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Lieutenant JG Raven Yerishna

Name Raven Thomas Yerishna

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Cabin Assignment Deck 17 - Cabin 45 W-O

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 185lns
Hair Color Blsck
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description His eyes are considered to be his best features, if you ask him at least. He keeps his face clean shaven, and his hair short. He is broad shouldered, but average build. He has a tattoo of a Raven with a red eye on his left bicep, and wings on his back, though rarely seen under his uniform.


Spouse None
Children Vedrelin Yerishna - Age 4
Aiden Yerishna - Age 6
Alassea Yerishna - Age 1
Children live with their mothers
Father Michael Yerishna
Mother Ashley Yerishna - Deceased
Brother(s) None on file
Sister(s) None on file
Other Family None on file

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tends to keep to himself and can be a bit shy. Focuses on his work, and his hobbies which include writing holo novels and combat simulation. He hated being alone but his social anxiety keeps him from making attachments easily and he second guesses others opinionsnof him. Once someone does manage to get through to him he tends to enjoy spending his time with them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Henhas always been a natural born leader, but his social anxiety sometimes inhibits his charisma. Once he gets settled and used to a situation he tends to show his ambition. However he can be impatient sometimes trying to hard to get noticed and promoted. Sometimes his anger can get the best of him though he tries to control it, certain situations, usually involving his children.
Ambitions He wants to command a starship one day, see places no one has been before, he is an explorer at heart. As such he is devoted to moving up in starfleet. He also hopes that one day his children will join him on a ship so that he can be the family that he always wanted. He also hopes that one day he will find his truelove, someone who will stand by him through the tough times.
Hobbies & Interests Creating holonovels of space exploration, combat situations, and more. He enjoys classic reading of old earth books, old westerns and stories about the future even if they were greatly exaggerated.

Character Background

Personal History Growng up on a starship fueled his ambition to see the stars. His father was assigned to the ship and he spent his time gazing at new world's, and he started creating holonovels to pass the time. Most his novels at this time were based on him commanding then starship he was in and were very basic, but it gave him the base to start creating more complex situations as he got older. While his youth was not extraordinary at all, he applied for starfleet academy at the age of 17, and was accepted. When he turned 18 he left then ship his father was assigned to, his first time not being with his father. It was after he left that his mother was assimilated by the borg on research assignment close to the edge of explorer space. It sent him into a depression that almost cost him his spot at the academy and his grades suffered. He began to research the borg and everything that the Federation knew about them at the time. He majored in tactical studies, vowing to fight the borg any chance he got. However his research was shut down by Starfleet command after he attempted to access secure files. This once again put his career in jeopardy, and he was held back from graduation for several years. Forced to retake certain classes. During this time he minored in security detail, taking some assignments around the academy. While he enjoyed the security details he was still focused on learning everything he could on tactical details 9f the different starships.

He eventually graduated from the Academy and was assigned to a deep space station on the edge of the alpha and gamma quadrants. He served as a security detail officer for a few years before requesting transfer. It is there that he awaits approval to a starship, hopefully at a tactical station.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Deep space 68
Languages English
Academy Graduation Year 2391

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Depression, anxiety, insomnia
Allergies/Health Issues No known allergies, high cholesterol and family history of heart attacks