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Commander Kyle Reece

Name Kyle Reece

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote Death Before Dishonor
Species Human
Age 32
Cabin Assignment Deck 16 cabin 12W-O

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 7"
Weight 298 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Cobalt Blue
Physical Description Slight bump in the middle of his nose due to having it broken in a fight. He wears a short, neatly trimmed goatee. His sheer size is one of his greatest weapons. He has a large scar on his back that was caused by a Borg disruptor blast. He also has three knife scars on his chest received in a brutal knife fight with a Tal Shi'ar operative.


Spouse None
Children Zhavna Bretts (11) (adopted Orion daughter)
Jassirc Bretts (10) (adopted Orion son)
Father Jackson Charles Reece
Mother Emma Rose Reece
Brother(s) Lieutenant Nicholas James Reece (Twin), assigned, USS Elysium, Starfleet Intelligence Academy Instructor.

Sergeant Liam Reece (younger)(SFMC, current assignment: USS Elysium, Sapper)
Sister(s) Alexandria Rose Reece (Youngest) (third year student, Harvard University, Earth)
Other Family CSM(ret) William Charles Reece (paternal Grandfather)(Current status: Director General, Black Phoenix Group)

Captain K'Tox (adopted Reman Uncle)(Current Status: Starfleet Inactive Reserves, Executive Officer, Black Phoenix Group)

Lieutenant (jg) Samaire MacBride-Reece (sister-in-law, married to Liam) Uss Elysium

Skylah MacBride (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Demeanour: Usually quiet, he tends to stay to the perimeter, watching and listening. However, when the fighting starts, Kyle is usually right in the middle, giving his opponents hell.

Personality: "Death Before Dishonor." This ancient Earth slogan is how Kyle Reece lives his life. He is unwaveringly loyal to Starfleet, Earth, his friends, family and shipmates. No matter what the odds are against him, if he sees someone in need, he will stand up and give aid.
Strengths & Weaknesses He possesses a spirit of eternal optimism. He always believes that there is a solution for any problem. His main weakness would have to be a strong feeling of personal failure when someone he knows falls in combat.

Ambitions He hopes to one day become a master and commander of his own starship. Though, for now, he is content with his (resumed) position of Chief Tactical Officer board the USS Elysium.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Mastering any new form of armed/unarmed combat that he comes across, poker, swimming, orbital skydiving.

Currently holds a first degree belt in Sho Rin Ru, an Okinawan-style of Katate

Character Background

Personal History His parents met while stationed at the Starfleet Shipyards on Earth's moon. His father was a shuttle engineer and his mother was a nurse. After they wed, they decided to return to Earth to raise their family. They returned to his father's ancestrial home on Long Island, located on what was once known as the North American continent. There, his father got a job as a teacher, and his mother became the head nurse at a local hospital. Kyle and his twin brother, Nicolas were born soon after. Over the next three years, his other brother, Liam, and his sister, Alexandria were also born.

Theirs was a happy childhood, full of love and opportunities. Growing up, the children would listen spellbound as their parents would tell them of their family history and tradition in Starfleet. There had been members of both sides of the family in the service dating all the way back to the formation of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet themselves. The lineage on his fathers' side alone could be traced back to a crewmember assigned to the historic USS Temperence NX-07. His paternal grandfather also lived with the family, from time to time. Kyle would listen to the stories that his grandfather would dole out about his career in the Starfleet Marine Corps. These, added to the stories heard from his parents, had the effect of pushing Kyle to want to join Starfleet himself.

Another member of the Reece clan also made a huge impact on Kyle's young life. Lieutenant K'Tox, a Reman who Kyle's grandfather had adopted as a son many years prior. The large Reman told and taught many things to young Kyle, especially honor. It was a strength that would always remain with the young man.

Kyle always dreamed of joining Starfleet. He made it his personal mission to get himself as ready as possible for the day that he would don the uniform. He would read everything that he could get his hands on. He also trained his body. By the time he joined the Academy, he was adept in a half dozen forms of unarmed combat. He also held brown belts in Karate, Judo and Aikido. Upon graduating the Academy, his grandfather presented him with a gift that had been handed down in his family for several generations, a pair of throwing daggers that could be worn on the underside of either forearm. He had been trained by his grandfather on the use of these weapons from the moment he could stand. By the time he was given the gifts, the knives were more than just weapons, they were extensions of his arms, his aim was so perfect.

