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Ensign Conor Cage

Name Conor Jonathan Cage

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Trill
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Signature Trill spots on both sides of his body. Distinctive scar over left eye running from right to left from middle of forehead to bottom of left cheekbone. Another scar, running left chest to left forearm directly below the elbow joint.


Spouse Kesil Perim (Unjoined Trill, Deceased Age 21, 4 years ago)
Children None
Father Daniel Cage (Human Age 48)
Mother Keri Perim (Unjoined Trill, Deceased age 43, 4 years ago)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Half-Sister: Jessica Cage (Human Age 20)
Other Family Step-Mother: Nicole Cage (Human Age 44)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Highly tolerant of other species

Weakness: Utter hatred for the Borg
Ambitions Be the best Tactical Officer.
Hobbies & Interests Reading/studying gravitational fields, learning various combat techniques

Character Background

Personal History Keri Perim was a prominent Trill scientist who studied multiple star systems. While on a mission to the Sol System studying why it only had one star she meet then Ensign Daniel Cage, a security officer station at Spacedock fresh out of the Academy. They quickly feel for each other and started dating. Six months after they started dating Daniel proposed to Keri and she accepted, marrying each other a month later. She continued her study of the system while he continued his Starfleet career. A year into their marriage Keri became pregnant and Conor was born nine months later. Keri insisted on a traditional Trill first name but allowed Daniel’s request of Jonathan for a middle name, since without Jonathan Archer, Daniel’s idol, they may have never met. When Conor was one, Keri got word that Starfleet had started to study multiple star systems and was going to be sending a vessel to the Castor system. She got in contact with the Trill science bureau and asked if she could be attached to this expedition. She was approved for the expedition but would not be the lead as it was a Starfleet endeavor and she was not. Daniel then put in a transfer request into the U.S.S. Phoenix, the vessel that the conducting the expedition. Daniel’s transfer came back approved and he reported to duty on the U,S,S, Phoenix with family. The Phoenix left on the voyage and returned one year later. Conor was two at this time and his parents started to have marital problems. Daniel had begun to like the life onboard a starship and Keri was wanting to return to studying of different star systems. Finally, after another year on the Phoenix, Keri had enough filing for divorce and custody of Conor.
Keri then moved back to Trill working for the Trill Science Bureau. Conor was raised from that point on as any full-blooded Trill. Keri had given him her last name of Perim once they had arrived on Trill. Life continued normally until Conor was six and he asked his mother about his father. She told Conor that his father was a tactical officer who died while serving in Starfleet shortly after he was born. Keri always encouraged Conor to do what he wanted and he seemed to show an interest in science constantly asking to be taken to work with her. Keri would smile at this but would always say no that he needed to go to school and learn. He obeyed his mother and went to school and learned. When Conor was 12, his mother got an assignment to the Omega Research Colony. One of the team that went to the Omega Research Colony was Vrenil Veeol whose daughter Kesil, age 11, was a classmate of Conor who he had a crush on. Once on the colony they continued their studies and Conor’s affection toward Kesil continued to grow. When Conor turned 17 he approached Vrenil asking for permsion to date his daughter, Kesil. Vrenil stated that Conor had permission to ask Kesil out but the choice of whether or not there would be a date would be up to her. With the approval to ask Kesil out, Conor mustered all his courage and the next day at school asked her out. He breathed a sigh of relief when Kesil agreed to the date. Conor took Kesil to his favorite spot overlooking the colony at sunset to have a picnic dinner. They continued to date for three years. Conor again approached Vrenil but this time to ask for his permission to marry Kesil. Conor explained that he was in love with Kesil wishing to marry her and would do anything for her, whether it be to follow her to Trill and be by her side when she was joined. He even stated that he would give up his dream of joining Starfleet, which he had been dreaming of doing to honor his father since coming to the Omega research colony 8 years early. Vrenil again stated that Conor had the permission to ask Kesil but the decision was hers and hers alone.
On Kesil’s 19th birthday Conor took her to the spot that overlooked the colony and asked if she remember where they were. She stated that this was the spot of their first date and the start of the best three years of her life so far. Conor took Kesil’s hands in his, “Kesil, the last three years of my life have been the happiest I have had. I wish to continue to explore the world with you by my side. You know that I have always dreamed of joining Starfleet and you have told me that you wish to join the Trill Symbiosis Commission to hopefully be the host to symbiont. We have spoken at length about this and how it would mean that we would be separated. I have come to the decision that you are more important to me than a career in Starfleet. With this in mind,” He got down on one knee pulling out a ring from his pocket. “Kesil, will you give me the honor of being your husband and marry me?” Kesil was crying and could not answer but was shaking her head yes. Conor slipped the ring onto her hand and stood up kissing her. After the proposal, they returned to the colony and spoke with Vrenil and Keri. They were married a month later and had set up a house within the colony. The two of them were extremely happy and decided to stay at the colony until they figured out if Kesil was accepted into the Commission or not. Conor obtained a job working alongside his mother at the colony research station. Kesil was working on her application for the Symbiosis Commission and had even started to discuss children.
