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Lieutenant Commander Kara Starr {Kelea-Salik}

Name Kara Starr {Kelea-Salik}

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote “I’m a Medic not an engineer!”
Species Human/Betazoid/El Aurian
Age 30
Cabin Assignment Deck 19, 9 S-O

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7”
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Mousey Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kara is an attractive, physically fit young woman. She has mousey blonde long hair.


Spouse Malakai Starr
Children Ezri (daughter - Born 2395)
Matthew (son - born 04/11/2397)
Father Franklin Richardson (adoptive father)
Mother Samantha Richardson (Adoptive mother)
Brother(s) Mattias Richardson
Other Family Kyle Cragen (El Aurian) - Grandfather several generations removed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kara is a kind hearted, strong willed woman. She will help anyone who needs her. She’s a dedicated nurse and a qualified field medic as well as a Counsellor.
Strengths & Weaknesses (S) Dedicated Black Watch member
(S) Fully qualified field medic, can handle surgery if she has to.
(S) Cellular Longevity
(S) Rapid Healing
(S) Awareness of proper time/space, knows if something isn’t right with the timeline.
(S) Can sense other El Aurians within close proximity
(S) Can empathically read an El Aurian, but has to be in physical contact.

(W/S) Malakai
(W/S) Mattias
Ambitions To be the best sister she can be to her brother Mattias, to make him proud of her, and to be a loving wife for her husband Malakai.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, romance (when it comes to Malakai), playing cards, plenty more besides!

Character Background

Personal History Little is known about Kara’s family she was found by Franklin and Samantha Richardson in an emergency capsule aboard her parents ship The Lady Lucky Which had been attacked by Ferengi pirates. There was a data message stating her name, Kara, and the plea that she be sent to a loving home, as the only family that she had had was on the Lady Lucky.

A few weeks later, when they reached their next port of call, the family took Kara to the local UFP magistrate and officially requested permission to foster, then legally adopt Kara. As there was no other family on record, and it was clear that, in the time Kara had been in the Richardson's care, she was beginning to flourish, the magistrate ruled in agreement. The foster status would last for one year, during which time a representative from Child Welfare Services would be traveling with the crew, observing how life was on the Silver Linings

The year came and went, with young Mattias Richardson doting on his little sister, always doing everything he could to keep her safe and happy. The agent, happy with what she had seen, signed off on the paperwork, officially making Kara a member of the Richardson family.

The years moved on, and as Mattias and Kara grew, they grew inseparable. Little Kara going everywhere and trying to do everything her big brother did. Through it all, Mattias remained a constant protector and guardian to his baby sister. They both grew up in a happy and loving family.

The first time they were finally seperated was when Mattias reached his eighteenth birthday. Mattias had felt the call to serve in Starfleet. After taking his apptitude entrance exam, it was decided that he would be enrolled into the Starfleet Marine Corps Officer Academy. Little Kara, now only 11 years old, gave her brother so many hugs and kisses when he was leaving, that once he had left, and she was alone, she cried herself to sleep for a month.

It was in 2395 that Kara’s life changed forever, whilst on assignment on Nimbus three She was attacked and raped by Klingon enforcers. It was during her recovery that she became close to a prior lover Malakai Starr, having been on and off in a relationship with him. Little did she realise that he would one day become her husband. Kara has a daughter Ezri, conceived at the time of her time of her rape, Ezri lives with family friends but has regular contact with her mother.

Having recently married Kara is currently pregnant with hers and Malakai’s first child.

Service Record 2385 - 2389: Starfleet Academy (Psychology/Medical track)

2389 - 2391: USS Lincoln (Counsellor)

2391 - 2394: USS Aurora (Nurse/Counsellor’s Aide)

2394 - 2397: USS Nightingale (Head Nurse/Field Medic)

March 2395: Identified as possibly useful for Epsilon Protocol


Currently reassigned to USS Elysium
Languages Federation Standard, Limited Vulcan & Klingon.
Academy Graduation Year 2389

Medical and Psychological Information