During his time at Starfleet Academy, Kyle excelled at his studies, especially those covering the martial skills. He joined and was later voted to captain of the Academy Martial Arts Team. He also continued to better himself in both in mind and body, quickly absorbing all of the materials that his instructors gave him in their lectures and learning a few new forms of armed and unarmed combat techniques from his fellow cadets.

During his Senior year, he was assigned to the Ambassador class vessel, USS Talleyrand. He was given the title and position of Chief Tactical/Security Officer. The Talleyrand was an old but capable vessel. Starfleet had pulled her out of retirement to serve as a mobile Academy. The purpose of which was to give the junior and senior year cadets the opportunity to learn their various skills aboard an actual starship before graduating and shipping out to the fleet. Kyle was a part of the first crew of cadets to walk her decks. An additional suprise to Kyle, was the fact that the young cadet whom he had started a romantic relationship with on Earth, Senior Cadet Arrianna Salannis an Vantar, had also been assigned to the Talleyrand.

Shortly after the Talleyrand left on her maiden voyage as a cadet ship, she was reassigned to the evacuation fleet responding to Romulus during the supernova of the Hobus star. After rescuing as many refugees as could be safely transported, the Talleyrand barely made it to safety as the stellar fragments and shock wave from the Hobus explosion tore through the Romulus System and destroyed the planet.

During the trip to the new homeworld colony of the Romulan and Reman people, several Tal'Shiar operatives that had hidden themselves among the refugees tried to overtake the ship and assassinate the commanding officer, Commander Kox. Thanks to Kyle's quick thinking and training, the assault was thwarted and the Commander was saved. Following the fight, a single operative was captured. Kyle had the idea to use the holodeck and put on an elaborate show, allowing the operative to think that a trio of Romulan Warbirds under the command of the Tal'Shiar fleet attacked the Talleyrand, allowing him to escape and then watch as the Talleyrand was destroyed. Upon rejoining the "Romulan" crew, the operative was taken to an interrogation cell to ascertain whether or not any vital information was given to Starfleet. The operative did give some details to his interrogator which gave Starfleet Intelligence several nuggets to chew on.

Shortly after graduation, Kyle was transferred to the Miranda class vessel, USS Portland. He was assigned to the position of Chief Tactical/Security Officer. Shortly after he joined the crew, the Portland and her crew became fugitives of Starfleet, when the Captain was accused of the theft of state artifacts. While the crew mutinied against the standing orders of the Admiralty, the true criminals were discovered and arrested. All charges were dropped against the crew.

Soon after, Kyle requested and was granted a transfer to the Normandy class vessel, USS Ragnarök. He was promoted to Lieutenant (jg), and given the role of Chief Tactical/Security Officer. Another pleasant change, was the discovery that he would be serving with his adopted uncle, K'Tox, now the Ragnarök's Executive officer.

Shortly after joining the crew, The Ragnarök was attacked by a rogue group of Klingons while investigating the ruins on Iconia. During the assault, the Ragnarök's commanding officer, Rear Admiral Sharr, Commander, Task Force 47, was captured and shortly there after, publicly executed aboard the Klingon command vessel. The Ragnarök was ordered back to Earth to lick its wounds and get an new commanding officer. The loss of the Admiral hit Kyle very hard. Even though he was not ultimately at fault, he privately felt that the blame was his.

Kyle never truly cared for the new commanding officer, a Commodore Skylar. She was not a good leader of people, but a dictator at heart. However, he followed his duties to the letter, even questioning her untimely death after the discovery of Sharr's resurrection. During this discovery, the Ragnarök was attacked by a Borg vessel. During the attack, Reece was injured by a Borg disruptor blast to his back. However, despite his injuries, he helped the crew overthrow the assault and destroy the Borg vessel. The Ragnarök then limped back to Earth and the crew was transferred to their new home, USS Elysium.

The USS Elysium was the first of her class, A new design and mindset in starship design. She was also the largest vessel ever to serve in the fleet. Due to her size, Kyle was given the new position of Chief Tactical Officer. The security side of things was now a position all its own. He was also promoted to full Lieutenant.

During the Elysium's shakedown cruise, Command ordered her to proceed to the Talarian Republic to assist in settling a coup that was trying to overthrow the sitting government. The crew would have to learn the huge ship while in transit. Still feeling the sting of watching the Admiral's throat being cut on the Klingon bridge, Kyle became a man possessed by securing the ultimate safety of the ship and her crew.

