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Lieutenant JG Devin xi'Indrai

Name Devin Codi xi'Indrai

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "Timing is everything, A bit of color turns an explosive into art."
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11"
Weight 98 lbs.
Hair Color Red Auburn (often dyed other colors)
Eye Color Amber copper brown
Physical Description At under five feet tall Devin or as she prefers to be called Codi's hair which is naturally red auburn she often dyes it vivid blue or other colors as missions or the mood strikes her, is the first thing folks notice. Next noticed are her Amber colored eyes, when the mission requires she has a collection of lenses to change the hue.

She practices gymnastics and parkour when not swimming or ice skating. She has a few scars along her lower back and sides.

She has an Andorion vent orchid tattoo on her left shoulder blade, a blue and white Phoenix tattoo, holding a white rose with blue tips, on her right shoulder blade, the leaves of the rose have stylized initials of those who are no longer living. Both tattoos she will have removed when the mission requires it and will have redone when time allows.


Spouse None to date
Children None to date
Father William McCoy Deceased adopted by Pol'thra xi'Indrai
Mother Sabine McCoy Deceased adopted by Tal'zh'Indrai
Brother(s) Tran'Shres xi'Indrai 29

Rot'Tra xi'Indrai 29

Edward Aden'Tra xi'Indrai 26 (elder twin by five minutes)

Sister(s) Shona'zhen xi'Indrai 28

Zori'zhen xi'Indrai 28
Other Family Telath Th'zennis guardian other father through adoption.

Shriliss Ch'zathess guardian other mother through adoption

Lots of aunts, uncle's,

Thohl Ch'otaonan Grandfather

San Ch'ezhiahlath Grandmother

Ashen Th'thetral Family friend

Her closest cousins

Shros Ch'thaonis

Ter Th'oqerik

Sher Ch'ivhaotros

Esyr Th'kehren

Tisaav Th'ovaolos

Ikinor Th'tholross

Her best friends

Ryth Ch'thaahlon First friend, gave Devin first kiss,

Shav Th'qotrik, roommate during training at Andorion Defense force

Ithyr Th'vallos, helped training in the Andorion Defense force.

Etabab Th'rheless, roommate during training at Andorion Defense force.

Sihlaal Th'thesrahr Devin's first lover, they're still good friends.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Devin is very intelligent but she doesn't go out of her way to prove it to others. She prefers her friends call her Codi and she's dedicated to her job and enjoys learning about other cultures and species.

She's also very artistic, using anything to make art.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her intelligence and her loyalty are her strongest points.
Her artistic nature
Enjoys numerous sports.

She has an extreme Fear of Spiders and by poor luck or fate has severe allergic reaction to most Spider bites.

Devin is hypersensitive to temperature levels. High levels make her pass out, heatstroke, extreme low levels cause shivering for several hours until her body reaches normal temperature again.

Devin has a Zero pain tolerance. Meaning any injury no matter how slight will make her eyes water at the pain.
Ambitions Be the best at her job and eventually find the right person or persons to settle down with, have a family of her own someday.
Hobbies & Interests Sports, martial arts she's a student of many and master of none she favorites are gymnastics and parkour when not swimming or ice skating.


Character Background

Personal History Devin and her older twin brother were born to William McCoy and Sabine McCoy, they were Star fleet officers being cross trained in the Andorian Defense force, during a trek across the inland wilderness, they ran into trouble when Sabine went into labor months earlier than expected, they were able to find shelter but during the birth of the twins they were attacked by Ice wolves, William died protecting his wife and babies. Sabine managed to get the babies to Pol'thra xi'Indrai's home, her friend and sponsor for the Andorian Defense force, but died before the summoned Doctor arrived.

After the Doctor Shres'Tra xi'Dora checked the premature twins over the search for other relives began, the McCoy's had no relatives that had to e for bringing up babies, and since Sabine had trusted him with her last breaths as she handed over her newly born babies Pol'thra xi'Indrai asked his mates if adoption of the babies was agreed. As they had their own young children growing as well, it was unanimously agreed on.

Devin and Edward we're both very small but grew well with the rest of xi'Indrai children. They excelledin school matters graduating years before their siblings, and after consulting with the kids teachers and several officers Devin headed into the Andorian Defense force herself, after four years she agreed to cross training with Star fleet academy and continue her studies in intelligence as infiltration specialist.

She's only had one posting before her transfer to the Elysium,

The USS Eagle -F in honor of the original Andorion crewed vessel in Star fleet. It was her training ship during the last two years of her time at the Andorion Defense force as well as her cross training from Star fleet academy before she was given the official position of Infiltration specialist.

Her transfer to the USS Elysium is the farthest she's ever been but it was at her request to try something new and different.
Service Record General school from five to fourteen

Andorion Defense force fourteen to eighteen

Star fleet academy cross training in intelligence department as infiltration specialist, from eighteen to twenty two.

Training ship USS Eagle -F Andorion Defense force, Star fleet academy training ship. Official position offered at twenty two.

Transfered to USS Elysium age twenty six
Languages Andorion, Federation basic, book linguistics (Tolkien elvish etc) Romulan and a few others that she may or may not admit to being able to understand.

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review In good health at last physical, had left shoulder dislocated during previous mission. It's healed properly and no discomfort has been expressed.
Allergies/Health Issues Fear of Spiders, Severe allergic reaction to most Spider bites/venom.
Counseling Review Outwardly playful and fun loving but has issues when it comes to some customs, she relates well with others but when she feels her honor has been insulted she will challenge the offending person to a duel in traditional Andorion fashion.