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Captain Mattias Richardson [Reece]

Name Mattias Richardson [Reece]

Position Close Protection Team Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote Who you want me to kill?
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Steel blue
Physical Description While not overly built, his physique has been honed into a well-developed fighting form. He knows how to use every muscle in his body in a fight.

Has several tattoos coving a good portion of his body. The largest being a dragon that starts on his right hip, wraps around his abdomen, under his left arm, with the right claws digging into his right shoulder blade, the left claws in his left shoulder blade and the head wrapping around over his right shoulder, biting the left side of his chest, above where his heart would be.

He has a traditional tribal tattoo covering the outside iv his right shoulder. The image is said to be a representation of Aries, the Ancient Greek God of War.

The third tattoo is located over his left pectoral. It is a stylized representation of a Phoenix, the Mythical Bird from human legend that is said to continuously rise from its own ashes.


Spouse Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson (CO, USS Elysium)
Children Charlie (son) (2)(deceased) (his son from Saundra)

Tristi (daughter - ward)

(Phoenix's children from her first marriage, which Mattias has legally adopted)

Elizabeth Liselle (born 29 Nov, 2396)

William Kenneth (born 29 Nov, 2396)
Father Franklin Richardson (Retired Frieghter Captain)
Mother Samantha Richardson (deceased)
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) Kara Starr (Field Medic, Black Watch)
Other Family (First Wife) Saundra Richardson (35)(deceased)

Malakai Starr (Brother-in-Law) (Black Watch X-O)

King Morian Lalor (High Lord of Erisia since 2379) (Father-in-law(in name only))

Queen Kiana Lalor (Wife of Morian, High Lord's Lady since 2379)(Mother-in-law)

Pallas Lalor (King of Hiran since 2379, Phoenix's twin brother)(Brother-in-law(in name only))

Kyian Lalor (3rd born)(Brother-in-law)

Miran Lalor (4th born)(Sister-in-law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mattais is a tortured soul. Still morning the deaths of his wife and son, he is usually in a dark mood. Those that know him well, can recognize his current mood by the look in his eyes. When he does smile, however, it usually means that he is about to kill someone.

Now that he has finally married the first true love of his life, Phoenix, he has started to become calmer in his soul. He lives each day now to love both her and her twin babies with all that he is.
Strengths & Weaknesses +excellent marksman
+deadly patient
+can move very quietly
+high endurance

-drinks too much sometimes
-usually in a foul mood
-rage issues
-trust issues
Ambitions To keep killing those that need it.
To get drunk afterwards.
To not feel the soul-rending pain associated with the loss of his first family
Hobbies & Interests Phoenix Lalor, Guns, Mojitos, Big guns, more Mojitos, Phoenix Lalor(extreme interest)

20th Century Earth music (mainly from North American continent region)

Character Background

Personal History Mattias was born 16 December, 2360, at the Admiral Leonard McCoy University Medical Center, located in New Berlin, Luna. His parents, Samantha and Franklin Richardson were private cargo haulers and had just finished a delivery to the lunar surface when Samantha went into labor, though three weeks early.

Unfortunately, the birth was an extremely difficult one and because of this, Samantha was never able to have more children of her own. Young Mattias had to be placed in an incubator for several weeks, as he had been born early, due to the meducal complcations that his mother had experienced.

Once he had been released from the hospital, his parents took him home to their frieghter, the Silver Linings. There, he became the gem of the entire crew. Each member of the small, twenty-seven member crew would take turns caring for, doting over, and teaching everything they knew about the operation and care of their medium-sized, long range, container hauler frieghter. By the time he was seven, he could practically fly the ship himself.

Shortly after his eighth birthday, the Silver Liningsrecieved a distress call from a fellow frieghter, the Lady Lucky. The distress call was on a loop and stated that they had been attacked by Ferengi pirates.