He came up with an idea of having an escort starship for the larger Elysium. He did some checking and found several vessels that could fit the job. He took his idea to the Admiral and XO, Commander Kox, only to discover that the Admiral had already had that idea and the Elysium had her escort, the USS Angelos, a Hornet class escort. Reece was told that he would be the liaison officer between the Elysium and the Angelos.

Reece discovered later who the commanding officer of the Angelos was. Lieutenant Commander Michael James Anderson had been Kyle's childhood friend. Being two years older, Michael had entered Starfleet a year before Kyle did. The Angelos was his first command.

When the two ships entered the Talarian home system, they witnessed a brazen attack by rebels on the orbiting space station above the home planet. The Elysium and Angelos started to move into position to render aid when more rebel ships attacked them. In the struggle, Commander Anderson was killed. Shortly afterward, The Elysium's executive officer, Commander Kox, ordered Reece to assume command of the Angelos and get her battle damage repaired as soon as possible.

It was not how Kyle had wanted to gain his first command, however, he swore to honor his friends' memory by getting the Angelos back in the fight and bring some hurt to those responsible for his death.

Before things could return to normal, the omnipotent entities known only as Q began tormenting the entire crew. Apparently, the Ragnarök had picked up an ancient weapon in the ruins of Iconia. This weapon had the ability to kill a Q. The Q began torturing and tormenting the entire crew in order to find this weapon.

Kyle was heavily assaulted by the Q. He had been killed and resurrected so many times, that he lost count. His body was mutilated horrifically repeatedly. During the entire episode, Kyle never gave in.

The one bright spot of the entire Q fiasco, was the fact that Kyle met the woman that he would fall in love with. PFC Elizabeth Malone was a Recon Marine assigned to the USS Elysium. Q threw the two of them together as a means of messing with their heads more. It didn't work.

There was an instant attraction between the two people. The only issue was the fact that he was an officer and she was an enlisted Marine. However, Kyle realized that since they were both in different departments and he was not in her chain of command, a relationship could be formed.

They spent time together during the Elysium's return trip home to Earth. During that short time, they both fell madly in love with on another. When the Elysium returned to Earth, Kyle took Elizabeth home to meet his family.

Once the extended shore leave was over, the Elysium headed out on its next mission. Her destination...Q'onos, the Klingon homeworld. Unfortunately, she never made it. Members of the terrorist group, Humans for Genetic Purity, or HGP, infiltrated the Elysium's crew and began to wreck havoc all over the ship.

During an attack on the bridge, Kyle was injured when the console in front of him exploded, sending pieces of shrapnel into his chest as he was blown backwards across the massive bridge.

After his injuries were treated, Kyle returned to the bridge to resume his duties. It was during his return to duty that the ship suffered a heavy personal blow. Admiral Sharr's children were murdered when they were burned to death in their quarters. Immediately afterwards, the Admiral himself was shot and presumed disintegrated.

Shortly after that, there was an explosion in main engineering, causing the Elysium to be thrown not only into the past, but also into the infamous alternate dimension known, as the Mirror Universe. After arriving, the Elysium's Reman XO, Captain K'Tox, claimed that he could sense the presence of the presumed dead Admiral Sharr.

As the Elysium made her way to the seat of the Terran Empire, they encountered another vessel from their universe. It was a Danube class runabout, whose identifying marking showed her being, the USS Nantahala. Kyle and K'Tox both recognized the ship as belonging to one man, Command Sergeant Major William "Wild Bill" Reece, Starfleet Marine Corps(retired), Kyle's paternal grandfather and K'Tox's adopted father. After bringing the runabout aboard, it was discovered that CSM Reece, or Grampy, as Kyle knew him, had been pulled into a spatial rift and deposited here, his ship's power nearly completely drained.

Following the rescue of Kyle's granfather, the ship headed straight for the Admiral's location, MU Earth. While the XO and the ship's Marine contingent were on the planet's surface in a heated battle with forces of the Terran Empire, the Elysium remained in orbit of the Earth that wasn't theirs.

When the XO left the ship, he placed Kyle in command. During the battle that was taking place on the surface, the Elysium's sensors picked up five incoming enemy starship's. When the group warped in, they were identified as Constitution class starships. The ships immediately began firing upon the Elysium.

