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Consul Josephine Carlyle-Cragen

Name Josephine Catherine Carlyle-Cragen

Position Diplomat

Rank Consul

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "Sometimes you write History, sometimes it writes you"
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5f6
Weight 135lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Slender with a pale complexion, Josephine wears her hair up in a neat french twist when on duty.


Children Liberty Gretta Carlyle-Cragen - 03.11.2397
Father Commander Petre Carlyle
Mother Dr. Sarah Carlyle
Brother(s) Lt. Commander Harry Carlyle
Lt. Commander Matt Carlyle
Other Family Ex-Husband: Kyle Cragen

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Reading, her dogs, holodeck programs, going to quiet places

Character Background

Personal History Josephine had a very normal childhood, growing up on the USS Jefferson. Her father was a security officer, her mother a doctor. Her older brothers eventually became an Engineer and a flight controller. The youngest of 3, Josie as she was known, was a quiet child and was always reading.

Eventually, she went to the academy and studied science, with a major and a minor. Major in Temporal Physics, Minor in Ancient Cultures. Once she graduated, she was assigned to the USS Oracle for a couple of years.

Then in 2394 Josephine was assigned to the Science research Shuttle “Miranda” alongside Lt Commander Westin. Their job was to investigate the VOID and send data back to Starfleet.

Once in the VOID they ran into Temporal turbulence and were sent back in time to the year 1661, and crash landed on Earth, in England near Hever castle. They found the castle deserted and the last occupants had died during the English civil war. Resigned to being stuck, Josephine wanted to leave England and go to the new world where they could hide and live out their lives but Westin convinced her to explore England.

They used their shuttles replicators to replicate clothes, coin and other sundries and faked their Identities so they could enter the court at St James

With James acting as her brother, Josephine was protected though due to her advanced age, she was not considered suitable for marriage (for which she thanked the lord). It was shortly after this, that their situation changed. James saw that he could gain power here, and Josephine wanted to remain quiet and out of history.

So she began to drift away from him and retreat into herself and the townhouse they had purchased in London. She disapproves of what he is doing but every time she brings it up, he ignores her.

She has begun collecting Books and illustrated manuscripts from over the globe. And keeps them well protected and in good condition.

Due to her reading and bluestocking attitude - perceived- Josephine didn't think she would gain friends but she has gained a number of friends among the Female nobles at Court, and has found herself in demand as people think to gain James' favor by being nice to his 'sister'

Josephine has a telescope that she uses at night to watch the skies. She knows no one is coming for them, but she still watches.

Rescued in 2396, and brought home, Josie was charged and found guilty with temporal incursions however she was only demoted one rank and assigned to the USS Elysium.
Languages French, Bajoran, some Allindri

Medical and Psychological Information