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Lieutenant JG Issac Drake

Name Issac Drake

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "It is what it is."
Species human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 195 LBS
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Slightly above average in height for an adult human male. A slender build without note. His weight is in proportion to his height. Walks with normal strides and a straight posture with his head back. Most will notice his angular face and longer sharp nose. Deep set Grey eyes and wavy silver hair kept longer than most men his age. He moves with purpose and light on his feet, however seldom gestures in conversation. Displays no rings or jewelry of any kind. No visible scars or defects. Dark complexion and White facial hair. Very well groomed.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None Known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite his size he blends in very well, a true “Grey Man”. Quiet but not soft spoken. Answers questions in a even and deep deliberate tone. Speaks very clearly. A calm and non-threatening demeanor at all times. He is a hands on team leader. Experience in his career have given him confidence and superior judgment to complete mission goals as directed. Has little or no Ego for an officer of his experience. As a supervisor he personally trains his team and bonds very well across departments, commands and Species alike.
Strengths & Weaknesses Highly logical for a human, superb education and communication skills. Solid career skills.

Will, and does hold grudges. Trust issues in personal life. Seldom social. Reclusive in nature.

Ambitions At this point in his life all but just a few ambitions have been realized. The future could hold a quiet retirement on a nice tropical colony far, far away.
Hobbies & Interests Never much for hobbies over the years. Tried some martial arts studies but kept getting injured. Failed at music horribly, painting ruined the carpet and cooking made him fat and lazy.

He is however a gadget guy who has a deep interest in sound wave interstellar communication research.

Character Background

Personal History His parents or parent was presumed to be a member of Star fleet. Exactly who they were was never revealed. As an infant he was evacuated with many families. Some just didn't make the trip as several of the vessels evacuating were themselves destroyed in the effort. These young orphans and refugees were gathered and protected by the federation and granted citizenship.

His earliest recollection was playing with other children. He remembers people coming by several times a day, strangers looking for the children that had been sent off for there own protection. Some were reunited with grandparents over the years most not. As a young boy he was happy and had several very alarming growth spurts. Some children were adopted he was not. But he had many friends and fantastic mentors and care. The schools were top rate, trips to fun places and no expense was too much. It was all he had known in his life and life was good.

In his early years he was noticed to have a very good memory and higher than normal mathematical skill. Almost to the point several teacher thought it was closer to a learning disability. He saw numbers and most other digits in a different way. There was order that others could not see. Of course this turned into a passion for him and as his age and learning grew so did his understanding on finite mathematics and logic.

Never one for sports or outdoor activities he preferred libraries and computers. By the age of ten he was using complex codes that many struggled with in Universities. It was then he started keeping things in towards himself. A few years he studied very hard and was reclusive. All went well until the shroud of puberty slammed into him. And his struggles with it drove those around him crazy. He was extremely restless and driven with any subject. He tutored others with merciless fury. Consumed textbooks in days often neglecting hygiene and sleep. The staff was indeed challenged and called in a few experts on child development. In meetings and observation of the child he would start acting out if not kept busy and a higher level of education was recommended. This seemed to work very well and soon he was a highly functional 16 year old with girl problems just like his other male peers.

He was keen of the idea of joining Star Fleet, The academics would be a challenge for him and he would be given the opportunities he may not receive in civilian life. His career would be strictly merit based. And that appealed to the young man.

In the spring of 2374 he entered Star Fleet Academy, The middle of the Dominion wars. As a Freshman he kept a lower than normal profile and held a steady second in his academics level in his class. But the Galaxy was coming apart. The Dominion wars raged in earnest. The Academy campus was closed and all cadets received assignments regardless of their training. All senior cadets were automatically promoted to Ensign.

2374 found him as an assistant helmsman in training of the feet tender USS Beck. The job was strictly by necessity and the Beck aided the evacuation of DS9 under fire by heavy Klingon invasion forces. After which he and several cadets onboard were promoted from cadet second class to Ensign. He was also reassigned to Star fleet intelligence to sort out his somewhat scattered career status. During the previous months he had become fluent in Romulan. He was assigned as a cryptologist to the Romulan Star Navy forces which attacked the Cardassian shipyards on Torro's III. A highly successful mission dealing a hard blow to Dominion forces in 2374.

His work for the Romulan's was intense. He designed and developed encryption codes which scrambled Dominion sensors. Field tested and implemented by the Romulan's greatly added to combat success over the next several engagements. As his work became well known he was transferred back to Star fleet command early in 2375.

Star fleet command had suffered greatly in the Dominion wars and was rebuilding the intelligence structure. His experience and skills had been noted. He was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Star fleet Academy as an Encryption instructor. This also allowed him to develop research in the field and upgrade software and advanced system for installation on future vessel designs.

The next twenty four years saw many classified missions working for Star fleet Intelligence, Plans and Programs Division. He has also held several field positions most being in the Diplomatic support area.
Service Record Lt Commander, File classified
Languages Federation Standard, Romulan
Academy Graduation Year Listed as 2375

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review On File
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review Pending