Kyle quickly ordered a return fire. Within minutes, the space battle was over. Even though the Terran Empire force had higher numbers, the Elysium had much more advanced shields and weapons. Under Kyle's orders, three of the enemy ships were completely destroyed and the remaining two were crippled.

Finally, word got through that the Admiral had been found and the Marines were returning to the ship. It was then that Kyle discovered that his Grampy had launched in his private runabout and was providing a defensive screen for the returning transports.

Suddenly, long range sensors picked up more incoming enemy starships. This is when his world started to turn upside down. Both the Admiral and the XO returned to the bridge and K'Tox informed Kyle that not only had his love, Elizabeth, been seriously injured, but, apparently his Grampy was now taking on the incoming starship's single handedly in an effort to aid in the Elysium's escape.

As the Elysium escaped, her sensors detected a very large explosion in MU Earth orbit. It was then presumed that his Grampy was killed.

The ship returned to the Prime Universe and returned home. Now, Kyle had to console his family over their loss and he needed to care for the one woman that meant most to him in all of creation, Elizabeth Malone.

After a few weeks, things started to feel as if they were returning to normal. One major change is that Kyle had heard about a new strategic operations slot opening on the USS Illustrious, an Insignia Class starship. The slot had opened because the Illustrious's commander, Captain James Hurin, had just been promoted to Rear Admiral following a successful mission to the MU. However, during her return to Earth, the Illustrious suffered severe damage and it was decided that she would be decommissioned, with the crew transfered to other commands.

After speaking with Kyle's current XO, Captain K'Tox, Rear Admiral Hurin decided to bring Kyle with him to his next ship, the USS Nimitz, a Prometheus Class starship. After Kyle reported to Hurin, the Admiral promoted Kyle to lieutenant commander and placed the newly promoted officer into the Chief Strategic Operations slot. Kyle immediately got to work during the two week shore leave that had been granted to the crew, to familiarize himself with his new duties.

After the Nimitz transferred to Jupiter Station, to finish receiving her refit, the decision was made to shuffle a few departments. The Strategic Operations and Tactical departments were merged into one, renamed Combat Operations. Kyle was again placed into the chief slot for the new department. He was now responsible for all of the offensive and defensive systems on the Nimitz and the space immediately surrounding her.

Over the next several months, Kyle performed his duties perfectly, even assuming the role of XO of Alpha Module when the Nimitz activated her Multi-Vector mode during combat. On a personal note, his relationship with Elizabeth Malone continued to strengthen.

On Stardate 68164.0, the Nimitz was attached to a small group of starships that were ferrying the President of the United Federation of Planets to the planet of Salonia. His purpose there was to officially welcome the Salonian people into the UFP as fully fledged members. The beginning of the mission was perfectly textbook. However, half way through the proceedings, several members of a hard lined rebel faction attempted a coup d'etat. Their goal was to keep the Salonian people "free from Federation oppression."

After several days of hard fighting, the rebels had been defeated. The loss of life, however, was staggering. Nearly seven million people, Salonian and Starfleet personnel alike, had been either killed or severely injured. Kyle himself, though not physically, did not escape unscathed.

During the heavy fighting, Kyle was providing overwatch protection to the forces on the ground. It was during this time, that he saw his lover, Private First Class Elizabeth Malone, who had been tasked with sniper duties, was in trouble of being captured or killed by the local rebels. He suddenly found himself at a crossroads.

Against orders, Kyle left his post and stole a shuttlecraft. What followed was a example of pure heroism as he flew down through heavy enemy fire and saved not only Elizabeth, but several other injured Marines. However, his actions did have repercussions.

Upon returning to the Nimitz, Kyle knew that he would be arrested for his actions. He did not struggle or contest the arrest. He was escorted directly to the Brig to await court martial.

Several days later, after the Salonian mission was completed, the Nimitz went to Starbase 51-A, both to effect repairs sustained from the battle for Salonia, and to conduct the court martial of one Lieutenant Commander Kyle Reece.

During the trial, Kyle never denied any of the charges that had been leveled against him. He knew that, while morally correct, his actions were legally wrong. The trial lasted for several days, while several witnesses were heard and evidence seen.

Finally, the judgement was handed down. Due to the fact that his actions did, in fact, save several Marines that would otherwise have lost their lives, the ruling for his dishonorable discharge was overturned. However, he was demoted in rank to Lieutenant and a permanent black mark was attacked to his personnel file. The chances of his ever attaining his own command of a starship were essentially washed away.

