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Senior Chief Petty Officer Emily Charles {Kelea-Salik}

Name Emily Charles {Kelea-Salik}

Position Nurse

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 30
Cabin Assignment Deck 13, 24 G-O

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7”
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Emily is an attractive young woman with the typical looks of her Betazoid heritage.


Spouse Engaged to Zac Smithson
Children Leana Vai (age 3, Betazoid. Born 04/05/2394. Adopted 2397)
Father Hector Florez (foster father) (DECEASED)
Mother Monica Florez (foster mother) (INCARCERATED)
Brother(s) George Charles (twin)
Sister(s) Leilani Charles (Sister-in-law)
Other Family None that are known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emily is a caring, kind young woman. Given years of abuse both physical and metal when she was younger Emily tends to shy away from male contact, all except her brother George that is. He is the only man she trusts.

As a nurse Emily is a natural, it brings out all her caring tendencies and when working she doesn’t let her past phase her. If anything helping others helps her as well.
Strengths & Weaknesses (S) Strong willed
(S) Dedicated
(S) Caring

(S/W) Telepathic
(S/W) Empathic
(S/W) Her brother George

(W) Victim of domestic violence as a child
(W) Cautious of men.
Ambitions Emily is a Caring, kind hearted soul but lacks trust in men. She wants a man who will understand what she’s been through in her life. She also wants to see her brother George living a normal happy life.
Hobbies & Interests Emily enjoys reading, running, climbing, and is weapons proficient in ways that make Marines jealous! She holds self defence classes for women to teach them how to protect themselves. She also loves to play cards, and a lot more besides.

Character Background

Personal History Born around 16 December, 2366, near New Dallas, Mars. The exact date and place of both Emily and his brother George birth remains a mystery, as they were both abandoned on the steps of a convent. All that was with them in their baskets was a small, handwritten note, saying two simple words, “I’m sorry.”

The nuns took both newborns, both full blooded Betazoids, in and attempted to locate their parents. After several days, they found nothing. It was then decided that the twins would be sent to the local orphanage to be raised until new parents came along to adopt them.

Shortly before the twins turned two years old, the orphanage caught fire and all of the children were evacuated to foster families. Emily and George were sent to live with Hector and Monica Florez, a middle-aged couple who were unable to have children of their own.

The first few years, the twins had a reasonably happy childhood. They did well in primary school and started to grow a small circle of friends around them. Unfortunately, this was not to last.

Three days before the twins eighth birthday, the Florez' packed them up and the whole family left Mars. They moved to a small mining moon near Alpha Centuri. Hector had just been hired as the graveyard shift manager for one of the small mineral mines on Fester's Folly, as the moon was named. Upon arriving, it was discovered that there were no other children where they were living. Nor was there a school. Monica was therefore forced to attempt to educate the children while Hector worked in the mine.

It did not take long before the abuse began.

Things started off small, of course, a spanking here, a slap across the face there. The children seemed to always get punished for something. Unfortunately, as there was no school for them to attend, there were no other adults that would see the children on a regular basis that would have seen any change in the children.

As their naturally telepathic and empathic abilities started to awaken, Hector bought a pair of inhibitor collars and locked one onto the necks of both children. If, at any level of strength, either tried to use their powers, they would be shocked by the collars.

Over the next several years, the level of abuse rose to new heights. When the children were nearly eleven, Their foster mother would have them stand on all fours and act as end tables for her chair as she lounged about. They would be forced to stay motionless for hours, under the threat of receiving a beating from their foster father when he returned home. Regrettably, once Hector did return home, usually drunk, he would beat the children anyway.

During a single month, shortly after the twins turned ten, Hector, possibly out of boredom, or just drunk, put out his lit cigar on George’s back. The young boy screamed in pain and tried to get out of reach. Hector finally caught George and beat him fiercely. During the beating, Emily tried to stop Hector, only to get beat by Monica.

