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Ensign River Lokaa

Name River Lokaa

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Tears are words the heart can not express
Species Elasian
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 10"
Weight 140Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Like most Elasians Rivers beauty is flattering. With long jet, black hair, which left untamed from its usual french plait sits easily below her shoulders. Her features are mostly dainty with red plump lips and close-set pricing jade eyes set upon a diamond-shaped face with rose gold skin.

Her overall body shape is athletic and lean which sports no obvious signs of skin imperfections or tattoos. She is as natural beauty as natural can be. She does, however, wear light and natural watercolor shadows from the inner eye to the middle of the eyelid which gradually goes darker at the outer corner with medium to a dark shadow. She doesn't have any need for mascara or lipstick.

The only other main identifying feature is her family heirloom signet which takes shape in the feature of a headband and two crossed thorns in twinned by metal wire with a crystal teardrop. The thorns represent her family's coat of arms, the interlocking metal wire represents their family's interlocking paths, and the teardrop the female's ability to produce Elasian Tears.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Achard Lokaa
Mother Orion Lokaa
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview River is still very much in a transitional stage of her life, until the academy all she has known was the ways of her people and her clan. Most people would describe her as savage, rude, and arrogant especially during times of particular discomfort however she has and still is learning to suppress her Elasian upbringing. That being said she is still a proud and considered noble Elasian.

She is also a driven and well-motivated individual with 'out the box' thinking, she enjoys a challenge especially if it's physical but has the intellect to compete both physically and mentally as she has always had to do being Elasian. While she may not be called completely professional she takes her career in the federation very seriously and is willing to live and let learn to better herself as an individual and for the greater good of her crew.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength:
Well Motivated.
Physically Robust.
Out of the box thinger.
Team player.

Socially Challenged.
She finds it difficult to trust others.
Ambitions To move past her Elasian heritage and become her own individual she can be proud of surrounded by a close group of friends she can learn to trust.
Hobbies & Interests River enjoys anything which means being by herself such as reading and painting. As a young Elasian, she was always gifted at art and music though she has since discontinued music.

Character Background

Personal History River was born away from the main cities of Elas in a settlement up in the northern hemisphere called Atholla in which her father was chieftain. With approximately a few hundred people its safe to say it was small and communal. This is where she developed her isolationist trait often having to find things for herself to do whilst her mother and father attended to their duties.

River also developed a taste for painting and playing a flute-like instrument. She would spend hours down by the creek painting the animals and playing soft melody until she was called to tea.

From an early age, River was talented in more than just fighting with a fascination for the stars and space travel in which since the tug of war battle between the Federation and Klingon's had sparked a technological advancement in such area and though the Elasians don't have their own space-faring fleet to that could directly compete the levels of Starfleet they have and do travel the stars.

Childhood for a female Elasians is difficult, they are considered inferior in every aspect until they are able to complete several trials of combat and at an early age, River had accomplished just that at the age of fourteen, though not easily. It wasn't until around sixteen did she begin showing interest in Starfleet, she trained hard both physically and mentally before applying to the academy.

River attended the academy at the start 2392. Being away from her homeworld she soon realised that her culture was much different from one that she now found herself surrounded by and not all the training in the world would have helped her socially. No longer did people care that her father was a chieftain and her mother one of the most formidable females in her clan, that she had completed her trials of combat and for the first part of her initial time at the academy found integrating into society difficult. She came off as arrogant, rude, and almost barbaric which only frustrated her more, she found herself in trouble for fighting more times she could remember but soon and under the tutelage of her instructors she began to find it easier to suppress her natural urges and even make friends. By the end of her time at the academy River had found herself graduate in the top third of her class and as a 'Natural Security Officer' an heading towards her first assignment the USS Elysium.
Service Record 2392 - Admitted into Starfleet Academy
2396 - Assigned to USS Elysium
Languages Federation Standard, Elasian, Sequus(Learning), Andorian, Romuland, Vulcan.
Academy Graduation Year 2396

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review In good healt.
Allergies/Health Issues Service personnel has a unique biochemical compound within her tears, also known as Elasian tears which when transmitted to Humanoid males causes the affected man to become romantically infatuated and somewhat enthralled to the woman who infected them. The Service Personnel is to take extra precautions when interacting with humanoid males and is to also ensure the ship's medical officer is aware of this medical implication and that the most up to date antidote is within the ship's database for emergency replication.