After the trial, Kyle was able to spend a precious few days on Trill with Elizabeth. It was during this time that he finally, in front of their friends and family, asked her to marry him. She accepted happily. It was certainly a happy occasion that helped restart their life together post - court martial.

Unfortunately, their bliss was not to last.

On Stardate 68898.0, the Nimitz received orders from Starfleet Command to investigate a planetary distress signal that originated from a planet in the Landori System, which was located in neutral space on the far side of the territory controlled by the Cardassian Union. While the Union was not overtly hostile to the UFP, they still would not look favorably on Starfleet ships moving through their space. Thus, the Nimitz was ordered to proceed under cloak and make best speed to the Landori System.

The journey through Cardassian space turned out to be an uneventful one. However, once the Nimitz reached the source of the signal, Landoria II, it was discovered that more was happening than originally suspected. The local populous was being hunted by the mechanical beings they had created to protect them. After an infiltration team was inserted onto the planet's surface, however, something far more sinister was discovered. The Guardians, as the locals called them, were being powered by an Omega Molecule.

Once the molecule was discovered, the Nimitz entered into the secret operation status of Omega Alert. The Nimitz CO, RAdm Hurin, ordered the ships entire Marine detachment to deploy to the surface and destroy the Guardians. It was a bloodbath.

While the Marines were initially successful in eliminating numerous Guardians, scores more took their places. It was during one of these skirmishes that Kyle's life was forever changed. While providing cover for her fellow Marines, Kyle's fiancé, Corporal Elizabeth Malone, saw a group of children fleeing for their lives while being pursued by a Guardian. She moved from her position in an attempt to draw the mechanical beast off and save the children. She was successful. Regrettably, she also gained the Guardian's full attention. She tried to evade it and escape, but, the beast was faster. It caught her and in one easy move, broke the young woman's neck, killing her instantly.

When Kyle was informed of his love's tragic death, he did not take the news very well. Instead of expressing the normal emotions associated with hearing such horrific news, he simply shut down emotionally.

It would be nearly a week more of hard fighting before the Landorian mission was completed. It was not an easy victory. The Nimitz suffered catastrophic damage and loss of life. The survivors were rescued and what was left of the ship was destroyed. The survivors were then transported back to Earth, to both recover and recount their testimonials on the mission.

Though Kyle was being debriefed by Starfleet Intelligence, his mind stay on one simple fact: Elizabeth, the woman he loved, had actually been saved from total death! Her consciousness had been returned to her repaired body, though now, she shared her mind with the consciousnesses of a handful of Landorian Elders. This initially put a strain on their impending marriage, and even their relationship. Unfortunately, the strain would become too much and, with tears in her eyes, Elizabeth not only returned the ring that Kyle had given her, but vanished from sight soon there after.

Heartbroken, Kyle knew that he eould never see his love again. He did the best he could, to puck ip the pueces of his heart, and moved on with his life.

Three months after returning to Earth, most of the surviving crew and civilians of the Nimitz were transferred to Starbase 80, to assume patrol and overwatch duties of the planet Cheron, now a planet controlled by the Reman people.

Kyle would serve with honor and distinction during his time on Starbase 80. Following Admiral Hurin's retirement, and his adopted uncle's decision to enter into the Starfleet inactive reserves, Kyle found himself, for the first time in a long time, serving with out any family members.

In early 2396, Kyle is recalled to Earth. Starfleet Command had started to pick up a weak transmission from a previously unknown human colony. While the details of the colony wass being kept top secret, it wass decided that he would oversee a group of scientists that were being assigned the task of figuring out this new mystery.

Once he recieved his orders, he immediately shipped out to Science Research Station 35, to meet the scientists that he would be joining as their sheepdog. He found the group to be both highly intelligent, and at times, a bit full of themselves. He did recognize though, as acas, their views of the world were vadtly different tgan his, one who has toed the line of defense against the evils tgat wish to harm the UFP.

At the beginning of 2397, Starfleet Command decided that it was time to send the scientists to the colony world. They would be sending the current flagship of the fleet to escort them on their mission.

When Kyle heard which ship would be taking them, he felt both happy and a little apprehensive. He would be going home again. The ship in question? The USS Elysium.

