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Kyle Cragen [Reece]

Name Kyle Cragen [Reece]

Position Guest Star - Antagonist

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote I must make amends.
Species El Aurian
Age 980

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 9"
Weight 297 lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue-green
Physical Description Built like a brawler, he looks like he could jump through a wall and not feel it. However, his bulk belies his speed and agility. For the past five hundred years, he has been working hard, turning his body into a weapon.

His eyes are extremely striking. They make it seem as if he is looking into your soul when he stares at you.

He usually has a slight scowl on his face. When he smiles broadly, though, you should run.


Spouse None (current year PU), Natsuko Akayama-Cragen (in one Alt Reality past and current PU, possible future)
Children Liberty (Daughter with Josephine)
Father Maltor (deceased)
Mother Gretta (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Josephine Cragen (divorced)

Kara Starr (distant Granddaughter)

Malakai Starr (distant Grandson-in-law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A former criminal kingpin, Kyle Cragen has started to turn over a new leaf in his life. He has given up his life of crime and his unhealthy desire to possess his (now) ex-wife, Josephine.

He is currently doing what he can to make amends for his past crims.

He is also dangerously brilliant. Whether it has to do with the knowledge he has amassed during his long lifetime, or simple superior genetics, he always thinks four and five steps ahead. The trick, he learned long ago, is to make everyone around hi think he is just going on the information in front of him.
Strengths & Weaknesses +dense bone structure
+suprisingly strong
+lightning fast reflexes
+highly trained in close quarter combat
+expert sniper rating
+highly intelligent

-hates spiders
-weakness for blondes
Ambitions Once, he wanted to savagely rule his growing criminal enterprises. However, now that he has met his distant Granddaughter, he has sworn to her, on his word as an El Aurian, that he would change his ways.

It will be a long and rocky road to travel, however, he will do what he must to stay true to his word to Kara.

Now that he knows that he will be a father again, he is going to work even harder to make the world as safe as possible.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Painting, poetry, swimming, cooking

Interests: to become a constructive member of society again.

Character Background

Personal History Born in the year 1419 on in ancient England, Earth. His parents were observers, sent to Earth, by the El Aurian Cultural Research Command, to study the backwater world, as it slowly clawed it's way out of the Stone Age.

His parents taught him the importance of their work. While they never interfered in the lives of the natives, they would go out among them and interact, in disguise, of course. Kyle learned a lot about life, simply by watching the recordings his parents made while out on their excursions. While he had free reign of their small compound, the one rule that his parents always stressed, especially when they would leave him alone to go out on a mission, was "Never leave the compound."

Of course, one day, in late 1437, he broke that rule, and the resulting consequences of that action would forever change his life.

His parents had left on another three day mission out into the country, leaving Kyle all alone in their compound. Kyle had finished his daily studies and chores and was bored. So, he started to flip through the exterior feeds from all of the secreted cameras that surrounded the compound.

On one of the screens, his eyes locked on a vision of beauty. A young woman was bathing in the nearby stream, unaware that she was being watched. Kyle was transfixed by her beauty. Her milky white skin practically glowing next to her bright red, long hair. He had seen nude women before in the vids. This one, however, was different. Before he knew what he was doing, he had snuck out of the compound and made his way to the stream.

When he reached the large oak that stood next to the stream, he could hear that she was singing. It was the most hypnotic sound he had ever heard before. Slowly, he stepped out and looked down at her.

It took a few beats for the woman to sense that she was not alone. Turning, she started when she saw Kyle standing there, and then noticed his strange clothing. Kyle had left the compound without donning a disguise!

For the next few minutes, neither moved or made a single sound. Then the woman turned fully to him and spread her arms, opening herself to him. Kyle quickly disrobed and joined her in the water. Over the next few hours, she started to teach him how a woman should be touched.

All the while, neither knew that they were being watched. The interloper was another boy who was in love with the woman. Unfortunately, she did not return the emotions. Feeling anger swell in his breast, the boy ran off, to tell his father that he saw a witch.

Hours later, after Kyle and the woman finished, she gave him a lock of her hair, then turned and walked away. During the entire time, they had never said a single word to one another. Kyle watched her leave and, when she was out of sight, he turned and made his way home, though he did so slowly.

As night fell, and he was nearing the compound, he heard screaming and shouting. Feeling fear for the first time in his life, he dropped down and proceeded quietly. When he reached a copse of trees that overlooked the compound, he quickly climbed the largest one and, when he looked, he was terrified at what he saw.

The woman he had been with, was tied to a pole, being burned to death! As he continued to look, he saw another pole, with his mother tied to it! His father, was already dead having been pinned to the doorframe by daggers driven through his hands, and having nearly a dozen arrows launched into his body, one in his forehead, clearly the one that killed him.

