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Lianej Derani

Name Lianej Derani

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Boslic
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 171 cm
Weight 54 kg
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A woman of a certain age, and wearing it well


Children Miraj Derani (Prime Universe only)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mirror Universe

A daring pilot, crafty captain and fearless blockade runner, Lianej has spent her life fighting against the various oppressing forces of the Terran Empire and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

She runs a fair ship, where all have a voice. The Articles of the Serpent's Tooth guarantees equal shares for all crew, that only military ships are fair game, and civilians to be left unbothered, and no prisoners shall be poorly treated or marooned. She recruits from others sympathetic to the resistance and hoping for better worlds

Character Background

Personal History Mirror Universe
Cort has always been a world of explorers and seafarers, but when their starfarers ran into the nascent Terran Empire, they quickly realised that for all their experience at spaceship building, they were outmatched by the terrans sheer thirst for conquering.

Since then Cort has been at war, independently, or as a world under Klingon- Cardassian rule, they have fought the Terran Empire

Lianej Derani was a young officer when she first faced the Terrans. It did not end well. The Boslic cruiser she was on was quickly disabled, the strategies the captain used outdated and without flair. Captured, tortured, and headed for the salve markets, she was spared a short brutal life, by an attack on the ship carrying them. The Serpents Tooth came out of nowhere and quickly boarded the ISS Giogiou's Glory. The Pirate Crew took the ship, gutted it off useful parts, freed prisoners, and left the hulk and its evil crew adrift.

The speed and efficiency of the attack struck Lianej, and she asked to stay aboard, and learn their tactics, rather than return home to Cort. Her skills as a helmsman, already considerable, quickly grew and the Serpents Tooth gained a reputation for going where no other ship would dare, running blockades, chasing Inquisitors and dodging even the most talented gunner until the ship could close, and lock on with its infamous boarding drills.

And through her daring, she rose through her ranks until one day, just aged thrity three, the Captain was killed in battle with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Shethrew her name into the ring, not expecting to succeed, but hoping to gain a higher rank. She won the vote one hundred seventy four to three.

There follwed a successful career frustrating and undermining opressors, rescuing rebels and bringing aid and relief to the fallen. One particular missiondid change her life. Four years ago, her contacts in the resistance reached out. One of their best people, a man in a privaledged position, whose intelligence had saved countless lives, had been exposed, and needed rescuing from the ship of Commodore Garrison.

The attack was perfect, a breif, brilliant strike that saw Lianej leading the boarding crew to the torture chamber, and saving the prisoner, who turned out to be the Commodore's own, famously wastrel, son, Malcolm. They grabbed the battered broken man, and ran.

Malcom recovered, but was now restless, purposeless. She offered him a position on the ship, and through his contacts and charisma, became useful, then well liked, and then Quartermaster. And as he grew as a person, Lianej fell in love with a man almost half her age.

Medical and Psychological Information