Conor was scouting location to take Kesil for their 2 year anniversary. He was on a plateau overlooking a ravine when the colony was attacked by the Borg. A single drone was sent to his location and he managed to fight it off receiving a scratch on his face and his chest/arm. During the attack, he fell into the ravine and was knocked unconscious.
Two days after the attack, the U.S.S. Phoenix entered orbit above where the Omega Research Station was supposed to but the only signs they saw were that of a battlefield and the research station was missing. The sensors did detect one very weak life sign. An away team was beamed down to investigate and they returned with Conor Perim. Conor was unconscious for another day before he was revived. Upon regaining consciousness he was greeted by the Nurse, Lt Nicole Cage. He was startled and became defensive because the last thing he remembered was being attacked. Lt Cage was able to calm him down and explained that he was unconscious for three days and that he was treated for severe trauma.
Shortly after regaining consciousness, LtCmdr. Cage was called to sickbay in order to question Conor due to the Phoenix not having any knowledge of the attack. Conor answered the questions that were asked by the LtCmdr. The final question was that of who he was. He stated he was Conor Perim a Trill scientist who worked at the research station. He came to the Omega Research Colony eight years ago as a child with his mother. Conor then asked what had happened to the colony and why he wasn’t being treated there. He stated that he had to get back as his wife and mother must be worried sick about him. The LtCmdr stated that the colony was destroyed. Conor fell to the floor, “Was I the only one to survive?” LtCmdr Cage nodded in confirmation causing Conor broke down in tears. LtCmdr Cage turned to Lt Cage and she confirmed that she would take care of Conor while LtCmdr Cage reported to the captain. Conor started to mumble and the only thing that anyone in sickbay could understand was one phrase, “Kesil my love, Keri my mother.” LtCmdr Cage was at the door when he heard Conor’s mumbling and stopped dead in his tracks when he heard Keri my mother. LtCmdr Cage turned around and walked to the Chief Medical Officer’s office, “Computer unlock file lost1, authorization Cage 2-9 Tango Omega. Doctor, please compare the man in sickbay with that file and bring the findings to me alone.” LtCmdr Cage left sickbay and returned to the bridge to brief the captain on the current situation.
Lt Cage got Conor onto a medical bed and treated him for shock. The doctor then came out and asked Lt Cage to get her a blood sample from Conor. She did that and returned it to the doctor. The doctor compared the DNA from Conor with that on the file lost1. She contacted LtCmdr Cage and confirmed that they matched. He stated that he would be down to sickbay in 30 minutes to talk with Conor. In the meantime, Conor had stopped crying and started to calm down. After he calmed down, Jessica Cage walked into sickbay to speak with her mother Lt Cage, noticing Conor. Jessica talked with her mother and commented on the fact that she thought the man on the medical bed was kinda cute. Lt Cage admonished Jessica stating that he has been through trauma and lost a lot recently. Lt Cage’s comm badge went off. She answered it, “Lt Cage here.” It was revealed to be LtCmdr Cage and they had a conversation consisting of if she knew where Jessica was at and that he wanted to have dinner tonight as a family and invite Conor since Jessica and Conor were close in age. Nicole stated that she was ok with this idea as long as Conor agreed to it. Dan stated that he would be back in sickbay in 20 minutes and would ask Conor then.
Dan returned to sickbay stopping right outside the door. He steeled himself for what he knew was about to happen. He walked into the door to find Jessica seated on the medical bed next to Conor’s and talking with him about what he liked to do trying to distract him from what happened. He walked over to Nicole and pulled her aside explaining who this person actually was. Had they been off duty and in their quarters when this happened she would have slapped him. Nicole knew that Dan was married previously but not that he had a child. Nicole stated that you need to tell both of them and before tonight. Dan then walked over to where Jessica and Conor where sitting and talking. Conor was the first to see Dan and he stiffed up right away knowing the rank the man held and the previous encounter with him. Jessica noticed this reaction and turned around smiling at her father. Dan greeted Jessica warmly, smiling at her. His attention then turned to Conor and asked him if is mother’s name was Keri Perim and if she studied stars and the gravitational forces they have. Conor confirmed that was indeed her name and field of study. Dan then took a let out a breath and anyone could feel the tension he held. He then broke the news that he was Conor’s father. Conor vehemently denied this stating that his father was a Trill Starfleet officer who died when he was young. Dan then explained how he knew Conor’s mother and even showed him the data used to confirm this. Conor continued to deny it, stating that the information that he had was false and that he was not his son.