Kyle's mother began screaming out in their native tongue, warning Kyle away. She pleaded for him, wherever he was, to run and find others like them on the planet. Whatever he did, he was never to reveal who and what he really was. Always stay in the shadows.

It was the last words he ever heard his mother speak. For, thinking that she was trying to cast a spell or curse on them all, one of the farmers walked up and slit her throat. Then, after she was dead, they burned her as well. Several torches were thrown into the compound and it was set ablaze. Soon, the whole compound was a raging inferno and the farmers left, never even noticing that Kyle was clinging to a nearby tree, his eyes transfixed on the event before him.

Hours passed, and Kyle never moved a single muscle, in his perch up in the tall oak. At some point, he passed out, due to both shock and exhaustion. Though he did not stay asleep, as his people didn’t tend to sleep very long, if ever.

Once the compound was a smoldering wreck, Kyle finally climbed down from the tree. He moved over to where his mother’s ashes had mixed with his father’s, the woman’s and the only home he had ever known. He swore to himself, then and there, those who had been responsible would die. Then, once vengeance had been served, he would do as his mother pleaded. He would melt into the shadows. However, he would not do so and find a way to escape, he would grow strong and ensure that no one he cared about would ever be treated this way again.

For the next ten years, he stayed hidden, using the techniques his parents had taught him to strengthen his body and mind. He quickly learned how to hunt and live off the land. Soon, a legend began to spread in the area of a spector that haunted the woods by the burned home of witches. The neighboring farmers and villagers soon began avoiding the area, as they grew more and more fearful of having their souls stolen by Satan.

One night, a mysterious fire claimed the lives of one of the farmers and his entire family. A week later, another farmer, this one unwed, was found staked out, on the floor of his small kitchen, his skin expertly removed from his body, then folded neatly and placed on his table. Two weeks after that, the family of the interloper was murdered, each one posed at their dinner table, tied to their chairs. Then, each had been decapitated and their heads were placed on the table before them, turned to look back at their own body. The final farmer, the one Kyle had watched slit his mother's throat, had even less remains found. Kyle had staked him out in his pig pen, and after covering him in fresh honey, loosed his hog upon him. The screams he let loose were enough to draw the attention of the passing sherif, who had been having his hands full of all the recent murders.

Kyle was never seen or caught. After that night, his vengence fulfilled, he set off to make his way in the world.

He moved about England, living off the land, for the next 50 years, never staying in one place too long. He started to pick up new skills as he went. In one village, he trained as a blacksmith, in another, an apothecary. He was a farm hand, a sheep herder, even a game warden for one of the local nobles. He would never stay long enough to get comfortable, only long enough to learn a skill and then he would vanish again.

When the 1500s rolled around, he decided to join the English army, in it's ongoing wars with Scotland and France. As he was a dead shot with his bow, he was quickly conscripted into the archery corps. There he would stay for the next twelve years, using his aim to further the cause of the English king, King Henry VIII.

His uncanny aim was quickly identified by the lords above him, and he began earning better pay and living arrangements. One day, during the French invasion of the English coast, in 1545, the King himself, witnessed Kyle's near mythic ability with the bow. He had the archer brought to him immediately. Upon reaching the King, Kyle was immediately knighted, in recognition of his undying loyalty to the Crown.

Sir Kyle Cragen would never again need to live off the land to survive. Now, he had a seat in the King's Court.

Time carried on, humans were born, they lived some, they died. All the while, Sir Cragen remained in the shadows, slowly growing his new powerbase. As the Monarch's came and went, he was always able to gain the favor of the person sitting on the throne. He even went to bed with both Mary I and Elizabeth I, during their respective reigns, on more than one occasion.

With his sword and bow, he would be sent out on secret missions, to eliminate certain individuals that the Monarch wanted out of the way. He was never asked how he did what he did. He was simply quietly paid the agreed price and left alone to do what he wished. He wasn't even ever required to attend Court. That was how highly valued he was by the Crown.

He would continue, from the shadows, as a private aide to the Monarch, always maintaining a discrete distance. His name, Sir Kyle Cragen, was soon looked at as the alias of the aide, even though it was always him. He would don disguises when speaking to the Monarch. They would never believe that he was the same man originally knighted, so long ago.

His very existence, or supposed existence was, and still remains, one of the closest guarded secrets of the Monarchy, even in the current era, when the Monarchy no longer exists.

