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Corporal David Tonelly

Name David Tonelly

Position Marine

Rank Corporal

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote I'm your huckleberry
Species El Aurian
Age 463

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 204 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description While not a typical Marine in physique, David does take care of his body as best as he can. Over his long life, he has tried many forms of physical activity, some he enjoyed, others not so much. He ended up taking bits and pieces of each and making his own workout regimen.

He has one tattoo, located on his back across his shoulder blades. It is of an enlarged image of the former United States Army air assault badge. He had it applied during his first trip to Earth, back in the late 20th Century.

He also has a pair of bullet scars, over the back of his right hip. One wound has a matching scar on his front, where the bullet passed through. He also has a third degree burn scar, covering most of his right hand and arm up to his elbow. These injuries were sustained during combat, which he saw during the Eugenics War. While the internal damage was later fully repaired by his people’s superior medical science, he chose to keep the visual aspects of the trauma as a reminder of just how fragile life truly is.


Spouse None
Children None known
Father Erik Tonelly(deceased)
Mother Miranda Tonelly(deceased)
Brother(s) Jakob Tonelly (twin)(deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None surviving

Personality & Traits

General Overview David is an honest, warm, caring individual. With the amount of horrors that he has seen in his long life, one would expect him to be cold and detached. However, he is, at his heart, an optimist. He always looks for the good in people, even if he doesn’t always see the good in himself.

While generally good-natured, he does have a temper. When he gets pushed enough, he does tend to lash out. Often feeling worse about himself afterwards.

He is fiercely loyal to his friends. When he makes a friend, they are like family. When he makes an enemy, they are an enemy for life.

As there are few El Aurians in Starfleet, it is rare for him to come across another of his kind. This fact can cause him to feel quite alone in the universe.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Steadfastly loyal

+Highly intelligent




-Short Tempered

-Unforgiving of those who have wronged him

-Can be very hard on himself

-Will sometimes take on more than he needs too
Ambitions While he would love to find a woman from his species and live a long life together, possibly even raising a family, he does realize that, as there are so few of his kind left, the chances are very low. So, he will just see where life takes him. Should he find that right woman from another species, he will simply have to follow his heart.
Hobbies & Interests Reading history, collecting small items during his travels (he actually keeps his collection in deep storage, on Earth).

He also enjoys swimming, mountains climbing, orbital skydiving and wing-suit gliding.

Character Background

Personal History [Note, while El Aurian time is measured differently than Terran time, for the purpose of this bio, Terran will be used.]

Born on the El Aurian homeworld (its name is not spoken to outlanders) in the Terran year of 1931, David was born approximately three minutes before his twin brother, Jakob. As twins being carried to term is an extreme rarity in the El Aurian civilization, both infants were showered with love and affection by not only their family, but the entire city district in which they were born.

Regrettably, young Jakob soon became ill. The system’s finest doctors were consulted in an attempt to both find the cause of the mysterious illness, and a cure. For three long years (the El Aurian year is nearly three and a half Terran years long) they worked diligently and tirelessly. Unfortunately, no new information was discovered, and, early one morning, while David slept fitfully in his crib, his brother, Jakob, weak and withered by the virus, finally slipped away, as he lay nestled in his mother’s gentle embrace.

The moment that Jakob passed, David began to wail, as if he knew of the loss of his twin.

For the next several weeks and months, young David began to learn how to be in the world without his brother. As he grew, his parents would often hear him having full conversations with Jakob. At first, they simply put it down to a young child’s mind trying to find a way to cope with the grief. However, he didn’t grow out of the practice. Fearing that he would face torments from the other children, when he began elementary education, they decided that drastic measures needed to be taken.

There was, at the time, a medical procedure that could be undertaken, in which all memory of Jakob would be removed from David’s mind. While this procedure had been used numerous times in the past, even with the advanced level of medicine that the El Aurian civilization possessed, there were several risks. David’s parents weighed the options that their son had in front of him. Ultimately, they decided to go ahead with the procedure.

Shortly after David’s fourth birthday, his parents took him down to the main medical facility, located in the capitol, and the doctors began the lengthy procedure. For nearly sixty hours (Terran time), three teams of physicians worked on young David, carefully going over every fiber of his mind and body, erasing any evidence that he had ever had a twin, freeing him of the damage caused by the sudden loss of connection. Finally, they felt that they had saved him and sent him to the emergency recovery ward. There he would remain, under observation, for the next year, as new memories were carefully seeded into his mind.

Once he was deemed healthy enough for society, he was released to his parents, who took him to his new home (it was decided that the old home may risk a memory relapse.) In his new home, he started to thrive again, putting everyone’s minds at ease. (There were instances where the patients of the procedure would become catatonic, suicidal and even homicidal.)