Upon returning to the Elysium, Kyle felt as if he actually had retrieved home. While he had served in several different commands during his career, the Elysium was special to him. H soon discovered that he was the only "plank owner" of the powerful and already storied starship. Meaning, using he term from ancient Earth Naval History, he was a member of the first crew for Elysium's maiden voyage.

After securing the scientists for their journey to New Canaan, Kyle went about refamiliarizing himself to the mighty ship and her current crew. He could see that each of them was the best in their field, which was to be expected on the flagship of the Obsidian Fleet.

It wasn't until later that he would discover that his old love, Commander Arrianna Salena an Vantar, whom he hadn't seen since they served together, during their senior year at the Avademy, aboard the old Ambassador class starship, USS Talleyrand, was also a member of the Elysium crew.

When the ship reached New Canaan, he transported down with both the scientists and a few ambassadors, during the initial meeting with the leader of the New Canaanits, President Greene. Almost immediately, something about the place and the people seemed off to Kyle. However, he wasn't in a position to ask questions of their hosts and fellow humans.

Of course, the truth, as it always does, came out rather quickly.

It was soon discovered that President Greene and his followers had been very busy trying to eradicate any of their populous who were born with any form of defect. And those that could be captured were ostracized, as were any who aided them in any way.

Then, after Greene and a few of his loyal soldiers were brought aboard the Elysium under the premise of a lunch and a tour of the ship, Greene instead attacked, using some kind of biological agent to mutate both himself and his soldiers into superstrong brutes, who began killing all that stood in their way, including the Elysium's commanding officer at the time, Captain Carrington.

A fierce battle ensued throughout the ship, claiming lives on both sides of the equation. Finally, Greene was undone by his own vanity and the work of on of his own soldiers, who had modified the growth serum to cause the deaths of Greene and most of his soldiers.

Following the battle, Kyle beamed back down with Ambassador Vanessa Alcean an Vantar, Arriannna's cousin, to formalize the unconditional surrender of the Greene party and expatriation of the group of New Canaanites who had been hunted due to their various deformities, the Outkasts, along with any New Canaanits who had opposed their mistreatment by those in power.

Shortly after leaving the planet, Kyle and Vanessa began a sexual relationship. It was sometimes pure, sometimes extremely physical and raunchy. Throughout it all, though, it was clear to all who saw the two together, there was a strong love growing between them.

As their relationship started to grow, he gained more new friends on the Elysium. The first was a young woman by the name of Samaire McBride, an Operations officer who, along with her young niece, Skylah, were both temporally displaced from the past. Little did he know, both of the McBride would soon become important members of his life.

The next chapter of his life began with a conversation with Starfleet Command. Despite the mark in his personnel file, they had decided to grant him a promotion to the Captaincy. And, in accordance with his new rank, they would offer him his very own command, something he had been striving for since he graduated the Academy.

Suprising everyone, Kyle respectfully turned down the offer, admitting that he still had much to learn before he could take that center seat. Instead, he asked to be assigned to the Elysium full time, and assume a teaching post in her Academy Annex.

The Admiralty agreed, though, unbeknownst to Kyle, contacted the current CO of the Elysium, Captain Garret Lovejoy, and informed him of the assignment and authorized him to promote Kyle to Captain.

When Kyle went to speak with Lovejoy and his XO, Commander Taylor, he put forth his request to become an instructor. To his double suprise, not only was he promoted to captain, he was granted the position of Academy Commandant!

As he started to move into his new quarters, with the help of both Vanessa and Samaire, a new suprise came to his door. After having no word from his baby brother, Liam, after Camp Falkirk went dark, Kyle was overjoyed when Liam suddenly showed up at his doorstep! After a brief reunion, Liam left to go help Samaire, leaving Kyle and Vanessa to finish unpacking his things.

During the ship's next mission, to the CMO's homeworld, Kyle stayed focused on getting the Academy Annex...his Academy Annex... up and running to his specifications. He found that his staff of instructors were extremely competent and knowledgeable in their respective fields. It gave him pride to be in Starfleet, seeing such professionalism help shape the future officers of Starfleet.

As he continued to run his department, Kyle and the rest of the Elysium's crew took on a crew of Starfleet special operators and assisted them in the capture of a renegade Starfleet Admiral. Unfortunately, the capture was not bloodless. An intense hand to hand and starship to starship battle ensued, costing lives on both sides. Ultimately, good triumphed over evil and the traitorous and disgraced Admiral was captured.