When the Silver Linings reached the last known coordinates, they found their sister ship a floating hulk. However, sensors did pick up faint lifesigns. Franklin took a boarding party aboard and quickly found that the crew, those that hadn't been spaced, had been tortured and then murdered.

As the boardy party continued deeper into the wrecked starship, they came upon a hidden compartment, inside of which was a hardened, emeregency capsule, which contained the infant daughter of the ship's Captain and husband. There was a data message stating her name, Kara, and the plea that she be sent to a loving home, as the only family that she had had was on the Lady Lucky.

Fraklin quickly brought the infant back to the Silver Linings and Samantha began to care for her. A few weeks later, when they reached their next port of call, they took Kara to the local UFP magistrate and officialy requested permission to foster, then legally adopt the poor infant. As there was no other family on record, and it was clear that, in the time Kara had been in the Richardson's care, she was beginning to flourish, the magistrate ruled in agreement. The foster status would last for one year, during which time a representative from Child Welfare Services would be traveling with the crew, observing how life was on the Silver Linings

The year came and went, with young Mattias doting on his little sister, always doing everything he could to keep her safe and happy. The agent, happy with what she had seen, signed off on the paperwork, officially making Kara a member of the Richardson family.

The years moved on, and as Mattias and Kara grew, they grew inseparable. Little Kara going everywhere and trying to do everything her big brother did. Through it all, Mattias remained a constant protector and guardian to his baby sister. They both grew up in a happy and loving family.

The first time they were finally seperated was when Mattias reached his eighteenth birthday. Mattias had felt the call to serve in Starfleet. After taking his apptitude entrance exam, it was decided that he would be enrolled into the Starfleet Marine Corps Officer Academy. Little Kara, now only 11 years old, gave her brother so many hugs and kisses when he was leaving, that once he had left, and she was alone, she cried herself to sleep for a month.

During his Academy years, he excelled in weapons training and all aspects of covert warfare. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the 3rd Marine Detachment, stationed aboard the USS Javelin.

The Javelin was a ship that was used to train Covert Ops troops. During the three years he was there, he learned many things that would keep him both safe and quite dangerous out in hostile territory.

Following a few successful missions, Mattias was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and placed in charge of the advanced tactics platoon. He would remain in this position for another two years, training his Marines to be better and deadlier warriors.

His next duty assignment would change his world, and his life, forever. The Javelin was ordered to the planet Erisia Prime. They were to send a few Marines to act as an honor guard for the incoming UFP Ambassador.

While on the planet's surface, Mattias became witness to a terrible crime. It was said that the princess had killed her betrothed because he had forced himself on her.

Mattias watched, helpless and in revulsion, as the princess's father was the one to mett out the lashing. Mattias flinched with every hit to the beautiful young woman's bare back. For several hits, they had actual locked eyes. As soon as those silver eyes looked at him, he felt his soul and heart call out to save her.

As soon as the lashing was done, Mattias drew his side arm and fired into the sky, dispersing the crowd. He rushed to the pole that held the unconcious woman. Severing her bonds, he quickly evacuated her to the UFP compound for medical care.

Mattias stayed with by the young woman's side during her treatment and recovery. He was the first face that she saw when she finally awoke. Her name, he discovered was Penelope Phoenix. Hearing her name and later, her sweet voice, Mattias' heart became hers for the taking. During her recovery, they managed to spend a lot of time together. He taught her about his home and about himself. They shared several weeks of intimate personal time familiarizing each other with information of each other's past.

Finally, when Penelope was well enough, she was released back to her family and Mattias was recalled back to headquarters to answer questions about his conduct. Ultimately, he was cleared of all charges and returned to duty. Though he would not again see the young woman who had captured his heart for severeal more years, he never forgot her, or those enchanting silver eyes of hers.

His next assignment was to the heavy thru-deck cruiser, USS Montgomery Scott. He was made platoon leader of one of the three platoons of the Marine company attached to it. He continued training his Marines to be hard warriors, ready to be called upon at any time.

