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Lieutenant Tonya King ( Barclay de Tolly )

Name Tonya Judith King ( Barclay de Tolly )

Position Guest Star - Federation Ally

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote There is no guessing.
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 135
Hair Color Brunette
Physical Description Great figure with long hair.


Father Retired Governor of New California Jerry King
Mother Former First Lady of New California Maria King
Sister(s) Captain Mira King
Klingon Blood Sister Bella
Other Family She has a Temporal Daughter Lara who was born to another reality version of herself.

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is this reality's version of the wife of Victor Barclay de Tolly. Tonya is now engaged to Victor.

Tonya was born in California but she spent most of her life before the Academy growing up on New California Planet near Sherman’s Planet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Problem Solving, Charm and Empathy

Weakness is she suffers from PTSD due to having four finances get killed.
Ambitions Make a difference.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, Skydiving, Parasailing, Bungee Jumping, Windgliding.

She also has a fascination with studying cultures and their faith.

In high school, she tried figure skating sent gymnastics. She lost in state competition in both sports.

Character Background

Personal History 2367 - Born in Porterville California to Napa Wine Billionaire Jerry King.
2371 - Father becomes Governor of New California for Eight years.
2373 - Enter Marie Curie Academy for Gifted Girls in Sacramento, California.
2383 - Father becomes Governor of New Calfornia for another Eight years.
2384 - Enters Starfleet Academy Engineering Major
2388 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy. Gets Engaged to Ensign Zachary Kennedy. Zachary gets killed week before the wedding when his shuttle had an electrical discharge.
2389 - Her Sister Mira and she become Klingon Blood Sisters with Bella.
2390 - Gets Engaged to Bajoran Major Metru Coran. Coran dies one week before wedding by a phaser from a knife to the back.
2393 - Gets Engaged to Commander Franklin Clooney. He dies when he discovers Ensign Bolt had killed the first two fiances by running his shuttle into Bolt's shuttle. Bolt teleports away.
2396 - Gets Engaged to Captain Charles Daniels. One week before the wedding, he died in the Engineering section of his ship, The USS Memphis
2396. - Meets with her friend JAG Officer Ensign Jessica North, Ensign Andrew Carey and Ensign Louis Bordeaux. Carey hypothesizes Bolt was still living. North investigates it. With the help she of Commander Pyotr Zhukov, the troops of them lay a trap for Bolt. They capture him but Bolt pulls a phaser on Zhukov but Zhukov slits Bolt's neck with a Mek'lith blade. It does not kill him thanks to to a medical tricorder Bolt survives and brought to trial. At the trial, a Bajoran kills Bolt.
Service Record 2388 - Assigned to USS Valley Forge as Ensign. Position is Warp Corp Specialist.
2390 - Promoted to Lt. Junior Grade and Assign to Deep Space 9 as a Teleport Engineer.
2394 - Promoted to Lieutenant.
2395 - Transfer to USS Memphis to be Diagnostics Engineer.
2396 - Assistant Chief of Engineering for USS Elysium.
Languages Spanish, French, Klingon
Academy Graduation Year 2388

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Mild case of PTSD
Counseling Review Thantophobia - Fear of loosing some one you love.