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Lieutenant Aerin Olovaris

Name Aerin Olovaris

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Make history, do not just be a footnote in it.
Species El Aurian
Age 173

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown


Spouse Single
Children Caeda Olovaris (62) - CMO, USS Apollo
Father Connec Olovaris (DECEASED) - Formerly of Domolt Language Academy
Mother Devi Olovaris
Brother(s) Tion Olovaris
Urce Olovaris
Tusa Olovaris
Ected Olovaris
Rolie Olovaris
Sister(s) Levi Olovaris
Ockli Olovaris
Nkey Olovaris

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aerin is generally a happy person who enjoys the company of others. She is quite quiet in the sense that she wont openly engage in conversation or opinions unless she is comfortable in the group. She loves with all her heart anything she has an interest in, such as the cultures of other species and cake.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Extensive knowledge of alien cultures
+Photographic memory

+/- Family

-A little sensitive to criticism
Ambitions Continue to learn and grow.
Settle down again, possible have more children.
Hobbies & Interests Reading about history and how cultures have changed over time.
Likes to keep fit but generally doesn't do a lot to achieve her slim frame.
Has played the piano since she was 6 years old, still something to keeps up with today as a relaxation and frustration outlet.

Character Background

Personal History Aerin and her family were quite simple people. They lived in Signano Valley, a large area of El Auria dedicated to preserving natural habitats and living off the land. Some say there is a likeness to that of the Native Americans of Earth. They did not shun technology, just did not use it for every possible reason or need but instead learning to be self-sufficient, to rely on what was made. This ranged from furniture to food, education to medicine. All was made in the valley.

Her father, Connec, was a registered Doctor. He had left the valley for more specific education and staying put was not always encouraged. They saw the benefits of influences from the mainstream population. They did not always agree on politics, on the path their people were taking but they still lived in harmony with the others. Afterall, they were all the same underneath no matter what they believed or how they lived. Everyone was taken by Terebor, the God of Passing.

Devi, her mother, was a historian of not only their own people but that of the world in which they lived. She had documented all that had happened over her 460-year life so far by that point. It had been passed down to her from her mother, and her before that. A tradition of the Olovaris women, record what has passed so that we may learn how to move forward, as time ways for no-one.

She had brothers and sisters sure, but they numbered to be quite a few. Her favourites were her older brothers Tion and Urce. They were her protector, her bully, her playful cheeky annoyance, the shoulder to cry. Her brothers.

Then there was Tusa, Ected and Roloe. She loved them too, but they were a little older and not home as much. So, she never got to know her other brothers as well as she would have liked.

She had sisters too, of course. Levi, Ockli and Nkey.

Aerin was said to be a bit of a bookworm by her brothers, something she protested. However, they were not wrong. Even at the beach she had her nose in a book about some long, forgotten world, their own world, or even new ones they had been discovering as she grew.

It was not long before it was noticed she could recite a book cover to cover. Once read she could remember it word for word with perfect clarity and precision. During her school years this was a great advantage as her grades were exemplary.

This got her accepted at the El Aurian Institute of Remembrance.

Aerin learned about her people a great deal here and was impressed by how much they had progressed over the last 1000 years. She learned about the different races of the quadrant in which she lived and spent some time on studies watching from afar the civilisations that were yet to flourish but were oh so close.

She wrote history books on some of them Most notably, The Endar: The Cave That Was Too Small, Vothraki: Are 12 Legs Enough? Borg: Mechanical Menace, or Tech Marvel? and El Aurians: Time On Our Side. There were a few others but to list them all would take a while.

In her book of the Borg, she wrote of their need for perfection. That they would strive to devour worlds in order to achieve it. Under their cloaking technology she was able to watch a small group of drones as they scouted ahead for what would most likely be an assimilation to come. Aerin boarded their sphere with her personal cloak and took notes on their composition, behaviour, and structure to name but a few. These were featured in her book Borg: Mechanical Menace, or Tech Marvel?

Turns out they were a menace.

Like everyone else that was displaced she fled her world during The Exodus. The lush blue/green planet slowly becoming dark green and dying. Her heart truly bled.

In 2301, with her family settled in various places amongst their new stars, Aerin began to find her feet once more. Yes, the destruction of her home had been devastating, all the people that died unthinkable, but her species were resilient, and she knew they would not lie down and fade away. For her, there was a whole new quadrant here to learn about, to dive into with eyes open and arms wide.

Aerin found herself on Vulcan in 2306 at a conference on the history of the Alpha Quadrant and how the founding of Starfleet had shaped the structure of the species that were part of it. There she met Doctor Ducak Mars, a Vulcan academic that had posed that if Starfleet had never come to be then the quadrant may have fell into war. His Vulcan colleagues did not share his view, or his imaginative view of life without a Human positive influence. Aerin backed his theory as she reminded them of the mirror universe that where that if Humans had taken the view of the Vulcan landing as the Terrans had then this conversation would be a lot different. Dr Mars and Aerin became good friends after that.

In 2311 Aerin had formed a reputation amongst the academics of the quadrant for her insights into species found within their slice of the galaxy. She worked with all kinds of people and was never one to shy away from an awkward, potentially dangerous situation. Much like where she found herself in 2309 where she came face to face with a Lithlithgan Razorback.

2320, the year of Q.