Following the mission, the team of special operators stayed on, as the team leader turned out to be none other than the Elysium's Commanding Officer, Captain Phoenix Lalor!

Once the final reports were made, the Elysium returned to Spacedock for a much needed shoreleave.

During shoreleave, Kyle took Vanessa to meet his parents. It ended up being a very good evening, causing their bond with one another to become even stronger.

After shoreleave was over, the Elysium headed out, along the Federation-Romulan border, to both wave the Federation flag and bring much needed supplies to the various outposts along the border. While traveling a warp one evening, the ship's tri-warp core attracted a quantum filament, which quickly gained on the ship. After several attempts to elude the filament failed, it caught the Elysium in its powerful gravitational pull.

In a last-ditch effort to save the ship, the Chief Pilot activated the warp drive at full emergency power, then cut in the Quantum Slipstream Drive on top of it and...disaster.

While the Elysium escaped the Filament, the combination of maximum warp and QSD, along with the powerful gravimetric forces of the Quantum Filament, the Elysium was slingshot far from where they were. In a matter of seconds, they were no longer even in the Milkyway Galaxy. When the ship finally came to a shuddering stop, the crew quickly learned that they were somewhere in the Circinus Galaxy, roughly 150 billion light-years away!

The ship took the trip very badly. Nearly every major system was offline and severely damaged, there were numerous hull breaches and, even more disastrous, nearly a full third of the crew and civilians population was dead.

After a habitable planet was found, the entire ship was evacuated to the surface. Although, habitable would be stretching the term, as the world was P Class, a world covered in snow and ice.

After a few Recon flights were done, a large cave system was discovered and the entire surviving compliment of the Elysium set up a massive tent city inside. Afterwards, once plans had been set up, a skeleton crew started rotating back up to the ship to begin repairs. As they were all alone out there, they had to do everything thieves, with very little in surviving supplies.

While on the surface, more disasters occurred when several individuals succumbed to their injuries or died on the surface, exploring the new world around them.

One of the deaths was the ship's Chief Tactical Officer.

As he was more than experienced in the field, Kyle volunteered to fill in. Commodore Lalor-Richardson accepted, giving him a temporary reduction in rank back to Commander. Kyle then got to work getting his new, yet former, department back into one piece.

While he worked topside, Vanessa decided, and he agreed, to adopt a pair of siblings who had lost their parents in the Crossing, as it would come to be called. They were a pair of pre-pubescent Orion siblings. Zhavna, was the sister and older by one year, and Jassirc was her brother. Kyle and Vanessa started to build a stable family for them together.

Unfortunately, it was not to last.

The night before the ship's surviving compliment was to return to their home, Vanessa and her Niece, Alicianna, went to Arrianna's side, to help their cousin and fellow Alindari. Arrianna had never fully recovered from her time as a sex slave to the former criminal kingpin, Kyle Cragen. In a burst of violence, Arrianna lashed out, killing both of her relations brutally. She then turned her weapon on herself and took her own life.

As Kyle and his two adopted children reeled from this tragedy they formed a new, stronger connection of shared grief. Then, after the funeral services were completed, they left the world they had come to and returned to the ship, hopeful for a better future.

What happens next is up to Fate...
Service Record 2383-2384: (Freshman) Starfleet Academy

2384-2385: (Sophomore) Starfleet Academy

2385-2386: (Junior) Starfleet Academy
Began training in Tactical/Security field.

2386-2387: (Senior) Starfleet Academy
Assigned to training vessel USS Talleyrand to complete
Assigned to Security Department as Cadet Chief of
Security and Tactical.

2387-2387( a few months): Ensign
Assigned to USS Portland
Chief Tactical and Security Officer

2387-2389: Lieutenant(JG)
Assigned to USS Ragnarok, Flagship Task Force 47
Chief Tactical and Security Officer

05/13/2389: Promoted to Lieutenant.
Assigned to USS Elysium, Flagship Task Force 47
Chief Tactical Officer

09/21/2389: Assumed command of Hornet class vessel, USS Angelos.

11/15/2389: Relinquished command of USS Angelos to her Executive officer and returned to USS Elysium to resume his post as Chief Tactical Officer.

