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Lieutenant JG Maxmillio (Max) Solanga

Name Maxmillio (Max) Cordoba Solanga MA, Rev.,

Position Ships Chaplain

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender male
Character Quote The essence of Christianity, as I see it, is love. The essence of Humanism (and I’m also a Humanist) is love. At that level, we’re not far apart.
"Mark Thomas"
Species Human Chinese/American/Filipino Extraction
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 205
Hair Color Black/gray
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Tends not to stick out, mostly a person who prefers not to be in the limelight. Wears a Stardard Starfleet Uniform, but instead of the standard division colored dickie which is yellow, he either wears a black,white, blue, purple, red or green chaplains dickie, and sometimes doesn't wears his rank. The reason for this is during the years as a Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor He found that people respond better to one who is not in an authorative position. With his glasses Rev. Solango looks like a school teacher, or a kind hearted grandfather whose bark is worse than his bite.


Spouse No Married
Children None
Father Jose (d)
Mother Maria (d)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rev Solanga is a quiet person, who does not stand out in any particular way, As a line officer in the rank of LT, he is not interested in running a ship, the only reason he got to be a LT is because he was put into the position, and was promoted. If you look for Reverend Solanga he is usually found sitting in the various dining rooms, or snack bars usually talking to them giving out some spiritual advice that is appropiate at the moment. As a Chaplain, Max has had some basic counseling training, but knowing his limitations he gladly sends many of the people he contacts to the counseling Division for furtrher evaluation, and treatment.

Unlike the other Chaplains, Rev. Solanga can be found officiating at a ship where there are children in a school setting aboard, in Soccer, tag football, or basketball. But what Max loves is being out and about giving the crew spirituial advice, and answering questions that the counselers may not have the answers to.

But as a Chaplain, Max is also the Captains own spiritual counselor, and advisor on the pulse of the ship to the Captain, where he sometimes is able to go onto the bridg to talk to the captain without having to receive any special documentation.

Strengths & Weaknesses Has a strong belief in any sort of diety
Keeps all conversations between him and one of the congregants between him and the person telling him.

Just because he is a Chaplain doesn't mean that he hasn't harbored the thoughs of many sinners who come to him for absolution of their sins.
Ambitions To one day go fishing, leaving the cares and worries of running a congregation behind
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys reading historical reviews of old religious idea and methodology on how they attained the largest number of converts to their faith.

Hobbies: The Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, and other movements that were at one time responsible for the deaths of millions of indiginous people.

Character Background

Personal History Born in 2330 to parents who were both hard core religious missionaries in the Rim planets of the Federation, Though his parents were of at one time Philippine ancestry, Maximillion Solanga or Max was always a happy child, brought up by the 'good book' of old time Roman Catholicism.

His parents forced taught Maximillion to love God and the bible. Deciding to join his parents as a Priest in the old Roman Catholic Church, Max decided to train with the Jesuit Priests. Where he was ordained as a Roman Catholic Priests was a sign from God as his mother could not believe that Max was now going to be calld Fr. Maximillio Solanga...

However, it was not till a year later that he was officially defrocked as a Roman Catholic priest whose own spiritual views went against the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Thrown out of the Church Max was still an ordained Roman Catholic Priest, but by being defrocked no matter what, he could still perform a Roman Catholic Mass, have his own spiritual ministry and do anything a Priest could do, except have communion where he would bless bread and wine, a throwback to the old ways of the church.

In 2347 Max determined to be once again reentered a Non-Denominational School that taught Spirtual Humanism, and with a background as a Roman Catholic Church, hre Max learned that Secular Humanism is a non-religious universal view rooted in science, naturalistic philosophy, and humanist ethics.

Rather than faith, doctrine, or mysticism. The secular humanists use reason, compassion, and common sense to find solutions to human problems. Now with a theology that he agreed with, Max broke away completely from the Catholic Church in 2351

In 2352-2358 beginning a new ministry as a Secular Humanist, with a Roman Catholic background, Max could see that the idea of Secular Humanism was alive in other parts of the Galaxy, as other Aliens, he met also had the same ideas. From these meetings, Max gained a better perspective on why Old Earth's religious values had no meaning to an Alien life form whose own idea about religion was so foreign.

From 2359 Max returned back to Academia where he attended the school's Masters of Arts program in Counseling and received his MA from the University of California at San Francisco in Counseling and Gender issues.

Max in 2363 decided to join Starfleet in its new Chaplains corp, which had only been established only ten years ago. With his background as a Roman Catholic Priest, training as a Secular Humanists, and his Masters of Arts degree in Counseling, Max signed up.

I the last part of 2363, Max joined a class of other Professionals, where they endured the 42 weeks of Mandatory training for Professionals, otherwise known as the Starfleet Officers Orientation program. Once Max passed the course he was promoted to the rank as an Ensign.

After graduation from the fast track course, Max was transferred to the Colony ship, USS Terra Nova as the ship's chaplain.

In 2385 Max was transferred to the USS California as ships Chaplain and for the next nine years, Max was the senior Chaplain on the California in charge of the other younger chaplains.

In January of 2393 Max found himself on orders to attend the Marine Corps Chaplain Combat course at Camp Pendleton, now a Marine Corp museum, there Max became a Marine during the training cycle. Learning how to use a hand phaser or a Projectile weapon for self-protection. Next Max learned how to give services whenever it was needed to a large congregation of Marines who had very different religious upbringings under enemy fire, or during a lull in the fighting.

But the one thing Max hated was giving the last rites to hundreds of dead Marines, and counseling to the hundreds of their buddies who may be having the beginnins of PTSD.

But among the hundreds of classes, none brought more joy to Max than to help the civilians who had undergone mass genocide, slavery, the destruction of their planet. Passing witih flying colors in the summer of 2393, Max returned back to the USS California, serving till he was under orders to the USS Elysium.

In 2395 Max was transferred to the USS ELysium as the new Ships Chaplain

Service Record 2363 Starfleets Officers Orientation Program

2363/2373 Office of the Star Fleet Chaplains Office
2369 Promoted from Ensign to LTJG
2373 Promoted to LT
2376 Assigned to Starbase 265 Command Chaplain Office
2385/2395 USS California, Ships Chaplain
2392/2393 Attends the SFMC Chaplaincy Combat Course
2395 USS Elysium, Ships Chaplain
Languages Federation stadard English, Latin, Tagalog, and American Standard English 21st to 22nd Century earth.
Academy Graduation Year 2367

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Beginning signs of arthritis, has normal blood work, Review of Systems all indicators show he is fit for duty on board a starship
Allergies/Health Issues Normal allergies to pollen, ragweed, Bermuda Grass,
Healthy, and fit for a man of 65. However he does have a slight elevation on his A1C which is controlled by a daily ritual of drugs, followed by dietary menu designed to help reduce his total cholesterol...
Counseling Review Hates being inside a Transporter, feels that he is loosing brain cells,

Has a great fear of the transporter beaming him into a metal 'I' beam and having part of his body inside and outside the metal I beam.