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Master Sergeant Kieran Fredericks

Name Kieran Patrick Fredericks

Position First Sergeant

Rank Master Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote Si Vis Pacem Parabellum- "If you want peace, prepare for war."
Species Human
Age 41
Cabin Assignment Cabin 24 S-O

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 225 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kieran Fredericks is a typical Marine. As a senior noncommissioned officer (NCO) he pushes himself mercilessly to be able to keep up with younger Marines. Often when off duty he can be found in the gym or running through the corridors. Though he is 41 years old he has the appearance and body of a man at least ten years younger.


Spouse Vora Elana (Bajoran Female, Deceased)
Children Jakesh "Jack" Fredericks (Bajoran-Human Hybrid, age 9)
Father Senior Chief Petty Officer Calvin Fredericks, Deceased
Mother Maria Sharapova Fredericks, age 71.
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lt. Commander Elena Donnely, Starfleet Research Department Starbase 926
Other Family Duke (Schutzhund-trained Rottweiler, age 3)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kieran Fredericks is a typical Starfleet Marine. On duty he is a taciturn NCO whose sole purpose as he sees it is to protect his Marines from their officers while at the same time making sure the Marines get the job done. While he doesn't have a problem with officers in general, he's worked for a few who should have been booted out of his beloved Corps. Off duty he is a regular man who puts his son first but is looking for someone else to share his life with.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
Good with a rifle. (He's a sniper by trade, after all.)
Enjoys teaching his Marines the skills they will need to survive in combat.
A fierce and protective father.
Skilled in the martial arts of Krav Maga and Jeet Kun Do.
Suspicious of officers until he's worked for them for a while.
Does NOT appreciate civilian oversight when he's working.
Sometimes doesn't play well with others.
Ambitions Kieran wants to see his son grow up in a world without fear. That is his primary mission in life. As a Marine, however, he's already realized most of his goals. He is a senior NCO in the Corps. (Rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant.) He also wants to find that perfect person for him to grow old with. As a twenty year veteran of the Marine Corps he can retire at any time, but chose to stay in for as long as Starfleet has need of someone with his skill set. However, he will NEVER allow himself to be chained to a desk, and will retire when he determines he is too old for the field and can no longer function as a combat Marine.
Hobbies & Interests Hiking and camping with Jack on the holodeck
Training Duke as a guardian for Jack
Boxing and Martial Arts training
Sailing on Lake Ponchartrain with Jack on the holodeck
Playing the piano

Character Background

Personal History Kieran Patrick Fredericks was born on Vickers' World, the son of then Petty Officer Second Class Calvin Fredericks, a security crewman, and his wife Maria, who was a civilian housewife who taught piano. He grew up knowing he wanted to join Starfleet when he was old enough, though his mother tried to discourage this by teaching him music, having the dream that he would be a concert pianist. It was destined not to be. At age sixteen Kieran met a Starfleet Marine recruiter and listened to the man regale the kids at his school with tales of life in the Marines, so the day after his 18th birthday he enlisted. During boot camp on Earth his instructors were awed, not by his physical prowess or his determination to gut out his training, but by his almost mystical ability to hit his target during weapons training. Upon their recommendation he was selected for scout sniper training, and after graduation he was sent to the Scout Sniper Course in Quantico, Virginia, on Earth. After completing the course he was sent to 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, near the Romulan Neutral Zone, where he remained until the Dominion War erupted. During the war, his platoon spent most of the time behind enemy lines, where he did what he did best, engaging and eliminating targets of opportunity from long range in support of combat operations.

In 2375, the last year of the war, Operation Cabanatuan II was launched by Starfleet Special Operations. A platoon of forty two Marines was dropped onto a small habitable moon inside Dominion territory with the objective of liberating a Cardassian-run prison camp. The prisoners were mostly Federation citizens and Starfleet prisoners of war, as well as several dozen Cardassian dissidents being held for speaking against the Cardassian-Dominion alliance. The mission was doomed to fail from the beginning. The USS Tenacious, the starship assigned to transport the Marines as well as provide logistical support for the mission, was destroyed in orbit less than an hour into the mission. The Marines succeeded in liberating the camp, but spent weeks in the world's jungles hiding from the Cardassians and their Dominion masters, while still trying to protect those they'd been sent to retrieve. By the time the USS Owens arrived to extract them, only three of the forty two Marines sent were still alive along with less than half of the prisoners they had been sent to rescue. Kieran, as the only remaining NCO, had taken command of the survivors. Wounded twice, he refused any pain medication and all but the most vital medical treatment to make sure the others were taken care of.

After the failure of Operation Cabanatuan II, Kieran asked to return to duty. His request was declined. He was sent back to Earth and assigned to Starfleet Medical for psychological evaluation and treatment upon the recommendation of the Owens' Chief Medical Officer and Chief Counselor. There, he met the woman who would become his wife, Vora Elana, his doctor's yeoman, and the two of them fell in love quickly. He was still on Earth when the Dominion surrendered. They were married the next day.