For the next eighteen years, he worked hard in his studies, eventually graduating in the top six percent of his class. Then he went on to university. There, he studied history and engineering, specifically structural engineering. Upon receiving his degrees of merit, he left home and began to travel the stars. He was an engineering apprentice on a large survey transport vessel, whose mission was to go from one backwater system after another, and swap out the research teams that are stationed on the various primitive planets that interested the El Aurian people.

By the Terran calendar year of 1982, his ship entered the outer reaches of the Sol system. Planet 79547-C was the only planet that held any sentient life that interested the crew. Research teams had been down on the plant, its locals called their world “Earth”, for nearly two millennium, studying the primitive civilization as it grew.

This time, Research Team 1178, had reached the end of its study grant, and was slated to be extracted and returned home, to divulge all they had experienced to Command.

David, excited at the prospect of actually stepping foot on an alien world, had just finished packing and storing his belongings, to be returned home, when the ship made it back.

Entering the transport device, he recited his cover to himself again. He was David Jefferies, freshly graduated from Florida State University , with degrees in English Literature and History (falsifying such records was child’s play in those days, as there was no central computer that anyone could access). He was tasked with joining a branch of the military for the nation called the United States of America. Then, he was to live a life, as the humans do, for the next twenty of their years. At that time, he would be extracted and returned home.

After getting acclimated to his surroundings, in a town called Clarksville, in the state known as Tennessee, David made his way to a recruiter's office and said that he wanted to enlist. When the recruiter saw his education level, he immediately tried to convince David on becoming an officer instead. David refused. He stated that he wished to be enlisted, as his father had before him, during the Vietnam Conflict. The recruiter finally relented and printed out a sheet of occupations that David was qualified for. It was quite an extensive list.

After perusing the list for a few moments, he decided on one. Motor Transport Operator, Large Wheel, Mission Operational Specialty (MOS) 88 Mike. The job itself was both a simple one and an interesting one. He would drive trucks in the United States Army. This particular specialty would allow him a wider range of positions in the Army, as he would be trained to drive nearly all of the wheeled vehicles that were used, from ¼ ton pickups, to eighteen wheeled tractor trailer combinations.

Within a few days, David shipped out to attend what was called Basic Training, or “Boot Camp”. This was where he would be trained to be a soldier. Afterwards, he would be transferred to another training facility where he would learn his job, or MOS. Within six months, he had passed both schools, and was sent to his first duty station. In his case, it was a large, mostly infantry-based installation, called Fort Campbell. It was the home installation of the famed 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). Upon arrival to the unit he would serve in, he was given control of a “gun truck”, a five ton cargo truck, which had a swivel ring mount, that could be used to deploy either a .50 caliber machine gun or a Mk 19 grenade launcher, positioned over the passenger’s seat.

A few weeks into serving in his new unit, he was sent to the Sabolaski Air Assault School. The training course is known by many in the Army as “the ten toughest days in the Army”. It certainly held that title strong over David, as, due to a few minor failures, it took him 14 days to pass the course, resulting in him receiving the much sought after, Air Assault Wings, a military decoration, as known as a “special skills badge”, that he would wear on his uniform with pride for the rest of his time in the Army.

The day after he earned his wings, he had a larger representation of them tattooed on his back. They felt very symbolic to him, as he was now an official “Screaming Eagle”, as the soldiers of that famed unit were nicknamed.

Over the next fourteen years, he served with distinction and honor in the various units that he was assigned to. He served in a few humanitarian missions, and even a major war in 1991, known as Desert Storm. It was a quick war, respectively, in the history of the planet. Unfortunately, the peace that came after would not last.

3 March, 1993, the date that would forever change the Earth. A group of bioengineered humans began one of the bloodiest conflicts the planet had seen to that point. The Eugenics Wars, was a truly horrendous time for the human race. It would last for three long, deadly years. At the end, nearly thirty million humans were dead or dying. David, himself, had not escaped unscathed. During the war, he received mental and physical trauma alike. The 20th Century word for the psychological trauma was called shell shock. Even now, at times, he will suddenly go silent and simply stare, blank-faced, out into space. As for the physical injuries, the lasting injuries that he still has are three bull it hole scars, which he received when his unit was ambushed and he was shot twice, in the lower back. One of the bullets passed through his hip and exited out the front, leaving a matching scar. The other bullet embedded itself in his hip bone. Thankfully, due to his denser bone mass, the hip bone was not shattered.

The other physical scar that he still carries is a nasty third degree burn, located over most of his right hand and lower arm. This injury was sustained during another ambush when he reached into a burning vehicle and pulled his friend from the wreckage. Unfortunately, his friend later died, and David was sent to the nearest field hospital to receive treatment. During transit, an El Aurian retrieval team, disguised as allied troopers, took possession of David and got him off-world immediately.

