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Captain Yasmine Carrington

Name Yasmine Helena Carrington

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote On the Darkest days when I feel Inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my Crown.
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5f8
Weight 135LBS
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Spouse Captain James Carlaw - Engaged
Children Marie-Rose Carlaw - Deceased 2 months.
Father Commodore Craig Carrington
Mother Commander Samantha Harris-Carrington
Brother(s) Carter

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yasmine is out going and very active. She does have a temper but it is normally a slow fuse and if you manage to get her mad you must have been pushing the wrong buttons.Yasmine has had her eye on the Center chair for ages, and has worked to get herself a command.
Ambitions The Center Chair, she knows she can do this.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Holodeck programs, Gym, Water polo,

Character Background

Personal History Yasmine is a brat. Haha very funny.. She is a Starfleet Brat. Yasmine is the youngest of four children. Her parents, Craig Carrington and Samantha Harris-Carrington are both Starfleet officers. Her father, a Betazoid, is Captain of the USS Starrier, a galaxy class vessel and her mother, Terran, is chief medical officer on the Starrier. Yasmine has three older brothers and they are all in Starfleet.

She grew up on Betazed where her parents were stationed for most of Yasmine’s childhood. When her Parents were reassigned Yasmine stayed with her paternal grandparents and completed her studies before applying to Starfleet. She loves her family very much and most of her child hood revolved around her older brothers.

Her Eldest brother, Carter is a commander on a deep space exploration vessel known as the ‘USS Louie Pasture’, he is the chief engineer of the ship. The second brother Jacques is a Lt. Commander on the ‘USS Obernewtyn’ as a security officer and the youngest Mathew is a Lieutenant at Starfleet medical where he serves as a counsellor. Yasmine who idolises her brothers always wanted to follow the family tradition and join Starfleet. After her normal schooling she went to University and then applied to Starfleet academy.

At university Yasmine majored in Languages and Communications and when she went to the academy she majored in Computer Operations, Communications Sensor Analysis, Tactical and Diplomacy and minored in Helm and Security. She spent three of her four years at the academy and one year at the Starfleet Communications Systems training School on Alpha Centauri. She made lots of friends while there but never someone to catch her heart. She joined the Starfleet’s water polo team and was soon captain of the girl’s squad. She is a very active young woman and she has strong telepathic abilities and empathic abilities. Yasmine graduated in the top 5% of her class and was granted an immediate transfer to the USS Reliant as an OPS officer.

Yasmine loved the Reliant and the people and she soon was moving up the ranks in the ops department. By the end of 2376 she was chief of the OPS department. After three years she grew bored with the scenery and wanted a change. She requested a transfer and she was soon on her way to the USS Hydrana. She hopes to grow a bit more on the Hydrana and make friends as well as have a good time serving the Hydrana to the best of her ability.

On the Hydrana she worked her way up the ranks, and in 2395 was promoted to Executive officer to the Captain James Carlaw. Her relationship with Carlaw began in 2393 and they have been lovers ever since. He believes she has what it takes to be a Captain. They had one child but the baby died in infancy due to a genetic abnormality from Carlaw’s side of the family.

Side note: in 2395, she was slated to be promoted to Executive officer of the USS Elysium under Admiral Sharr but this was changed. When the Elysium returned, she put forth her name for consideration for Command, but was rejected in favour of the then 25 year old Phoenix Lalor and Commander Gary Taylor.

Service Record 2382-2386: Cadet at Starfleet Academy
2387-2389: Ensign USS Reliant, Ops officer
2389-2391: Lt (jg) USS Reliant, Assistant chief of Ops
2391-2392: Lieutenant Chief of Ops USS Reliant
2392-2394- Lieutenant Chief of Ops USS Hydrana
2394-2395- Lieutenant Commander Chief of Ops USS Hydrana/Second Officer
2395-2397- Commander, USS Hydrana, Executive Officer
2397- Captain, Commanding Officer USS Elysium
Languages Standard, French, Betazoid, Cardassian, Klingon, Vulcan, Bajoran,
Academy Graduation Year 2386

Medical and Psychological Information