Nicole at this point stepped in stating that there was a way to confirm if this was true or not. She stated that all that was need where the people in this room. Nicole further explained that she would administer the test additionally they had not two people to compare but three, pointing to not only Dan and Conor but also Jessica. Jessica gave a questioning look and stated why she had to do this. Nicole stated that if Conor is Dan’s son then you are his sister and share genetic information. Conor was adamant Dan was not his father but being someone who believed in science and knew that testing was the only way to prove Dan wasn’t his father. Dan agreed to this to prove what he had found was correct and Jessica reluctantly agreed as well. Nicole then drew blood from all three displaying it on the monitor. It showed Conor’s genetics compared to Dan’s and Conor’s compared to Jessica’s. It highlighted the genetic structures that were the same indicated that Dan was in fact Conor’s father.
With this revelation, Conor immediately got up of the medical bed he was sitting at and proceeded to punch Dan across the face. He shouted that if he was his father why hadn’t he looked for him and why did he not know about him. The doctor came out at this shouting but Dan waved her off stating that he knew this type of reaction may be in the cards. He got back up looking at Conor. He stated that he knew that Keri had taken him to Trill when they divorced and was hoping to one day introduce himself. However when the next chance he had to do this was 5 years later and by then he was married to Nicole and Jessica was two. Nicole immediately rounded on Dan scolding him stated that he shouldn’t blame her or Jessica for that. Dan then hung his head stating that the real reason was fear. He was scared that Conor may have shunned him for not being involved in his life and didn’t want him to feel that he was replaced by Jessica. Dan turned to Jessica and stated that this doesn’t mean that he is not happy that she is here.
Conor then looked around the room realizing that he lost him family in the attack on the colony but he also didn’t lose all of his family. He had gained a sister and apparently a new parental figure in Nicole. He would still be mad at his father but he knew how to be mad at someone and still be polite and cordial for the benefit of others. Conor turned toward Jessica and smiled down at her putting his arms on her shoulders, “Well guess now I have a little sister to look out for and give all her future boyfriends the older brother talk.” At this Jessica did her best impression of a fish and Conor just laughed. He then turned towards Nicole and stated that he may not be able to call her mom but would like to get to know her. Finally, Conor turned towards Dan and stated that he cannot forget what Dan has done but I am willing to give you one chance to make it up. Dan stated that he had to get back to the bridge since they are on yellow alert.
Nicole then looked at where he was shaking her head. She then turned to Conor and stated that there was no reason to keep him here in sickbay as he was here for a full day already and has a clean bill of health. Nicole also stated that Dan was supposed to invite Conor for dinner tonight. She stated that since he chickened out and ran like a dog with its tail between its legs, she would go one further stating that we have enough room that until we get to a station and Conor decides what he wants to do he can sleep in the family quarters with them.
Conor tried to get out of it but Jessica, secretly always wanting a sibling, dragged him out of sickbay while Nicole laughed. Jessica led Conor to the family’s quarters and asked if he liked to play chess. They played a few game to pass the time and Conor seemed to beat Jessica 90% of the time. Jessica was frustrated when Nicole came back to the quarters after her shift and asked why, to which Jessica stated that Conor was worse than Dad and beat her at chess too much. Nicole laughed asking how Conor was able to beat her. Conor stated that strategy has always been easy for him. Dinner that night went well and Conor was accepting of the situation. Conor was more open with Jessica and Nicole than Dan. Dan expected this due to the situation of him not actually looking for Conor in previous years. Conor would spend the next few weeks getting to know the Cage family and learning that Dan was a good father to Jessica. He still could not bring himself to call Dan, father, yet. After arriving at Starbase 43, Conor was debriefed by Starfleet Intelligence. After the debriefing, Conor approached Nicole and asked if she would be willing to make a request to the Phoenix’s Captain about taking him on as a civilian science advisor so that he could continue to learn his family. The request was made and the captain approved it on the condition that Conor apply to Starfleet Academy. Conor agreed and started his application the minute he was back onboard. Through the first month he was working with the science teams but everyone saw that he looked at stuff with a strategic viewpoint rather than a scientific one. A request was made to the captain about transferring him to a tactical advisor and this was accepted once an evaluation was done. He served two more months on the Phoenix before he was accepted into Starfleet Academy. During these three months he did get close with his family and was finally able to call Dan his father. He even took the last name Cage since there were his family.
Service Record 2392-2396: Starfleet Academy

2396 - present: USS Elysium
Languages Federation Standard, Trill, and Vulcan
Academy Graduation Year 2396

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Aside from scaring received during the event that Omega Research Colony incident.
Allergies/Health Issues No allergies, no known health issues (Dormant Borg nanoprobes in scar on left arm-unknown)
Counseling Review Conor is assessed to mentally stable overall. Does have some survivor guilt regarding to the Omega Research Colony incident. He is fit for duty.