In 1661, Sir Kyle had just returned from Spain, following a successfully carried out clandestine mission to eliminate a vocal opponent to King Charles I. The King had been very pleased to hear this news. So pleased, he had rewarded Cragen with a plot of land in northern Scotland. He was gifted three hundred acres of land near Shegra, to do with as he pleased. The King also made a declaration that the entire property would belond to the House Cragen, in perpetuity. The only two stipulations were that Sir Cragen, and his heirs, would remain steadfast protectors of the Realm, and a modest tax would be paid every year.

Following the meeting, his life would change forever, again. During one of the few times that he was visiting Court, he saw a vision of perfection.

A new noble had entered Court, with his sister in tow. Though something about the pair did not lend Kyle to believing that they were related.

Following the etiquette of the day, Sir Cragen sent a message to her, requesting a meeting. He discovered that her name was Josephine, and she was unwed. He also realized that they were not from this time. Seeing the small devices that James flashed about, he knew they had to be from the future.

Following a short courtship of Lady Josephine, Kyle quickly realized that she was the woman that he had been looking for to spend his life with. Unfortunately, Fate had other ideas.

A few months into their new relationship, Lady Josephine suddenly vanished without a trace while Kyle was out of the country, on a mission from the King.

After returning to England, Kyle scoured the countryside, searching for any clue as to her whereabouts. Unfortunately, it was if she had simply vanished from the face of the Earth. The only explanation that he could think of was that she had, somehow, returned to her native timeline.

Knowing that he might never see Lady Josephine again, though hopeful to, he began searching for and collecting any and every piece of technology from her time, to ensure there was little to no damage to the timeline itself,hopefully ensuring that she would still be born and live the life she had, before meeting him.

As the years grew to decades and then centuries, he continued to build a shadow empire, careful to keep his actions, and sometimes his true nature, well hidden from the local Human populace.

There would be times that he would walk among them as if he was Human, even becoming a productive member of the local society. More than once, he would find a woman to love and be with. Of course, he would never stay long, merely a few years. Just long enough to sire a few children and ensure they were well provided for, financially, before faking his death and vanishing back into the background.

This way of life went on for centuries. So long, he started to lose count as to just how many children he had sired. Unfortunately, as time went on, and he continued to search for his true love, Lady Josephine, his mood and temperament continued to cool.

His various enterprises started to take darker routes as well. He started dealing in stolen good, drugs, weapons, even human trafficking. He discovered the Human thirst to destroy itself and he capitalized upon it, making countless fortunes.

Finally, when the Earth reached the development stages of spaceflight, he became quietly involved in moving it forward, funding a project here through his numerous shell companies, developing tech there through others, even blocking certain competitors to ensure his empire continued to grow.

In the tail end of 2060, he joined the United Earth Space Probe Agency, and headed up the design team for the Friendship 1 program.

Less than ten years later, he disappeared again, remaining out of sight, living on the profits of his criminal empire, until the beginning of 2158. During this time, he made sure that No one knew who he was, nor did he go to any locations that might contain people who would recognize him.

In 2159, not only did he return to active life, he also joined the fledgling Starfleet, earning a slot to attend Starfleet Academy in one of its earliest classes.

Following his graduation, he was assigned to the NX Class starship, USS POTEMKIN, as an assistant armory officer. He would remain in this posting for the next two years.

/////////under reconstruction\\\|\\\\

vanished again. Rhis time, he was working behind the scenes for twenty-eight years.

When he returned to active service, as a Captain, he served at Starfleet Headquarters, though, his exact duties have been kept classified to this very day.

In 2305, he finally achieved a command of his own, taking the center seat of the Cheyenne Class starship, USS Thunderchild. He would remain her master and Commander for the next fifteen years.

In 2320, he was stripped of his command and court-martialed. The charges were sealed away, by order of the President of the United Federation of Planets, herself. Following the sentencing process, he was demoted to Commander and assigned to a backwater administrative position. It was clear that, whatever hechad been charged with doing, Starfleet was ensuring that, while choosing to bury him in the machine, they still wanted to ensure they had eyes on him.

He remained in his exiled purgatory for the next four years, when suddenly, he went A.W.O.L. from his assignment.

After conducting an exhaustive search for him, Starfleet decided to simply strip him of all rank and privileges, and issued him a dishonorable discharge. Wherever he was now, Starfleet no longer wanted anything to do with him.

From that point on, he simply dell off the face if the universe. In actuality, he simply decided to give his entire attention to his criminal empire. There was now not a single vise that he didn't provide services for. If one had the money, they received his goods. If they tried to cheat him, only a few delicate pieces of said individual would ever be found.

Of course, he always ensured that no evidence of any crime ever led back to him. He had been doing this long enough, he was near impossible to catch.

