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Ensign Kara Hoffman

Name Kara Jayce Hoffman

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote What new depths of Gre'thor has Starfleet fallen to. I won't stand idly by! A warrior fights with honour!
Species Human/Klingon
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2''
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kara isn't imposing in size in any regard, slender, stocky but toned and physically fit. Her medium length black hair, is usually straightened perfectly and tied back into a ponytail that hangs on her shoulder. She has a birthmark on her neck, and usually wears no make-up or cosmetics. Kara wears a hairpin inscribed with the name of her previous Chief Of Engineering, and her mentor Lt. Commander Matias Grronkill. She wears an immaculate white uniform trimmed with gold.


Spouse Lt.Jg Gallia Norris - Ex-Fiance
Children Tayalas Norris
Father Jayce Hoffman
Mother Clarissa Hoffman
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Grand father - Pyke Hoffman
Captain Jake Trease (Retired) - God Father

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kara used to be fiesty, loud and usually not shy to jump in without asking many questions.However, her time on-board the Elysium, developing over the last 7 months has seen her grow into a strong leader and excellent problem solver. She is contemplative and thinks things through before speaking. Rumour within the ranks of the Engineering team, is that Kara is kind, soft hearted, quiet, warm and compassionate. With her recent promotion to chief engineer, she holds a position of responsibility now which has special meaning for her and the engineering team. Her hairpin has been altered and inscribed with her previous Chief's name Lt. Commander Matias Grronkill, who taught her many lessons since arriving.

Kara developed a friendship Immediately with Gallia Norris, and Tayalas upon their arrival on-board the Elysium. While Kara had never before considered falling in love with a female, there is no denying her feelings. She is a protector, willing to sacrifice anything to keep Gallia and especially Tayalas safe from any kind of harm, including her own psychological issues which crop up from time to time.

However from time to time when pushed too far, as with her argument with one of Gallia's most trusted friends, there is a rage and an anger that can be terrifying to behold. Especially if she believes Gallia or Tayalas are in danger or trouble.

In a brief 3-4 month absence, Kara took some time out and left the Elysium. She returned back to Earth to further her training. However an unfortunate encounter with the dreaded Admiral Kabar, almost saw Kara losing her comission entirely when she (possibly quite justified to do so, under normal circumstances) punched him, breaking his nose when he dared to insult Kara's family and her intelligence and competence as Chief Engineer.

She was immediately demoted and sent back to the Elysium; under heavy restrictions and with the Admirals' eyes laser focused onto her. Ready to shoot her down, if there were even slight grievances for the next 8-12 months of her career.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her strengths lie in merging technical know-how into people management. She is quite good at both. empathetic and a good problem solver, she works well with others, and is suited well to working in teams. She is extremely Loyal, never turning her back on her friends or comrades no matter what the problem or how bad the odds are against her.

Working alone however is one of Kara's biggest weaknesses. She often doubts herself and her own abilities, which then causes her to make silly mistakes. She can also come across rude when she's overexcited.
Ambitions With the recent sad departure of Her Former Chief Matias, Kara has decided to step up as she always knew, might one day happen and lead the Engineering team as chief Engineer on-board the Elysium. She strives to carry her mentor's teachings with her, and develop her skills and her team.

Kara has now served on-board Elysium for over 2 years and seems to have become a part of the Elysium's "Fittings." She wouldn't feel comfortable going anywhere else, and for now, she is more than happy to continue her work in Engineering.
Hobbies & Interests Kara adores technological history. She also enjoys playing the guitar, an earth instrument and reading. Kara enjoys holoprograms involving great medieval style battles and quests. Knights, saving princesses and battling tyrants while clad in full plate armour and her trusty great-sword "Haffa".

Character Background

Personal History in 2369 Kara was born to Jayce and Clarissa Hoffman, in Scotland. They lived a wealthy and prosperous life, her father being a prestigious artist and her mother being a wonderful tailor. Kara grew up learning how to sew knit and paint, and never lacked any creative outlets. Until she one day learned what her parents had in mind for her. They wanted her to take over both of their businesses when they retired, but Kara had already developed a natural gift with electronics and circuits during school. Often hiding half finished inventions and technology projects under her bed and in various other places. When her mother found out, she suggested that Kara attend a technical academy instead of an arts academy, and not to tell her father. Jayce however found out anyway, but was glad to see his daughter develop her own skill.

Kara was born genetically male, however during the time spent at the technical academy, Kara upon a year of seeing a counsellor decided to change her gender due to dysphoria, social anxiety and because she had always felt "wrong" somehow.

