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Lieutenant Wynter

Name Wynter

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Ullian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6f
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Wynter is a lithe lean man with Brown hair and grey eyes. He lacks the pronounced bulges on the side of his head that his father and some of his siblings


Father Horae
Mother Elizabeth Skye
Brother(s) Brother - Herbst 2364
Sister(s) Sister - Primrose 2358,

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wynter wears his personality like Joseph’s Technicolor dreamcoat. Depending on his assignment, and his objectives he will change, though he has a deep rooted moral compass that has complicated more than one operation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong telepath - (yes he has used his powers on a mission, but in a pinch when his knowledge of language was poor, and need to elude, or disappear was great.)
Trained in a number of martial arts, languages.
Blends in with crowds very
Moral compass

Can come across the wrong way
Slow to open up personally
Moral compass
Ambitions More often than not simply to get the job done and come home alive.
Hobbies & Interests Chess, running, hiking, a few other things.

Character Background

Personal History Wynter was born on the USS Valdemar while it was on patrol near Cardassian space, on March 15th in 2360, he was the second child to Horae and Elizabeth Skye. Wynter was the second of three children with an older sister Primrose and a younger brother named Herbst, and it was obvious that he took after his mother in the looks department. Life aboard the Valdemar was interesting to say the least as at early ages Wynter and his siblings took after their father in their psychic abilities. It wasn’t long before the three were in daily training to control their ability, and to learn the rules around using their powers. As he progressed controlling his ability became much easier, at this time his father was approached by Starfleet Intelligence. His father turned them down not wanting to abuse his gift as he saw it. Over the next 17 years Wynter grew up into a young man whom from his mother’s and father’s teaching whom had a strong moral compass, and a belief in serving something bigger than himself.

Wynter took the entrance exam to starfleet Academy he was accepted and started in 2377 shortly after his 17th birthday. Wynter moved speedily yet steadily through his course work finishing his course work in just under three years, and starting more advanced Intelligence work in his final year. Upon graduation he was assigned as an Intelligence attache to Admiral Forrest. He was under orders to investigate Forrest and his potential ties to Section 31. It took nearly four years of work from Wynter, but ties between Forrest and Section 31 we're found. As it turned out Forrest was the money-man for the section’s operations in the Alpha Quadrant. No one had expected Forrest to be such a big fish, and thus made Wynter more than a few enemies.

Following this assignment Wynter was moved to the intelligence ship USS Virginia which was on assignment in the Alpha Quadrant. The next two years were packed with training, analysis, and varied intelligence operations. The Virginia operated as a mobile intelligence black site, which allowed for insertion, intelligence gathering throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Wynter went on many infiltration and exfiltration missions, even a rescue mission for a pregnant agent before she was compromised. The two years aboard the Virginia were definitely memorable, as it helped Wynter establish himself as an up and coming operative.

In 2389 Wynter was assigned to Starbase 385 for an uneventful year where he was able to see his family a bit as they moved through the region, but talking about his work was a bit difficult as all he was really able to tell anyone was that he was an analyst, even though he had a fairly extensive field record. So it was for roughly two years he would see family every few months as they cycled through.

As it turned out his assignment to Starbase 385 was to be shortened immeasurably as there was need for an agent to infiltrate New Romulus, and determine any potential political or military shifts that could affect the Federation. Wynter infiltrated New Romulus after extensive facial surgery to alter his appearance, and joined an expedition to an archaeological expedition of an Iconian site. The expedition was halted shortly after it had started to make progress by the Tal ‘Shiar, which led Wynter down a whole new path, over the next five years of deep cover operations, in which he had nothing to rely upon but his whits, training, and when things got a bit tight his telepathy. As a result of his five years of deep cover he developed a respect and a bit of admiration for the Romulan culture. After five years of living and breathing all things Romulan Wynter was pulled and debriefed where he was able to report about the insecurities within the new Romulan government, as well as their weapons research, unfortunately he was unable to assist with more information about military deployment, but was able to smuggle out at least one new warbird design. Upon debriefing, and removal of his prosthetics he was assigned to the USS Elysium after some down time where he visited his parents and was pestered about meeting someone as his older sister had just done. They argued a bit as all families do, but made up as it was he hadn’t met the right person. A few weeks of his R&R and he was on a transport to the Elysium which is where he finds himself now.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2380-2383
Courses outside the Core:
Tactics: Small Units
Language: (specialty)
Tactics: Strategy of Battle 1
Tactics: Strategy of Battle 2
INTEL101: Espionage 1
INTEL201: Espionage 2
INTEL250: Advanced Analysis
INTEL301: Interrogation

Starfleet Intelligence attache: 2383-2387
USS Virginia: 2387-2389
Starbase 385:2389-2390
New Romulus:2390-2395
USS Elysium: 2395-present
Languages Federation standard, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Bajoran, and telepathy works in a pinch

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Wynter is in peak physical condition, though he has been injured on previous missions, but given medical technology and his field of work he has had all scars removed.
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review As with most covert agents Wynter compartmentalizes extremely well, he is able separate his emotions from his job regardless of what it may be. This in no way means that he is a cold individual as his moral compass has complicated things before, but when needed he can be dispassionate and calculating.