The El Aurian leadership had decided to pull all of its teams from the planet until after the conflict had ended. David was one of the few dozen lucky ones to be rescued. He was immediately taken to the ship’s medical center and the surgeons began to work on him. Before he was put under, he requested that, while all internal and functional damage be repaired, the physical representation of the injuries be left. That way he would always remember, both those friends and loved ones that he had lost on Earth, and the fact of just how fragile life was.

He would return home, to stay, heal, and teach of his experiences.

Life continued on, as it usually does, until one fateful day, towards the end of the Terran year of 2291, when the skies over the El Aurian homeworld was suddenly filled with hundreds of ships. Ships, whose unique shape had, and would continue to cause fear in those who lived long enough to tell of their sighting.

Borg cubes.

The Borg had become aware of the El Arian race about a year prior, when a single cube had encountered a small scout vessel that belonged to a race that would soon be assimilated. The entire crew, safe for one member, fell easily to the attacking drones. That crew member was an El Aurian, surgically altered to resemble the rest of the crew. The drones attempted to assimilate the El Aurian several times, only to have the nannites be physically repelled by the being’s immune system. The drones then took the frightened scientist back to their ship and began to experiment on her. They eventually returned her appearance to normal and began torturing her for information. In the entire history of the Borg, only one other species was found immune to their assimilation techniques. Once the homeworld of the being was determined, she was vaporized,and the call went out for a mass assault of any world where these creatures resided.

Slowly, at first, El Aurian ships and outposts, located on the outer fringes, would suddenly disappear. When ships were sent out to investigate, most of them too, were lost without a word. One ship did manage to get word back of the carnage that was being wrought upon them. With very little notice, plans were set in motion to preserve as much of their civilizations as possible. A few outposts, which had yet to be destroyed, were put into deep sleep protocols, meaning that the entire contingent would be put into cold storage hibernation, thus eliminating their active vital signs being detected from orbit. The outposts would look dead and abandoned. The idea was that, after the crisis, scouts would be sent out to revive the outposts. Unfortunately, the El Aurian Command had less time than they thought.

While dozens of outposts did successfully enter deep storage and, thus, escape the eyes of the invading Borg armadas, those that knew of their existence did not.

David was on another deep space mission, this time teaching the new scientists what to expect, when word came through that the El Aurian homeworld, the entire star system, in fact, was suddenly, gone. The ship’s command crew then began their final mission, spreading the crew out on as many planets as possible. The hope being that at least some part of the El Aurian species would survive and hopefully, one day rebuild their civilization.

As he was already experienced with Earth, David requested that he be returned there.

Earth of the late 2290’s was a far different world than the one David left behind. The Earth is at peace with itself finally, and part of a larger coalition of worlds, the United Federation of Planets. In fact, to David’s surprise, it is the seat of the Federation itself. While he couldn’t forge files for himself as easily as the late 20th Century, he still needed to remain hidden. However, with such an influx of alien life on the planet, he quickly and easily found a hole to crawl into.

He found work in the deep oceans, building habitats and research facilities. For the next forty years, he stayed out of sight and minded his business, trying desperately to forget his dead world, and all those he knew and loved that were now gone forever.

For a long time, he loses himself to his work. While he is an excellent designer and builder, he tends to be a bit anti-social at times. He has few people around him that he would call a genuine friend. He is as alone in the universe now, as he was when he was a child. Although, he can’t figure out why. His memories were of a happy childhood. His mother, father and him. And yet, as the years, and social solitude continue, he starts to get a ghost of a feeling that something was, if not missing,

The years rolled on. One day, he woke up and realized that it was New Years Eve of 2392. He decided that he couldn’t hide anymore. News had circulated that the Borg were no longer a threat, and he had felt others of his kind nearby at times, especially when he sat and meditated. After breakfast one day, he told his boss that he was resigning, so that he could go join Starfleet. At first, his boss, a nice Bolian woman who had made sure that David had the solitude he clearly seemed to need. After all, he was her best designer in the entire company. She asked him if he was sure, to which he replied that it was something he needed to do. So, after a few calls to friends, she got him a slot to attend the Starfleet Academy. His life experiences alone were enough to get him past the entrance placement exams. He packed what little he had and shipped out to his next adventure.

When David arrived in San Francisco, he made his way straight to the Academy. Again, he took an aptitude test to see what jobs he was suited to. He then received a list of jobs available to him, not as long as this list presented to him several hundred years earlier, but, a decent one, nonetheless.

He decided to go into the security field, remembering the fondness he had for the brave soldiers that he served with in the past. He was taken to Miramar, once the training facility of the United States Navy's top pilots. Today, however, it was the basic training facility for enlisted Starfleet security personnel.

