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Ensign Andrew Carey

Name Andrew Thomas Carey

Position Armory Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote Damn
Species Vulcan/Trill
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 1
Weight 245
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall muscular, long brown hair


Spouse None
Children None
Father Thomas Carey
Mother Kalissa Kyler
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lizette Carey (Half)
Other Family Lots from the adoptive side

Personality & Traits

General Overview Growing up in space, seeing conflict first hand, he developed more of a shoot first ask questions kind of deal. Seeing his father wounded several times, once almost fatally.
Although he wants to advance in the field of security, he finds that there is time given the long life he would probably receive due to being half vulcan.

he finds himself young, and has embraced more of the vulcan heritage than his father had. Learning meditation and controlling all negative emotions. His mother had requested he retain those of the positive nature.
Strengths & Weaknesses knowledge of weapons is huge
Science is not his piece of cake
Ambitions His long term goals are to one day follow in his parents foot steps and shoot up the security ladder. Eventually hoping to get into designing and creating new weapons.
Hobbies & Interests Weapons, martial arts, meditation

Character Background

Personal History Growing up with two security officers as parents, both of which had moved from the field into commands of their own, both retired on earth. His father taking a private security advisors job, and his mother now teaching at starfleet academy, it was hard for him to think of anything else to do with his life, and ran for it head on.

Growing up, he was more open minded than his father was about the vulcan way of life, eventually he found some of his biological family, and went to live there for a few years to learn the vulcan way of life. He didn't fully assimilate into their culture. But he did learn how to avoid the negative influences.

When he returned to his parents at the age of 14, he was a much calmer kid, than he left, but he let himself loose, after his parents showed him their toys, their collection of weapons. Of all kinds.

This developed his fascination, his yearning to fire. His yearning to create the best weapon, for starfleet. He also let slip some of his vulcan calm, eagerly and excitedly taking any chances to use them.

When he was admitted into the academy, his scores were above normal, weapons training he excelled, it was here that he was able to come up with a modification that would help with the borg somewhat. It wasnt much of a one, but they were able to build off of his template, and come up with a whole new configuration when dealing with them.

Within four years, he graduated, highest rank in marksman ship. Although there were notes on his record about his shoot first ask questions later attitude.

When filling out for assignments, Andrew looked at the options available, anything from brig officer to escort. But the one that stood out was for the armoury officer. Which was onboard the Elysium.
Service Record 2392-2396- cadet- starfleet academy
Languages Vulcan, Trill
Academy Graduation Year 2396

Medical and Psychological Information

Allergies/Health Issues None