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Ensign Ethal Luen

Name Ethal Luen

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender female
Character Quote N/A
Species Unjoined Trill
Age 23
Cabin Assignment Deck 12 - cabin 13 S-O

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 54.4 Kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Ethal is an unjoined trill with short dark brown hair styled so that it sweeps to the right. She has pale skin and hazel eyes with light brown spots going down each side of her body. Ethal has a rather good weight for her height though she does tend to forget to have meals when she is caught up in her work. She often spends long hours in science labs working on her assignments. She is often dressed in her lab coat and can sometimes look unkempt as she does not see it as important as her work and would rather stay in uniform even when off duty.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Nugur Luen
Mother Remeel Luen
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ethal was known as a kind young girl who got on with most people. She enjoyed studying science in her classes. Her teachers saw her as very driven when she was given things to study. She was even accepted into the initial program for a time which was a dream come true. Unfortunately, she was not chosen to be joined. From that point, her personality changed. She became more closed off, quiet, and more reserved. Her work became her focus rather than friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ethal is a quiet and reserved individual, highly focused on her work. She does find it easy to work with others if put in the situation and is eager to please others. She is a very open-minded individual and compassionate of others' situations.
Although she finds it easy to work with others, she does find it difficult to make friends so is used to being alone when off duty. Ethal does have issues with anxiety though she does not like to admit it and tries to deal with those problems alone.
Ambitions In the short term, Ethal’s plan is to get a posting onto a starship so that she can explore the galaxy continue her studies. Her longer-term goal is to make something of herself and prove that she is worth being called a trill. How Ethal can achieve this goal is more unclear as she had not planned that far ahead.
Hobbies & Interests Ethal has a keen interest in planetary surveys, she finds the differences in different worlds astounding. This joins into one of her hobbies of hiking. Long treks across a planet and experience what that place has to offer just joins in her interest. When she joined Starfleet, she came to enjoy Earth Novels especially ones from the 21st century.

Character Background

Personal History Ethal was born in 2371 on her home planet of Trill. She loved to join her family in treks across mountain ranges and gained a love and appreciation for her planet and its beauty. As she grew up through education, she showed an eagerness to learn about Exobiology and Geosciences. She even joined the trill institute for the chance to become joined. She dedicated years to this chance as she felt it was her duty to become joined. If she did then she would make her family very proud as she would be the first of her family line.

One fateful day she got the news from the Symbiosis Commission and they terminated her time with the institute as she was not compatible with being joined. This sent shockwaves through Ethal’s life as it was all she ever wanted. To gain new experiences and to provide experiences for the symbiont but most of all to make her family proud. From that day she became very distant from her family and friends as she felt like she had failed them.

For months she tried to make sense of what happened to her and where to go next. Many of her friends tried to give her advice and give her hope. One of those friends mentioned that they were joining Starfleet and then it dawned on Ethal, being joined was not the only thing in her life. She enjoyed studying sciences – Especially Geosciences and Exobiology. She made a big Decision; she was going to join her friend and join Starfleet.
Service Record In 2392, Ethal joined Starfleet and with her previous knowledge and experiences, she decided to specialize in the science division. She was well respected for her talents though she kept herself distanced from her peers. She did however get better at making friends near the end of her years as a cadet but only with a select few and that itself took time. She went to Starfleet because she had something to prove to herself and to her family, making friends was not part of that plan.
Languages English
Academy Graduation Year 2395

Medical and Psychological Information


The patient was hesitant to be submitted to our scans and tests until she was told she could not graduate unless she cooperated. Our scans showed nothing to be worried about although we did find some scars on her body, she refused to let us treat them, claiming that they were prizes she got while hiking on her home planet of Trill. Although we advised getting them treated it is not necessary, so we respected the patient's wishes. We asked the patient if she was joined to a symbiont however, she refused to answer – Our scans showed she did not.

The patient has passed her medical, but I advise that she have a more intensive counseling review is conducted on Cadet Luen.

Allergies/Health Issues no known allergies or health issues

After speaking with the medical team about Cadet Luen I was expecting my hands full with her. I was pleasantly surprised as she came to my appointment without coercion. This may be because of warnings from the medical team, but I hope it was because she knew being open will help her in the long run.

Back to the report at hand. She was very open to her ambitions for being in Starfleet and I must say she is on a noble quest but when I asked about why she did not want to answer. In fact whenever I asked much about her time on Trill or about her family she was not very open, which I did not want to pry if she did not want me too but from what I gather she is fit to serve in Starfleet.