His ultimate downfall came one day, in (enter year), that he finally learned the current location of Josephine! From the shadows, he started to follow her exploits. He knew when she returned to the past, and then discovered her return time. Unfortunately, his spies informed him that, not only did she nit seem to miss him, she seemed to already be in a new relationship with another woman. Her seeming betrayal struck him deep, causing him to desire to not only capture her and her new lover, but turn them both into his faithful pets, through painful reconditioning and brainwashing.

One day, he finally found his opportunity and grabbed both women when they were alone, away from their ship. What occurred next is best left undescribed here. Needless to say, he got what he wanted. Both women were ultimately broken and remade into what he wanted them to be.

Unfortunately, after he achieved his sought after prize, his empire was attacked heavily. He narrowly escaped death at his primary base of operations, when it was razed to the ground. He soon learned who was responsible.

The Black Watch.

After setting bounties on the entire Black Watch, he and Josaphine, now going by the name of Sephine, set out for his hidden compound, deep in the southern mountains of Erasia, under the protection of King Pallas, the son of the planet's ruler.

During this time, he and Sephine grew closer, connecting on several levels, even beginning to act as man and wife. He had convinced Sephine that, not only was the personality of Josephine a direct result of a sickness that she had, but that they were already legally we'd. He continued to drug and condition her, with the goal of completely extinguishing her original personality.

This desire, however, started to change the day she told him that she was pregnant with their first child. He was so moved by the news, he decided to change his life and swore to Srphine that he would begin eliminating certain avenues of income from his dealings, slavery and sex trade being the first.

Unfortunately for him, he was captured by the Black Watch before he could fulfill that promise.

Following several indepth discussions with Kara Starr, his newly discovered descendent granddaughter, Kyle has now started to work towards making amends for his past misdeeds. To this end, he has begun working with Starfleet in their search for the USS Elysium, recently lost starship containing, among others, his granddaughter and ex-wife, who was pregnant with his first child in nearly two centuries.

As he works to right his psst wrongs, and try to find his family, he grows closer to the woman who chose to give him a second chance: fellow El Aurian and Federation ambassador, Natsuko Akayama. While their relationship is still very new, he is starting to feel good feeling about her.

Only time will tell what happens.

Service Record 2060: Joins United Earth Space Probe Agency.

2067: Part of design team for Friendship 1. Probe successfully launched.

2076 - 2158: UNKOWN. Remains undetected during this time, until those that knew him died

2159: Joins Starfleet.

2159 - 2163: Starfleet Academy.

2163 - 2165: Assigned, USS Potemkin (NX-9), Assistant Armory Officer. (Ensign, Lieutenant JG)

2165: Identified as possible asset/agent for Section 13. Recruited and sent to secret training facility.

2165 - 2170: ***CLASSIFIED***

2170 - 2180: Assigned, USS Amaganset (NCC-57), Security Chief. (Lieutenant)

2180 - 2200: ***CLASSIFIED***

2200 - 2230: Assigned, Starfleet Headquarters, Fleet Intelligence Chief Senor Aide. (Lieutenant Commander)

2230 - 2256: Assigned, USS Berlin (NCC 1876), Chief Tactical/Security Officer. (Lieutenant Commander, Commander)

2256 - 2265: (Federation/Klingon War) Assigned, USS Fairchild (NCC-1998), Intelligence Operative (Commander)

2265 - 2293: ***CLASSIFIED***

2293 - 2305: Assigned, Starfleet Headquarters, ***Classifed***. (Captain)

2305 - 2320: Assigned, USS Thunderchild, Commanding Officer. (Captain)

2320: Court-martial, Charges: ***CLASSIFIED***, Demoted and removed from command. (Commander)

2324: A.W.O.L. Given dishonorable discharge and stripped of rank and privileges.

2324 - 2399: running criminal empire.

2399- PRESENT: Arrested and sent to max security prison in New Zealand. Later, was removed by Starfleet Intel, and now works with Ambassador Natsuko Akayama. Is part of the team that is searching for the missing USS Elysium.
Languages El Aurianeese, Old English, Old French, Old Spanish, Old German, Old Russian, Federation Standard, Breen, Andorian, Klingon (High and Common), Ferengi, Vulcan
Academy Graduation Year 2163

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Given his advanced age, and the fact that Starfleet Medical only has a few examples of El Aurian physiology on fike with which to compare readings, ge seems to be in excellent shape.
Allergies/Health Issues He had no listed allergies or outstanding health issues during his initial physical
Counseling Review Mister Cragen is a man who is haunted by his past deeds. From our many in-depth discussions, I am convinced that he is honest in his desire to make amends for his past transgressions.