her more naturally than breathing. She didn't just have the highest flying scores of her intake at the Academy but some of the highest scores in its history. Anything to do with flying came easily, instinctively, as if it was baked into her DNA.

But she's got some funny ideas about flying, believing a ship and its pilot should be one.  She likes to commune with her ships, getting into the crawl spaces and places where she should not go, such as nacelles and jeffries tubes, to feel the 'vibes' of the ship.  She much prefers to be in the ship's 'personal spaces' rather than the cabins and other spaces meant for people. And she believes that ships talk to her, that they tell her if they are sick or uncomfortable.  It makes her come across as a little eccentric Describing her as a 'space cadet' isn't too far from the truth.

Nothing else came so easily, so she also developed a very determined streak, if she needed to get something done, she just kept at it, believing hard work and practice could get her over whatever obstacles her lack of talent presented.  
She's also quite conscious of her lack of experience of absolutely everything that isn't about flying, and tends to defer to anyone on anything else.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Miraj was born to fly.  She first piloted a starship at the age of 3, sitting on her father's lap.  She can get into any ship, from the smallest fighter to the biggest Ship of The LIne and get more out of it than the original engineers ever dreamed.  its an ability that is almost supernatural.  She is one of the best pilots alive, and can fly anything, anywhere, under any conditions. 
She says she does this by becoming one with the ship, letting it feel her, and she feels it; she can tell if the engine is underperforming by half a percent, just from the feel of the deck plate under her bare feet, and claims she can fly just from the sensations of the ship alone, without needing sensors.

Even her Kobiyshai Maru was 'solved' with flying.  She managed to fly her ship into to pick up the Kobyashi Maru in a piggy back and then used tactics more akin to fighter piloting to get out of the neutral zone. She got the Kobyashi Maru back intact, but the attempt lead to the ship losing a nacelle, dumping the warp core and spacing half the crew, but the drop out of warp still left the ship in motion, and she skated it back across the border of the neutral zone, 

Weaknesses:If talent was handed out at birth, Miraj took all of it and put into flying, and anything related to flying.
Everything else is terrible.  She got through the academy on sheer persistence, scraping passing grades in everything that wasn't flying, navigation, and basic engineering.  She isn't stupid - her grades in anything to do with the physics of flying show that - but she has almost no interest in anything beyond how it can get her to fly.  She had extra lessons to pass the security basic training.  It took her two goes to pass the deck officers exam.
Where she has a confidence that would be arrogance in someone only slightly less talented when it comes to flying, about everything else, she has very little faith in her own meager abilities, and believes that everyone knows more than she does.  Whilst this is generally true, it can make her overly trusting and gullible
Ambitions To fly everything there is to fly, to fly through every 'dangerous' and 'challenging' space hazard and to do at least time jump using a slingshot technique

To find her mother, a pirate during the Dominion War who hasn't been seen in seven years.
Hobbies & Interests Due to her Mother's career, Miraj is absolutely obsessed with pirates and knows more than anyone person needs to know about the history of piracy on earth, as well as in space. 

She has researched Piracy among the Orions, and within the Badlands. She knows about the maquis actions and the privateering around Ferengi space.  SHe knows how to splice a main brace and how to tie a monkey's fist  and how to careen the futtocks.  She knows all the stories of the golden age of sail, of Henry Morgan, Anne Bonney and Stede Bennet.

Her quarters are filled with pirate themed ephemera, complete with a jolly roger and a ship in a bottle, and one of her most precious possessions is a genuine 17th century sextant that was supposed to have belonged to Calico Jack Rackham. 

However her view on the subject is highly romanticized by her longing to know her mother, and her love of trashy novels set in the golden Age of Sail 

She devotes her spare time to looking into leads into her mother's location, as she is desperate to find her.

Character Background

Personal History At the height of the Dominion War, William Garrison was a young ensign piloting a federation ambassador towards DS9 when the ship was waylaid by a group of pirates operating out of the Badlands. The Serpent's Tooth was captained by a Boslic women, Lianej Derani.

Whilst they held the Ambassador for ransom, William and Lianej engaged in a brief and torrid affair.  But when the time came to return the ambassador, William decided to leave LIanej Derani and return home to his wife lucy, and eight year old son Malcolm.

A year later, a baby girl, half boslic, half human, about 8 weeks old, was left at DS9, along with a note that made it clear who her father was.  When Lucy Garrison heard about the baby, it was the last straw for an already rocky marriage.  She left him, leaving William to raise Malcolm and the baby Miraj by himself.

William left Starfleet to raise his children, creating his own salvage business so he could keep his children close. Miraj had an almost idyllic childhood.  Her elder brother seemed delighted to have a little sister, and encouraged her mischief at every turn, and she loved him to bits, worshiping the ground he walked on,and often acting as look out and alibi in his own mad schemes. It was Malcolm who kindled her love of pirates, after her reading highly romanticized story

It also became clear that Miraj was born to fly.  She took to it like a duck to water, flying the ships her father used whilst sitting on his laps.  She flew on her own for the first time at the age of seven, a small shuttle craft that her father had had since she was born. After that is was like she had come alive, tackling bigger and bigger ships. 

By the time she was fifteen she was frequently working in her spare time to fly broken and wounded ships back to port from wherever they were salvaged from.  Even before attending the academy she had flown most classes of Federation vessel barring the most modern, and had also flown Ferengi freighters, abandoned, Galor class Cardassian warships, and even a Klingon Warbird. She even entered a the few races open to pilots as young as she was, and won.

But for all of that, Miraj wanted to know her mother.  Her father had never hidden the truth of her heritage from her, and When she was old enough to understand she started trying to find out anything she could about her mother, but there was precious little intelligence about the Serpent's Tooth and its crew that she could find, and the last time anyone had even seen it was in 2386, heading into the Typhon Expanse.

She hasn't given up on finding her mother, but she knows that with ten years without anyone hearing anything that her chances of ever meeting her are slim.

And she also really, really, wanted to fly the new generation of ships, to ultimately join the test pilot program at Planetia Utopia so at 17 she applied for Starfleet Academy.
Service Record Her extraordinary aptitude for piloting got her in to Starfleet, but she had to pass the rest on her own merits. Apart from piloting, it was a struggle and for nearly everything she had to trade coaching on piloting and navigation for coaching on whichever course she was on at the time, from Interstellar Ethics to to Tactical Analysis.

Her skills as a pilot quickly brought her to the attention of the fighter flight school, and she was invited to attend before her first semester at the academy had finished. But whilst she dazzled the instructors with her skills at the stick, it was quickly obvious that whilst she was undoubtedly the best pilot in generations, she couldn't shoot for shit. With zero killer instinct, and a complete inability to pull the trigger, they sent her back to the academy, though she would often help with coaching aerobatics.

2392-93 Enters Starfleet Academy
2393-94 - begins second year
2394-95 - Midshipman year,  Cadet Helmsman position on the USS Arvin
2395-96 final year, graduates Starfleet Academy, Assigned to USS Elysium
Languages Human
Academy Graduation Year 2396

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Miraj is perfectly fit.

She is particularly resistance to high-G conditions such as those encountered during sharp maneuvers, being fine at 9Gs, and not really locking out before 15G. With a pressure suit she's got this up to 20G on occasion.
Allergies/Health Issues Nothing major, though her uncommon hybrid nature has meant that some drugs have worked a little unexpectedly, such as needing different typical doses, or occasional non lethal but annoying side affects, like headaches and rashes.

Allergic to Caitains, managed with medication.
Counseling Review Her interest in flying borders on monomania, but she is basically sound.