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Lieutenant Serenity Triannth [Lalor]

Name Serenity Triannth [Lalor]

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "I faced Hell and came back. Lets see you face me."
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5f8
Weight 135LBS
Hair Color Strawberry Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description At 5f8 and weighing at 135lbs Sere is light, well built and tough. She may not look like much with her long Red/Blonde hair and Blue eyes but she is tougher then she looks and has taken on Klingons in a fist fight.


Children Raye Clarissa Triannth - 16
Celene Priscilla Jericho -11
Koray Surak Jericho- 11
Father Daniel Triannth
Mother Janet Triannth
Brother(s) Steven Triannth 36
Peter Triannth 35
Harry Triannth 34
Other Family Kesar Jericho - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serenity is a very calm and active woman though she does have a wild side. She can often be found doing things that are not entirely proper and correct. Sere loves working out and using the Holodecks. She has been in counseling to overcome her past and has finally cut back on the help she requires. She now is more open and has been more casual around guys then before.
Hobbies & Interests Holodeck, Anti-grav walks, Gym, Reading, Spending time with her children.

Character Background

Personal History Born on the Haslam Research colony to a scientist and his wife, Dr Daniel Triannth and his wife Janet, Serenity is the youngest of four children, She has three older brothers and she grew up being protected by all three of them. Her brothers Steven -a doctor in the colony, Peter -Owns a space shipping business> and Harry -a teacher adored their little sister no matter what she did. Serenity grew up in a colony where gangs and the like roamed freely without being checked. Even though her parents were high ranking people in the colony Serenity was often spotted roaming the streets without a bodyguard, this was to cause her to run with a gang. At the age of 10 Serenity was approached by a older boy, his name was James "Jim" Crosby, A gang Leader of incredible charisma after a few weeks of spending time with the charismatic 13yr old, Serenity joined his gang known as the Hornets.

While a member of the Hornets she had to struggle against other gangs that saw the Hornet’s lone female full member as an easy target for rape and bashings. Serenity still went to school but at the age of fifteen rebelled and told her parents that she wanted to finish school and go to Starfleet. James and the Hornets often talked about going into the stars and joining Starfleet and most of them that were older did. Serenity's parents point blankly refused to send her so until her 17th birthday Serenity worked hard in a bar part time as a waitress and pouring drinks trying to get up the cash to buy herself a passage off of the colony.
At the age of sixteen Serenity took to dancing and singing as another part time job, it was at this time when 19 yr old Jim really caught her eye. At nineteen Jim was a cadet at the Starfleet academy. He came home to the colony on leave and they became closer then they were before. Serenity, who had taken command of the gang while he was away, fell pregnant and even though the Hornets were happy and Jim and Serenity were happy she lost the baby in her third month. Jim went back to Starfleet and Serenity eventually lost contact with him. She got over him and has decided to take her life as it comes. At seventeen she had saved enough to get a passage to Earth and she left the family without a second glance. She still keeps in contact with her brothers via holo-messages but to her parents she is dead.

Serenity worked hard at the academy and soon made friends. Sere as she was known around campus was a popular and very busy girl. On her first day she discovered chocolate, which had been in very short supply on the colony , could be obtained easily, much to her delight. She chose security as her preferred field and loved the physical activity that went with it. After classes Sere could often be seen wearing her Hornet’s black leather jacket, one of her most prized possession.. this gave her the nickname Hornet. After completing her four years at the academy Serenity graduated in the top ten of her class.
She was sent as an ensign to serve on the USS Atlantis. After a short while on Atlantis Serenity was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade. On her first mission on the Atlantis, Sere discovered that she had a mirror in the mirror universe where the ship had been stranded. Her mirror named Serenity ‘Angel’ Triannth was dying and when she died she asked that her mirror be granted custody of her daughter Raye Crosby. Serenity decided to take up the challenge and now at the tender age of 21 she is the adoptive mother of four year old Raye.
Serenity was also engaged to be married to half Romulan Counsellor Kesar Jericho on the Atlantis. Shortly after the ships return to the Primary universe Sere and Kesar faced a trial that tested their relationship to the full extent of its bounds. An ensign who had tried to date Sere decided to take matters into his own hands.
He bashed Kesar to within an inch of his life and Sere was the one who found her bleeding and broken lover in the halls. After making sure Kesar would recover Sere was summoned to her daughter’s kindergarten class where the said Ensign had escaped from custody and taken the class hostage. He demanded Serenity and she bravely went in so the children would be let go. All but two were let go. Carlos Harris the ensign concerned flung her daughter towards her and stunned Raye, leaving her unconscious. Sere distracted could not prevent what happened next. She found herself being raped by the man.
She passed out as memories of past attempted rapes collided with the one being performed. She and the security forces never noticed the young boy watching horrified from the far wall where Carlos had flung him in his temper fit. The security forces killed Harris in a raid of the room and Sere, Raye and Eric Reyes junior were all treated in medical. It has been recommended that Serenity undergo counselling and so far she has only spoken to about 4 people about the incident. She is also pregnant from the rape. She is carrying the rapist’s child as well as the twins conceived by her and Kesar. She faced a tough choice of whether or not to keep the child of Carlos as well as the twins or if she should abort the child, as well as a tough future as she struggles to get her life back on track. She made the choice to abort Carlos’s child and keep the twins… they had to wait and see if her body would reject the embryos like it had
last time…
In 2389 She gave birth to Celene Priscilla Jericho and Koray Surak Jericho. And took medical leave due to postnatal depression that same year. She was transferred to the USS Cairns at the same time. In 2391 she was transferred to the USS Hawke as VIP specialist. Kesar has asked that she consider them finally making their partnership official… legally… It has been five years, and things have always seemed to happen at the wrong times… Unfortunately Kesar died before the wedding when the ship was over run by Orion pirates in 2392. Grief stricken, Serenity took her three children to Earth where she buried her fiancée and bought a house for her and the children. In mid 2393, she accepted reassignment to the Victory as a security officer.
USS Victory was followed by USS Resolution and the years were awfully quiet. Then in 2396 she was transferred to the USS Eyslysium as a Specialised Close Protection Officer for the Diplomatic Corp.
Languages Standard, Klingon, Vulcan, Cardassian, French
Academy Graduation Year 2384

Medical and Psychological Information