Aerin had come to the forefront of an annoyance, a Q. He was tall, garish, and totally without tact. The universe was his playground and he made that well known. However, he had taken a shine to Aerin and therein appeared whenever he chose. At some points she used this to her advantage when he said he would take her to places unseen by corporeal eyes. They did bounce about the galaxy for a while before Q’s childlike behaviour got too much for Aerin to stand for. He left her in the Delta Quadrant in defiance of her actions. This was not before showing her what her world had become and the infection that had spread across the quadrant.

Fortunately, Aerin had managed to acquire a damaged ship. It was small, much like a runabout but slightly larger, and it had certainly seen better days. Q popped back in every now and then and begged for her to come back with him, that he would take her back to the Alpha Quadrant, back to safety but she refused him. She knew she was being petty but honestly, she did not want to give him the satisfaction of knowing she needed him.

Her knowledge of the transwarp network was a huge help in her return, that and she had managed to pick up a passenger. Another lost El Aurian called Quiv. He had been an engineer, an inventor and was an amazing help in repairing and preparing the ship for multiple transwarp journeys.

They returned to the Alpha Quadrant by 2328 and their bond only grew with the freedom they had being back in friendly, known surroundings. In 2335 they had a daughter, Caeda.

They settled down on Earth, Aerin took a teaching position and Quiv did some off-world work. They stayed in Scotland, as beautiful as it had been described and the people the friendliest of souls. However, Quiv had changed. He had become more secretive, almost paranoid about being followed or hunted. He would stay out drinking and come home to Aerin and the baby and become abusive. It was a horrible ordeal but Aerin chose to stay because she loved him and wanted to help him. She protected her baby, took the abuse herself in all its forms before one day Quiv just did not come home. Weeks later, weeks of worry and guilt-ridden relief for a break, he was found dead out near Alpha Centauri. As investigations revealed he had been gambling, borrowing money from some disreputable people and it had gotten the best of him.

Aerin was heartbroken and it took her many years to get over the loss of the man who had been her saviour in the beginning who became the man with so many demons.

In 2345 the El Aurian people, or the bulk of them, had founded a new world called Kaitos. It was known only to their people and was cloaked under technology salvaged from one of their ships. This way they could develop in safety and seclusion until they felt ready to reveal themselves. The effects of the Borg still rife in many of the elder’s thoughts.

Aerin and Caeda resettled there with the Olovaris family.

Here Aerin helped in the build of a new world for her people, trying to not recreate El Auria as that place was gone, but to create a new world that paid tribute to the one lost. She was one of the founders and main contributors to the Kaitos Central Library. This was a house of all information past and present of their people and with the memory that Aerin held she was instrumental in recalling the history of their people with perfect clarity. How their society functioned, pivotal moments and the like.

There was now even an Olovaris Valley, not only in memory of their old Signano Valley of the old world but in tribute to their family for the rebuilding of the library data and teaching system now in place there.

Caeda entered education and followed the medicinal track like her grandfather and left Kaitos in 2360, aged 25. It was a shock to the family as she was still in school, but they were reminded that this was not El Auria and things were different here, they needed to be different. Caeda left to join Starfleet and in truth Aerin was proud of her for breaking out on her own.

It took Aerin 9 years to follow suit as she felt it was her time to broaden her affiliations and horizons. She graduation in 2371 slightly faster than the average due to her experience in the field of archaeology and anthropology, these being what she chose to specialise in at the Academy but this time the focus was more on the civilisations and cultures of the surrounding species and that of the Federation.

Aerin served on the USS Rodenberry from 2371 to 2379 within the science department as its resident archaeologist/anthropologist. Her time on board the science vessel during the Dominion War was an eye opener as they seemed not to care what targets they hit. Anything with a Federation/Starfleet insignia was fair game. She found herself torn between finding them fascinating in terms of structure and losing her objectivity as they killed countless.

She transferred to the USS Mandela in late September 2379 in the same role. They were on an exploratory mission towards the Gamma Quadrant to chart some undiscovered worlds. It was a 8 year mission and the with the ship being well stocked in personnel and supplies they went on their way.

In 2387 she took part in an exchange with the Vulcan Science Academy. It was only for a year, but she had learnt that her old friend Dr Mars had requested her in the exchange for his team leading experiments on communication with the mirror universe.

It was during this time that a minor mishap, as it always the case, pulled several of them into the mirror universe. There they saw the ripples from Captain Sisko’s travels there and how the Terran people had began to gain more of a foothold once more. For a moment Aerin felt totally in awe of how different a universe could be if decisions that were made were more negative than their own prime universe.

Aerin copied data on the history of the last 150 years within the Terran timeline but upon bringing it back to the prime she has since been unable to access it due to compatibility issues. It is currently a project she continues to work on.

Between 2388 and 2393 she served on Seabase Neptune as they excavated an underwater civilisation on a near completely submerged planet.

In 2393 she was on the USS Earhart where she remained until transferring to the USS Elysium as their archaeologist/anthropologist.
Service Record 2368 -> 2371 - Starfleet Academy
2371 -> 2379 - Archaeologist/Anthropologist, USS Rodenberry
2379 -> 2387 - Archaeologist/Anthropologist, USS Mandela
2387 -> 2388 - Exchange Programme, Vulcan Science Academy
2388 -> 2397 - Archaeologist/Anthropologist, Seabase Neptune
2397 -> PRES - Archaeologist/Anthropologist, USS Elysium
Languages El Aurian, Vulcan, English, Klingon, Romulan
Academy Graduation Year 2371

Medical and Psychological Information