Consul Olympé Seastri

Name Olympé Seastri

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Consul

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Ninety percent of negotiation happens before one ever steps foot in the meeting room
Species Betazoid
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9
Weight 155
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Slim, lithe. Carries herself with the grace of a dancer. Tends to look frail sometimes. Soft, melodic voice that becomes nearly a whisper when she’s angry. Shocking white hair kept short and neatly coiffed.


Father Jovari Sarn Seastri
Mother Celestria Seastri (deceased)
Brother(s) One, deceased in infancy

Personality & Traits

General Overview Olympé is professional, intelligent, and well spoken. However, her voice is soft, and becomes nearly a whisper when she is annoyed. She has a keen memory, and appreciates novel ideas and methods. Her hallmarks are a strong work ethic and unapologetic defense of the Federation. Off duty she spends her evenings socializing, and tends to admire strong personalities, even if she disagrees. She tends to phrase things formally, even in casual settings. Not extremely patient with subordinates.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Work Ethic
+ Quick Witted
+ Thrives on being underestimated
- Tends to resent those she feels aren’t doing all they can
- Perfectionist
- Can come across as cold and calculating, which is unexpected of a Betazoid
Ambitions Hopes to make the Federation a safer place.

Wants to be present for more first contacts with new species

Has hopes for a family, but not ready to slow down with her career.
Hobbies & Interests Terran Ballet - Olympé wakes three hours before her duty shift, changes into sweats and does warm ups before practicing routines from classics such as Don Quixote, La Bayadere, and Coppelia.

Fashion - Like many Betazoid women, Olympé is a couture lover. Her off duty clothing ranges from business suits to extravagant robes and ball gowns.

History - She is fascinated by history, and before the invasion of Betazed, had planned on joining Memory Alpha as a librarian.

Character Background

Personal History Olympé Seastri is the oldest child and only daughter of Celestria Seastri and her husband Jovari. She has one brother whom died in his infancy.

Mother: Celestria Seastri was one of the freedom fighters on Betazed and was lost during the ousting of the Dominion forces from their peace-loving planet. Through her, Olympé is Daughter of the Third House of Betazed.

Father: Jovari Sarn-Seastri. A Couturier from whom Olympé gained her love of fashion. He lives in Paris and designs clothes for many of the diplomats who live in the Federation capital.

2351: Olympé is born on the family estate in the Hedeyan Archipelago. A birthmark covering most of her scalp makes her hair lack pigment. Otherwise, she is a healthy baby.

2353: Jovari accepts a position as a couturier in the French fashion house Marchionne in Paris. The family splits their time between Earth and Betazed.

2357: Olympé is enrolled in primary school on Earth, severely curtailing the family’s ability to travel. It’s now school’s off season in Betazed and the rest of the time on earth.

2357-2368: Primary Education. Olympé excels in History, Language Arts, and Social Studies, but struggles in Mathematics, and some aspects of Science during her high school years. Celestria tutors her daughter herself, using only verbal or written communication. She insists Olympé not have an unfair advantage over her human peers.

2359-2373: The Ballet School at Opéra National de Paris. The Betazoid physique is noted for being well suited for the rigors of Terran ballet. Olympé enjoys the physical activity. Also, during 2367-2372 she has a relationship with Russian danseur Miloš Antonov.

2368-2374: Olympé graduates from primary school and is accepted into the Sorbonne. She majors in Library Science in pursuit of a career at Memory Alpha. In 2372 Olympé ends her relationship with Miloš.

2373: War between the Federation and the Dominion is declared. Living in the capital of the Federation, the telepathic Seastri family is bombarded by worrisome details they “hear”. Celestria wants the family to return to the peaceful paradise of Betazed, fearing Earth to be a priority target for the Dominion.

2374: Olympé graduates with a Doctorate in Library Sciences from the Sorbonne. With the war going badly, Celestria insists they return home. Jovari, now head of Atelier Marchionne, shutters the business. Initially rejecting the idea, Olympé is convinced when a Dominion attack on Memory Alpha nearly destroys the unprotected facility. The family returns to their home on the Hedeyan Archipelago. Celestria reveals that she’s pregnant again.

2374: In a move that shocks the entire Alpha quadrant, the Dominion invade Betazed. They capture the planet in less than 24 hours. The Seastri family’s home is in a remote region of the planet, strategically unimportant, yet the Dominion take no chances, garrisoning troops who watch the islanders around the clock. Celestria delivers her son in secret, with no medical supplies. This is done because the Cardassians are cruelly experimenting on Betazoids to study their telepathy. All of the Betazoids experimented upon die. They name the baby Ghant, which means peace in the Betazoid language.

2375: Ghant contracts Cataran influenza, a normally quite treatable illness. The family’s requests for medicines fall on deaf ears for days. Jovari attempts to build a raft to take him to Iscandar, a large city on the Tharazad continent. His raft is discovered and he is publicly flogged. Ghant dies the next morning. The family bury the infant and for this, the Jem Hadar burn their house.

2375: The Betazoid guerilla freedom fighters make their way across the planet. When they come to the archipelago, the Seastri family joins them. Celestria dies in Arandel during the final push to liberate the planet.

2375: War with the Dominion ends, with Cardassia laying in worse condition than Betazed. Olympé informs Jovari that she too will join Starfleet, and that she hopes he will return to Paris and his Atelier, as there is nothing left for them on Betazed.
Service Record 2375: Olympé is accepted into Starfleet Academy, graduating in 2379

2379: Ensign Olympé Seastri is assigned as Starfleet liaison to Kerelian Ambassador Veristi Nuecylle

2384: Olympé is promoted to LTJG

2384: Olympé is assigned Starfleet lead on Angel One’s admission into the United Federation of Planets

2388: Olympé Seastri is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Angel One becomes a full member of the Federation

2392: Olympé presided over first contact with the Miraak, an offshoot of the Kzinti.

2397: Assigned as Chief Diplomatic Officer of the USS Elysium
Languages Betazoid, Federation Standard, French, Italian, Spanish, Rihannsu
Academy Graduation Year 2379

Medical and Psychological Information