04/27/2390: Reassigned to USS Illustrious to assume duties as Chief Strategic Operations Officer. (Promoted to Lt Cmdr). Before reporting for duty, USS Illustrious was decommissioned. New assignment given to USS Nimitz in same duty position.

09/27/2390: After department restructuring, assigned as Chief of new Combat Operations Department.

01/13/2391: Assumed duties as Executive Officer of USS Nimitz (Alpha Module), during combat with a group of rogue Klingon warships.

04/08/2391: Court-Marshalled, following actions during Salonian Incident. Reduced in rank to Lieutenant. Though allowed to retain department head position, a permanent black mark is placed in his personnel file.

09/10/2393: Promoted to Commander.

09/11/2393 - 02/20/2395: **File Error. Due to illegal hacking, all information contained within these dates has been lost. Starfleet Personnel Department attempting to reconstruct.**

02/21/2395: Reassigned to the position of Second Officer, Starbase 80. In addition, granted command of Starbase garrison vessel, USS Raven.

01/15/2396: Recalled to Starfleet Command following initial New Canaan Colony transmissions. Ordered to oversee the group of scientists being collected to further study this new colony.

02/10/2397: Attached to USS Elysium as Overwatch Commander of the reserch team being sent to the Green Colony.

10/03/2397: Promoted to Captain. Requested transfer to mobile Academy on USS Elysium as instructor. Given position of Academy Commandant.

11/16/2397: (following Quatum Filament Disaster), Offers to resume former posting of Tac Chief, agreeing to temporary reduction in rank to Commander.



Personal Awards:
Crews Choice Award (first award: USS Talleyrand)
Plot Development Citation (first award: USS Talleyrand)
Expeditionary Medal (first award: USS Talleyrand)
Tour of Duty: Romulan (USS Talleyrand)
Heart of the Tiger Award (first award: USS Talleyrand)
Obsidian Fleet Joint Service Commendation Medal (first award: USS Talleyrand)
Obsidian Fleet Merit of Time Served (first award: USS Talleyrand)
Purple Heart (first award: USS Ragnarok)
Tour of Duty: Borg (USS Ragnarok)
Plot Development Citation (first award: USS Elysium)
Crews Choice Award (first award: USS Nimitz)
Tour of Duty: Mirror Universe (USS Nimitz)

Unit Awards:
Obsidian Fleet Bronze Unit of Merit Award (level 3) (3 awards)
USS Talleyrand
Obsidian Fleet Bronze Unit of Merit Award (level 3) (1 award)
USS Elysium

Letters of Commendation/Recomenfation:

Stardate 64718.4

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to commend Senior Cadet Kyle Reece on his service to his ship, to Starfleet, and to the Federation. In his time as my Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Cadet Reece has been a consummate professional and has gone above and beyond the call of duty in defense of his crewmates, his ship, and the Federation.

On Stardate 64706, Cadet Reece responded to reports of a fight in the Talleyrand's shuttle bay to find several Romulans, suspected of being undercover Tal Shiar operatives and armed with blade weapons, had attacked and killed members of the crew. Cadet Reece faced down several Romulans himself, disarming them and subduing them so that they could be apprehended. In so doing, Cadet Reece helped to save my life and to ensure the safety of the rest of the crew and of the Romulan refugees the ship was carrying.

Not satisfied with having apprehended the Romulan agents, Cadet Reece sought to root out any further threats to the ship who may have come aboard amongst the refugees. To that end, he personally interrogated the captured Romulans and learned of their plans and their force numbers. Through his actions, Cadet Reece eliminated future threats to the ship.

Because of these actions, Cadet Reece has earned my implicit trust and faith. Cadet Reece would be a boon to any ship in the fleet, and any commanding officer would be privileged to have him aboard.

Captain Doryan Kox
Commanding Officer
USS Talleyrand, NCC 43642
Languages English, French, Chinese, German, Klingon, Romulan, some Bolian
Academy Graduation Year 2387

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Commander Reece has no injuries or limitations that would cause him to be unfit for full duty.
Allergies/Health Issues Allergic to pollen
Counseling Review While Commander Reece has served diligently, and at times heroically, during the last ten years in Starfleet, he does bare the marks of a man who is troubled, at times, by the combat he has endured, and the friends or loved ones that he has lost. While it is my opnion that he should pursue counseling treatment, there is nothing in his psychological file that would preclude him from continued service in Starfleet, be it at a planetary installation, starbase or starship.