Fate seemed to smile upon him, because, during his time on the Montgomery Scott, he came face to face with his past, in an exceptionally glorious fashon. The young princess that he had rescued and watched over while being treated for the severe lashing she had recieved by the hand of her father, Penelope Lalor!

After a very powerful and emotional reunion, Mattias and Penelope, now Ensign Phoenix Lalor, Junior Flight Control Officer, spent every free second they had together. They even began discussing starting a family together.

Unfortunately, they were both in careers that were very demanding. So, on the night before Phoenix was to leave the Montgomery Scott, they made a pact that, if at any point in the future, they find each other and both are single, they would try again. That night, they made love as if their lives depended on it.


Following his recovery period, Mattias met, fell in love with and married the nurse who stayed by his side the entire time. Saundra Harris was the Senior Registered Nurse for the floor that he was recovering on. They started out as caregiver and patient, but, as time went on, it turned to friendship, attraction, then love. When he was finally released from the hospital to go home and convelesce, they had a small gathering and got married, not wanting to waste any more precious time.

Mattias settled in life while on the Inactive Reserves list. 5 January 2393 was the happiest day of Mattias' life. It was the day that Charlie Richardson was born. When Mattias held his son for the firsr time, all of the pain he ever endured seemed to simply melt away. There, in his muscled, tattooed arms, was a being so pure that angels seemed dirty.

Life was going wonderfully for the Richardson family until early August of 2394. Mattias, Saundra and young Charlie were vacationing in picturesque Bora Bora. While Mattias was out on a swim, a group of Klingons beamed in and brutally murderd his wife and son, leaving their heads on spikes and set the cabin they were using aflame. As a calling card, the Klingons left a d'tag with their family crest jammed into a blood soaked tabletop.

When Mattias returned, he was held back from the scene by emergency responders. But, he saw the sight that would always haunt him, the heads of his family, on spikes. He also saw the crest on the blade, before the Security officers bagged it as evidence. After he was cleared of having anything to do with their deaths, Mattias disappeared from sight.

He reemerged six months later, after having found the Klingons responsible for killing Saundra and Charlie and eliminating all but one, the apparent leader of the attack. He spoke to no one about his disappearance, not even his sister, Kara, or his first love, Phoenix. He felt that it would put them in danger, and he couldn't risk losing the only family that he had left.

In the begining of March, 2395, SFMC Headquarters decided that he was fit enough to return to service. His commision of Marine Captain was reinstated and he was assigned to the 503rd Marine Ranger Detachment, attached to Deep Space Eight, which was located near space controlled by the Gorn Hedgomony.

As the first commander of a brand new Ranger unit, Mattias was allowed to select his team of Marines from the entire Corps. He pulled in a mixture of old friends and new, raw Marines that were straight out of Boot. His goal was to build a unit that would be able to remain on the cutting edge of combat skills and knowledge.

During his second year in command, another family crisis cut him deeply. Kara, his baby sister, had been attacked and raped by a group of Klingon enforcers, when she was on assignment on Nimbus Three. As there was no local constabulary on the planet, the Klingons managed to escape. Though, not for long. With the help of his team, who volunteered to help in the illegal mission, the Klingons were tracked down and eliminated. The Klingon who actually raped his sister fell under Mattias's blade. To make an example of the Klingon, Mattias removed both his head and genitals. He then stuffed the genitalia into the dead Klingon's mouth and sewed the mouth shut.

He returned to his command, hoping to get over the rage that still stormed inside his chest, but, it never left him. There was still one more target walking around the galaxy, that he needed to eliminate. He sent out quiet searches, trying to find him.

Then, one morning, &as he was about to start his day, he was suddenly beamed away to a safehouse, alone. The information he was given was a single PADD stating that he had been selected to take part in a top secret mission known only as Epsilon Protocol.

He was in the safe house for a few days, getting himself ready. He found clothes that fit him, weapons that he was more then proficient in, a stack of credits and gold-pressed latinum strips and slips, even a stash of his favorite cigars.