Kieran was asked to transfer to the Scout Sniper course, now at Camp Hathcock in Wyoming. He agreed. For two years he trained snipers, and much of the time his trainees had top marksmanship scores. It was there that their son Jakesh was born. He reveled in being a dad, and Elana often had to chastise them both when they got caught doing mischief.

When Jakesh was six years old, Elana was asked to accept a temporary assignment on Jupiter Station, and she accepted. While on Jupiter Station, a structural forcefield failed, and the compartment she was in opened to space, killing everyone in it. Once his bereavement leave ended, Kieran had a choice to make. He could take reassignment to a regular Marine unit, where he could take Jack with him, he could send Jack to live with his mother who now resided on New Eden, or he could resign from the Corps. Knowing his mother was too old to raise another kid, and that he would be miserable as a civilian, he elected to transfer to the regular Marines as a platoon sergeant. He and Jack were sent to A Co of the 5th MARDIV. While there he attained the coveted rank of Gunnery Sergeant and he and Jack were happy. But his wanderlust got the best of him, and he decided to apply for starship duty. This was granted as Starfleet was always looking for experienced Marines on board their vessels. He was posted aboard the USS Elysium.
Service Record Inducted, Starfleet Marine Corps, June 13, 2371.
Selected by instructors and training platoon leader for scout sniper school, July 10, 2371.
Qualified as Scout Sniper, September 9, 2371. Meritoriously promoted to rank of Lance Corporal. Transferred to 3rd BN, 2nd MARDIV, Norbank Colony, United Federation of Planets.
Promoted Corporal May 14, 2372. Reassigned to Recon Platoon, C.CO, 1st BN, 2nd MARDIV.
2nd MARDIV deployed for combat upon commencement of hostilities, 25 Sept 2373.
Promoted Sergeant 5 Nov 2373.
Awarded Purple Heart Medal 5 Nov 2373.


Transferred to Headquarters, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth for psychological evaluation and treatment.
Awarded Federation Medal of Valor 9 Dec 2375.
Awarded Purple Heart Medal with oak leaf cluster for second wound 9 Dec 2375.
Promoted Staff Sergeant 25 May 2377.
Transfer to Marine Marksmanship Training Detachment, Camp Hathcock, Irwin Military Reservation, Wyoming, Earth approved 28 Jan 2381.
Hardship Relief from duty at Marine Marksmanship Training Detachment, Camp Hathcock, Irwin Military Reservation, Wyoming, Earth approved 19 Jan 2387.
Transfer to A. CO, 1st BN, 5th MARDIV approved. Transport of one (1) dependent child authorized.
Promoted Gunnery Sergeant 18 Oct 2387.
Promoted Master Sergeant 2 Nov 2392.

Request for reassignment to starship duty approved. Dependent transport authorized for one (1) Dependent Child. Assigned to USS Elysium, NCC-89000
Languages Russian (Learned from his mother), Klingonese, some Bajoran.
Academy Graduation Year Not an Academy graduate.

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Chief Medical Officer's Log, Kerrigan, Tanya, Lt. Commander.

Today I checked out a group of prisoners we liberated from a Cardassian labor camp on Sheol, a small moon inside Dominion territory. We were sent there on orders from Starfleet Command. I don't know the details of how or why they were there, but one of them, a Marine Sergeant named Fredericks, was heavily injured. He suffered plasma burns over much of his upper body. Truthfully he should be dead, but he was partially protected by his body armor. I treated his burns, but he requested that I leave the scars. I agreed, but when I asked him why he said simply to remember. He wanted to remember the friends he lost, and the price that they paid for doing their duty. What kind of people are we when we abandon our people on the battlefield for weeks? And what kind of people do we produce, who can assume command when there's no one else and continue to lead even when they're in such pain? He must have been in agony. Some of those burns were older. And yet from what a couple of the other survivors told me, he refused medical treatment save for what was absolutely vital to keep him functioning. Those Marines are some tough ones.

My professional opinion is that Sergeant Fredericks is in good physical health, although he is suffering from borderline malnutrition and some pain. However I am seeing signs of extreme combat trauma and have ordered him to see the ship's counselor immediately.

Allergies/Health Issues PTSD, Depression. No Known Allergies.
Counseling Review Chief Counselor's Log, Remon, Katira, Lieutenant.

Upon request from Doctor Kerrigan I have seen a Marine Sergeant on an emergency basis. The Marine, one Kieran Fredericks, was involved in a failed operation inside Dominion territory several weeks ago. His unit suffered all but three casualties over the time spent in enemy territory. His suffering was evident. He showed me the scars when I asked if I could see them. He keeps them as a reminder of his lost comrades. It is my professional opinion that Sergeant Fredericks suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with depression as a secondary effect. I have contacted Commander K'Tana at Starfleet Medical for further advisement, although I'm sure she will go with my recommendation that Sergeant Fredericks be removed from combat duties immediately for further evaluation and treatment.