After her Gender reassignment to Female, Kara worked hard, and passed her technical courses with ease, being admitted into star-fleet Engineering academy. There she studied and worked for many years, until finally she graduated 3rd in her class last year. from 2394 - 2395 Kara applied and worked on Earth space dock as an engineering assistant, refitting ships and working as part of the starbase construction and maintenance crew. Since then she has been trying to figure out what to do. Will she join a star-ship, star-base or stay on earth? With her decision to apply to the U.S.S Elysium, she hopes to continue growing and developing as a human, and as an engineer. Helping to further the knowledge of the universe.

in 2395 Kara was accepted onto the USS Elysium as the assistant Chief Engineer. She worked hard to prove herself, making a few mistakes along the way, being demoted from lieutenant to ensign for dereliction of duty. However she worked tirelessly from that point on to prove to the Captain and the crew that she was committed. An incident on the nightshift with another engineer, and a confrontation with said engineer infront of the Captain saw her being re-promoted once more to LT.JG.

At the beginning of 2396 her chief Engineer Matias was sadly transferred to the Academy. With a renewed confidence and with her mentor's teachings, she made a plea with the Captain and the senior command staff, to take up the reigns as Chief Engineer, which was approved.

There has been recent discovery, that Kara is in fact half-Klingon. There is also rumours of some sort of cover up, to hide this fact from somewhere high up in Starfleet, investigations have begun.

Kara's mental state currently has declined, more recently she has been in a state of rebellion. Since the arrival of one Commander Lovejoy, Kara has found her anger around him to be almost uncontrollable. She detests him. This and the added stress has caused a significant change in her personality. Being much more fierce, risk-taking and openly displays her distaste and anger, especially towards Mr lovejoy, who she refuses to name by his actual rank as a further sign of rebellion and disrespect.

With the introduction of the Quantum Slipstream drive, Kara's Engineering team have worked hard to ensure the USS Elysium is prepared for their next mission. The Elysium will be breaking relatively new ground and Kara is proud to be a part of it all.

With the recent removal and arrest of Captain Lalor for treason, the Elysium has undergone massive changes, and so too has Kara these last few months. Now serving as Assistant chief once more, she finds work onboard much easier and has learned asking for help isn't always a bad thing. The re-introduuction of Commander Lovejoy on-board has made Kara feel better about the whole situation. Once she detested him, but she cracked his shell and learned he really is a genuine, honourable friend. She would defend him with her life if needs be. Strange how a few simple acts and honest words, can change opinions so drastically.

She is currently preparing the mountain of paperwork necessary, required by Starfleet for two officers aboard the same ship to get married.

Direct quote - "Aye that's righ'. We're tyin' the knot, Gallia and I are! Shame Phoenix couldnae marry us, woulda been damn special. Blood hell is this thin' still on? Gallia? Gallia?! How the hell do I turn this damn thing o-"

Service Record 2368 - Born Edinburgh, Scotland.
2384 - Admited into Technical academy
2388 - Graduating Technical Academy
2389 - Joined Starfleet Technical Academy
2394 - Graduated Starfleet Technical Academy
2394-2395 - Worked aboard earth space dock for a year, refitting ships and being part of the construction crew. Was recommended for a leadership position.


- Joined USS Elysium as Assistant Chief Engineer, rank lieutenant.
- Demoted from lieutenant to Ensign
- Promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant JG.

-Took over duties as acting Chief Engineer
- Promoted to full lieutenant
- Promoted to The U.S.S Elysium's Chief Of Engineering

Late 2396
-Took a 3 month L.O.A
-Demoted to Assistant Chief Of Engineering and Demoted to LT JG (Insubordination and Inappropriate Conduct).

Commission maintained only because of the defence, that Kara was unaware at the time of the incident of Admiral Kabars' rank, who was in Civilian Attire. Punishment lowered from dishonourable discharge to Insubordination, Misconduct and inappropriate conduct against a superior ranking officer.
- Honourable Judge M Ployoto - Starfleet J.A.G office 54, Starfleet HQ, Earth.

Direct quote Honourable Judge M Ployoto - "It is distressing this has happened. The court lowers the charges accordingly. Lt. Hoffman will be watched for the next 8-12 months. ANY, even a MINOR infraction, will count HEAVILY towards her being immediatlly stripped of rank, and discharged without question. She is now free to go. Court is adjourned"


Accessing level 9 secured file - File name:Bayne

One voice recording logged



"There is question as to the legitimacy of this incident. Specifically the identity of the admiral in question. I have been watching and logging several officials high up in the chain of command, something isn't right, was this a setup?"

--- File Cannot be continued without approval of the Senior most Judge Advocate general, Starfleet ---
Languages Earth English - Scottish Accent
Academy Graduation Year 2394

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Kara is in fine physical condition. Must report to medical once a month for blood marker checks and hormone levels. No problems foreseen. Slightly elevated blood pressure. Gilbert's syndrome. Previous suicidal tendencies. ---Further information is protected by a level 9 security clearance, signed Captain Trease ---
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review Kara's latest couselling review reports all to be well. Kara's mental health has improved recently.