Finally, they came for him. Not the Epsilon Protocol overseers, but the team that he would be a part of for the foreseeable future. While most of the crew were strangers to him, there were three that he knew well. Kara, his little sister, who would be the mission medic, Malakai, the mission XO, who had also dated his sister off and on, breaking her heart each time, so no love lost between the two men. The third person that he knew was the one person he longed to see for years, the person who held his heart and soul in her grip.

Phoenix Lalor. Though, he would quickly learn that she was operating under the code name, Lily Kass. Soon after the team's arrival at their asteroid base of operations, Mattias and Phoenix quickly rekindled their love affair. Their bond grew stronger as the mission progressed. They quickly realized that neither wanted to live without the other, and it was decided that, following the completion of the mission, he would recieve orders transferring him to the Elysium.

During a short medical supply run/theft, on a small Klingon research station, Mattias broke his right hand while saving Phoenix's life from a Klingon enforcer that was about to run her through with his d'tang. He would also later learn that Kara was savagely beaten by another Klingon who was the younger brother of the man Mattias had executed years before.

When the crew of the Black Watch returned to their hidden base, it took Kara and Phoeniz both to calm him down from the murderous rage he was feeling. Finally, he calmed down and swore to both women that he would not seek revenge.

A few days later, Kara came to him, beaming with joy, that Malakai had asked her to marry him. While the two men, alpha males in their own rights, had had a tumultuous relationship over the years, due to the on/off/on again course of Malakai and Kara's relationships, Mattias could see that things had finally changed for the better now.

So, after a short discussion with both Malakai and Kara, followed by a suprising blood oath request from Kara to drop the quest for recenge against the Klingons, in her defense, Mattias happily but, tearfully, gave Kara's hand to Malakai.

Later, as things were quieting down, and the Black Watch crew was prepairing for their next mission, Mattias and Phoenix had a full and hobest discussion about where their lives had gone while they were seperated. It was an emotional discussion to he sure. For the first time since Saundra and Charlie's murders, Mattias told Phoenix exactly what he saw that fateful day.

The sharing, on both of their parts, fully cemented their bond together.

Following several more months in deep cover, the Black Watch was finally able to run down Admiral Highlaw. Following a heavy battle between the Elysium and three of Highlaw's ships, the disgraced Admural was finally captured and brought to justice. Following this, the Black Watch crew was disbanded and sent back to the Fleet.

However, before Mattias returned, he and Phoenix traveled to the safe house which she had placed her children, Mother, younger brother and younger sister, to keep them safe while she was gone.

During this trip, Palas, Phoenix's twin brother, attempted to capture them all, but was thwarted and returned to Erisia in disgrace.

Afterwards, Mattias and the Lalors traveled to the estate that Phonix calls, the "Colorado House". There, they spent time together, unwinding from the previous mission, before he and Phoenix were due to return to duty aboard the Elysium.

It was during this time that Mattias proposed marriage to Phoenix. Happily, she accepted.

After returning to the Elysium, Mattias was put in charge of the Close Protection Detail, which was in place onboard to keep the diplomats safe and unharmed.

A few days later, the Elysium is sent to a distant, uncharted world, on a rescue mission. The Steamrunner Class Starship, USS Jefferson, had disappeared shortly after arriving at the planet.

When the Elysium arrived, it was determined that the Jefderson has been brought down by an unknown technology. It was found, several hundred meters, under the ocean, perched precariously on the edge of a sea shelf. Mattias and several others were sent down in three teams, with the mission to rescue any survivors and determine what brought the Jefferson down.

During the rescue operations, Mattias made the decision to bolster failing forcefields, which were struggling to keep the immensely powerful ocean out of the ship, using his own EVA suit's power while more crewmembers were evacuated. Once the last one was safely beamed out, and his team was safe, Mattias detached his suit from the forcefield generator. Unfortunately, before he took a step to evacuate himself from the damaged deck, the forcefields failed and he was hit with the full force of the deep ocean pressure. His suit's nearly depleted power-pack just barely kept him alive long enough to be rescued himself and returned to the Elysium for emergency surgery.

