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Cadet Senior Grade Kedar Rackthorn

Name Kedar Rackthorn

Position Counseling Cadet

Rank Cadet Senior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote That's interesting, let's discuss it over coffee...
Species Caitian
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 168 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Orange
Physical Description Kedar is a short boy for humanoid standards but perfectly average for a Caitian. His eyes sparkle with youthful exuberance. His body is slender round the waist but stronger in the arms and chest.


Spouse None
Father Tragar Rackthorn
Mother Maria Rackthorn

Personality & Traits

General Overview The young Caitian is smart, articulate and wise, but he is also hyperactive, excitable and overeager.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Etiquette, Psychology, Scientific Mind, Curiosity.
Weaknesses: Overeagerness, personal space issues.
Ambitions To have a better life than his parents did, to become a great counsellor and to get a good long career in Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests He loves coffee and chocolate. Also a fan of singing and performance as well as history, art and anthropology.

Character Background

Personal History Born on the Caitian Homeworld of Cait but relocated early to Starbase 87. Raised by his working mother, aboard the stardock and engineering specialist station.

There was a constant coming and going of different ships and Kedar had an early fascination for their residents and cultures more than their transportation.

Having an insatiable curiosity for learning and experimenting, the young Caitian would often get into trouble for being in people's personal space and in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As an early teen, Kedar and his mother were resituating to a new Starbase closer to Earth in preparation for eventual enlistment into Starfleet and closer to his father who worked there in Engineering.

Aboard the Erewon-class civilian transport ship USS Alhambra, a varied roster of travellers travelled closer to the Sol system.

The transport ship was a fateful disaster that saw the loss of many lives, including both of Kedar's parents in addition to dozens of others. Investigations into the fate of the Alhambra put the incident down to an unfortunate interaction of subspace radiation destabilising the containment field around certain cargo, which in turn allowed for an explosive reaction.

After a brief recovery period and time to grieve, Kedar decided to go ahead with his plans to attend the academy, as it was what his mother would have wanted for him.

Over the first three years, Kedar excelled in classes, filled his schedule with extra curriculars and went for any chance of extra credit. He was determined to spend his final year on a starship and see the stars.
Service Record Kedar is just about to embark on the final year of his academy training, the fourth year of the academy is where most medical students do their medical rotation and he has chosen to do his aboard a starship, the USS Elysium which is designed with academics in mind.
Languages English, Caitian, Vulcan

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review No issues found
Allergies/Health Issues Allergy to Penicillin - an antibiotic
Counseling Review Grief still evident from loss of his parents but nothing to be concerned about at this stage.