Once the children reached their teens, the depravity of their foster parents found and even more disgusting level. They started to force the children to do...things...and make recordings to sell on the black market.

This abuse went on for two long years.

The final night that the twins were under the Florez' roof became a very bloody one. The twins had just been sent to bed without any dinner, due to the fact that Emily had accidently dropped one of the dinner plates, when Hector returned home early. He had just been informed that the mine was shutting down and that he was now unemployed. Needless to say, he was in a very foul mood.

Monica reported to him about the broken dish and he flew into a rage. He burst into the small room that the wins were forced to share and dragged Emily out by her wrists. George got up and tried to help his sister, only to be beaten to the floor.

Hector began to beat Emily fiercely. After several minutes, she too was on the floor, bloody and bruised. That was when Hector went to the darkest place ever. Looking down at Emily in her ripped nightgown, he sneered. He reached down and grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her to her feet. He then dragged her to his bedroom and closed the door.

The screams that Emily made following were both bone chilling and bloodcurdling as Hector forced himself upon Emily, she was in a catatonic state when George gathered her up and wrapped her in the bedsheet before carrying her from the apartment. George walked, not really knowing where he was going until he was stopped by a local constable.

Seeing the state of the two teenagers, the constable quickly took them to the local police station and soon learned just what the twins had been living through.

After a quick trial, Monica was sentenced to life without parole to the nearest penal colony. Due to the circumstances, George was never charged with the murder or Hector, it had been ruled self defense.

The twins were safely removed and transported back to Earth by the Federation Child Safety Commission. They were brought to the Pesquera Child Mental Health Facility, located in picturesque Hawaii, to begin receiving much needed mental and medical aid. They would remain there for the next three years.

During their treatments, they were also seen by several Betazoid specialists in deep mental trauma. It was soon discovered that, because of the abuse and the shock collars, the natural abilities of both siblings was irreparably damaged. They would have some use of their abilities, however, it was not known to what level.

When the twins turned 19, they were released and given a clean bill of health. George tried to find some work so that he could take care of the both of them. Two weeks later, he saw an advertisement for the Starfleet Marine Corps enlistment drive. As soon as he saw the advertisement, he instantly knew what he wanted to do. After discussing it with his sister, they agreed that it would do him good. The next day he made his way down to the recruiters office and enlisted on the spot while Emily decided to move on to a life in Starfleet.

Enrolling at the Academy Emily decided to follow the medical track after her years of torture, and abuse she wanted to help others and what better way than to be a medical professional. She took to being a nurse and worked hard to become top of her classes.

Emily graduated from the Academy top of every class, she has since proved herself to be a dedicated Officer and Nurse, working her way up to the position of being a Surgical Nurse. The only complaint has been that she doesn’t socialise outside of work hours, she tends to hide herself away.

After the Elysium became lost and suffered massive damage in 2397, Emily decided to adopt a 3 year old orphan named Leana Vai.
Service Record 2385 - 2389 - Starfleet Academy (Medical track)
2389 - 2391 - Starfleet Medical
2391 - 2393 - USS Winchester
2393 - 2395 - USS Hood
2395 - Current - USS Republic (Surgical Nurse)
2397 - Temporary reassignment to the USS Elysium
Languages Federation Standard, some Vulcan and Betazoid
Academy Graduation Year 2390

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Emily still bears the physical evidence of the trauma she received as a child, though she has chosen to have her scars removed. Medical treatment is ongoing
Allergies/Health Issues No known allergies or underlying heath issues.
Counseling Review Emily continues with regular counselling sessions. Given years of abuse, and being raped by her foster father she is still coming to terms and has nightmares due to flashbacks of events.

As for her Betazoid abilities, Emily has been working hard to learn how to use her abilitíes to benefit herself and others. She has astounding raw power but I am concerned what would happen if she chose to use that power.

Emily is currently undergoing treatment on the scars from her past, the damage will take some time to repair.