Following several hours of intense surgery, which saw several of his organs being replaced with artificial ones, Mattias finally awoke in recovery, to the worried faces of Phoenix, Kara, Malakai and Sthilg. He was rd that, whe his injuries were severe. He would make a full recovery.

Over the next few weeks, he and Phoenix got down to the business of getting their wedding planned out. In August of 2397, while the Elysium was back in Spacedock, reviewing various upgrades and supplies, and the entire crew was granted several weeks of shoreleave, the wedding day finally arrived!

The Colorado House was used as the setting, as Phoenix wanted nothing to do with Erisian wedding traditions. It was a beautiful setting and event, with nearly all of the crew in attendance.

Following the ceremony to wed Phoenix, Mattias had a suprise for her and everyone else. He asked that her children, Elizabeth and William, be brought forward. After they were, he produced a pair of small medallions, one for both of them. He then gave vows to each infant, promising to love, teach, guide and protect them until the day he died. Needless to say, there wasn't a dry eye in the outdoor chapel.

Following the reception, he and Phoenix snuck away to their master suite, to enjoy their first evening as Husband and Wife.

A few days later, back on the Elysium, the crew was assembled again, for an awards and promotion ceremony. Several crewmembers were recognized for their service, including Mattias, for his actions during the Black Watch mission. Later, he was very happy to watch as his wife, Captain Phoenix Richardson, was promoted to Commodore.

What happens next, is up to Fate...
Service Record 29 April 2378: applies to enter Starfleet Academy. Decision made to shift him to Starfleet Marine Corps Academy, located in Quantico.

16 March 2382: Graduates fourth in class. (2nd Lieutenant)

16 March 2382 - 17 August 2385: Assigned, 3rd Marine Detachment “Wolverines”, USS Javelin (Platoon Leader. 1st Lieutenant)

17 August 2385 - 24 December 2390: Assigned, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Ranger Regiment “Death Dealers”, USS Montgomery Scott (Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, 1st Lieutenant, Captain)

1 January 2391 - 19 October 2391: ***CLASSIFIED, RATING LEVEL ULTRA BLACK SEVEN***

20 October 2391 - 16 April 2392: Inactive reserves, for recover period following surgeries for ***CLASSIFIED, RATING ULTRA BLACK SEVEN***

17 April 2392: Placed on Inactive Reserve Roster

18 August 2394- 28 February 2395: ***UNKOWN STATUS***

1 March 2395: Identified as possibly useful for Epsilon Protocol

1 March 2395: Commission Reactivated. Rank of Marine Captain granted

2 March 2395 - 1 January 2397 Assigned, 503rd Marine Ranger Detachment, Deep Space Eight (Unit Commander)

1 January 2397 - 6 May 2397: ***CLASSIFIED, EPSILON PROTOCOL***( Later partially declassified as Black Watch mission)

20 May 2397 - PRESENT: Assigned, USS Elysium (Chief Diplomatic Protection Officer)
Languages Federation Standard, Orion, Klingon, some Gorn and a fair amount of Erisian
Academy Graduation Year 2382

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review While Mr Richardson has recovered fully from his injuries, which were sustained ***CLASSIFIED, RATING ULTRA BLACK SEVEN***, it is the opinion of this council that he should still continue recieving regular medical care, to insure the issue does not return.
Allergies/Health Issues Mr Richardson has no known allergies
Counseling Review Mr Richardson does still carry the death of his wife and toddler son quite heavily. After speaking with him at lengrh, it is my humble opinion that unless he can find something or someone that can help to heal those grievous wounds to his physche, it isn't a matter of if he will self-destruct, but when. If Starfleet chooses to keep him on their active roster, then they should be prepared for the eventual fallout