He fit into the training seamlessly, silently laughing to himself at just how much easier the training was that what he went through for the United States Army. It was, however, quickly discovered just who, and what, he was. During the physical examination, his wounds were stared at, as was the archaic tattoo on his back.

Resigned to what may come next, he told his superiors his past. Then, they left him alone in a medium-sized briefing room, while they discussed his status. Finally, the door slid open, but, instead of the Starfleet Security Cadre reentering, a tower of a Klingon, wearing Starfleet Marine Corps green stepped inside. David stood and snapped to attention, ild training resurfacing.

The Klingon glared, as Klingons do, at David. While David, to his credit, kept emotion off his face and stared at a spot on the bulkhead in front of him. Finally, the Klingon spoke, saying that he understood that not only did David possess some level of military training, but, he was a several times decorated combat veteran. David kept silent. The Klingon continued by stating that, should David be a strong enough warrior still, then he could be useful to the Corps. He asked what David thought about that. His reply was simple, yet powerful. He said, "It would be my honor to serve again."

This seemed to please the Klingon noncom greatly. The two men then left Miramar and made their way to the history Marine Corps Training facility, Parris Island. There, David began the hard work of getting his mind, body and spirit back in shape.

When it came to weapons training, David was a natural with rifles, especially the M-75 sniper phaser rifle. Seeing his aptitude, his instructors quickly shuffled him off to sniper school where he, after a lengthy training cycle, ended up graduating second in his class, though the margin was a single shot placed a thousandth of a centimeter farther from dead center on the final target.

Elated that he was back in the company of soldiers, David started to come out of his self-imposed isolation. One of the first human that he befriended was Thomas Reece, a young man from Earth, whose brother was an officer in Starfleet.

The two soon became inseparable. The Cadre decided to pair them up as a sniper team (Thomas was the Marine who graduated first in the class)

Following graduation, deployment orders came down, the team that had worked so smoothly through training, was being split up. Thomas was heading out to the Fleet, while David was remaining planetside. His orders were to report for immediate duty down at Camp Amazon, a jungle and deep forest training base, located in the Amazon River basin. While there, he would continue to train, and then use his training to protect Camp Amazon from the invading Marine unites that rotated in every six months. During the games he would always end up racking up an impressive kill talley. He quickly was given the call sign, "Ghostwalker", as he could move throughout the invading unit's formations without ever being detected, and often "kill" his target with no one being the wiser. Eventually, he was promoted and began to assist in the training of other snipers. He would continue along this trail until the middle of 2394, when he was finally assigned to a starship, the USS Torchrunner, an aging Steamrunner class vessel.

During his time aboard the Torchrunner, he kept up his training and his level of marksmanship. He saw a few minor skirmishes here and there, but nothing on the level of the Dominion War. Through it all, he served with honor and destinction.

Finally, word came down that there were a few open slots on the USS Elysium. He had read about it's service life thus far and desperately wanted to be a member of her crew. After gaining permission from his command, he sent in his transfer application.

What happens next, is up to Fate...
Service Record 7 Jan 2391: Enlists in Starfleet, San Francisco, Earth

16 February 2391: Transferred to Starfleet Marine Corps training, Parris Island, Earth

12 August 2391: Graduates SFMC Boot Camp, Parris Island, Earth (PFC)

14 August 2391-13 August 2394: Assigned, Camp Amazon, Earth (PFC-Corporal)

14 August 2394-6 January 2397:

Assigned, USS Torchrunner, Steamrunner Class, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Detachment (Corporal-Lance Corporal)

8 January 2397-PRESENT: Assigned, USS Elysium
Languages El Aurian


Dianollian (species completely assimilated by the Borg)

High Klingon


Federation Standard

Spanish (Old Earth)

Russian (Old Earth)

Egyptian (Old Earth)

English (Old Earth)
Academy Graduation Year SFMC Parris Island, Class 91-8

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review David is in sound physical shape. As little is known of the biology of his species, it is assumed that he could be considered roughly “middle aged”, though on which end of the spectrum of that category is unknown.

He carries several examples of physical trauma that he explained in detail to Starfleet Training cadre, and those injuries do not seem to hinder him in the performance of his duties in any way.
Allergies/Health Issues While the phrase is quite ancient, David claims that the only allergy he possesses is that he is “allergic to bullshit”. When queried about this, he stated that it was a saying from the late 20th Century, where one does not react well to false statements and/or actions of another.
Counseling Review While there certainly is evidence that David carries a fair amount of psychological trauma, it is the opinion of Starfleet Medical that he is mentally fit for active duty.

However, it is recommended that he starts to seek treatment from the counseling staff of whichever assignment that he is sent to.