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Lieutenant Myne Redal

Name Myne Redal

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Unholy crap, the red thingy keeps bleeping!
Panicking is good for the soul!
Species Joined Trill
Age 27 (400)
Cabin Assignment DECK 9 - Cabin 41 W-O

Physical Appearance

Height 160 cm
Weight 60 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With hair just below her shoulders, Myne doesn't have that many remarkable, if any outstanding features. Actually, aside from her rather pale skin Myne keeps herself rather unassuming. As if everything regarding her appearance is carefully tailored to help her blend in and not stand out.

That is aside from the Trill spots, in the form of dots, traversing her body from her forehead on the sides, all the way down to her toes. She usually keeps herself in a decently fit condition, though sports are clearly not really her favorite pass time.

Overall she does tend to look on the more frail side, which might be deceiving. But mostly everything about her appearance is helping her maintain that impression one way or another.


Spouse None for the Myne host
Children None for the Myne host
Father Beran Neral
Mother Audri Neral
Brother(s) None for the Myne host
Sister(s) None for the Myne host
Other Family None for the Myne host

Personality & Traits

General Overview Myne tends to be a mixed bag most of the time. One moment she can be seen staring deep in thought at a console, a panel, a tablet or at something, pondering the mysteries of the universe. Though in all honesty she will never admit she's just enjoying a quiet moment of letting her mind rest and think of absolutely nothing, basically meditating with her eyes open. Someone more attentive might even think she's sleeping like that, though that might be too far of a stretch.

Then another moment she snaps into it ready to talk like a unending waterfall and work like a hyperactive child hooked on too much sugar. Ready to take on the world, no task seeming to great or too small, with a dedication bordering on obsession at times. Though despite all that she manages to maintain a rather calm and leveled head when she knows people depend on her.

Though her mood might swing rather quickly and sometimes to the extremes, she always seems to steer clear of anger or other such emotions that might be damaging to those around her. Myne usually tends to be rather intimidated by interacting with others when she doesn't have a set task set in front of her. And when things go wrong, she is always forced to blame herself and her shortcomings.

Another confusing part is that Myne tends to avoid ending up in social situations, as if the one mystery of the universe she hasn't yet solved is how to properly interact with other people. Despite her efforts to be someone people can depend upon and to be as versatile as she can in her skills, she often fails miserably when it comes to social situations and interactions.

This must be why for the most part Myne does her best to blend in the background and not be observed too much. Being quite content to watch other mingle, interact, enjoy themselves. The feeling of just being close by and ignored is enough for her... most of the time.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Dutiful and dependable
+ Calm and practical
+ Eager to help others

+/- Honest and direct

- Weak-willed
- Socially awkward and inept
- Chaotically moody
Ambitions Myne has one rather simple ambition, which others might find lacking. She wants to always keep moving onto something new. It doesn't always have to be a new ship, but a new problem, a new solar system, a new place. A new... anything really, to see, to learn and to understand something new each time. That is why she joined Starfleet, to always have the chance to find and see something new, something else rather than the known.
Hobbies & Interests Between reading and games, nothing too fancy or too intellectual, mostly easily consumed media, Myne does love to try new things. At least once that is, as long as it is something she has never done before.

Character Background

Personal History Myne Neral

Myne Neral really has had it easy for the most part of her life. Maybe a bit too much if she were to ponder on the topic for just a little while. For first she happens to come for a rather long and proud line of traders, which depending on your point of view, can be a good or a bad thing. Or a mix of both.

Aside from having a father with a inflated ego due to carrying on the age old family profession and her mother really very easily feeding that ego, life as a trader had been rather comfortable. Sure working on the old family cargo ship ever since she could properly hold tools in her hands wasn't exactly the same thing as a life of luxury, but she was never left wanting for anything.

Working off trade relations handed down from parent to child, as well as the ship, her parents were... are rather skilled traders. Which means that Myne usually got what she wanted eventually, somehow. Luckily for her parents, Myne never really wanted expensive things, rather just bits and bobs, odd curiosities and the likes.

The main downside of being the daughter of star faring traders was that she had to live on the ship, alone. Well, not alone since her parents were there. But the only child on the ship, meaning that Myne had more time alone with her books, the various cargo they hauled around and the ship's systems, rather than with other people. That might have had an impact on her later, who can really tell.

Life was easy, predictable, and usually comfortable and safe. Sadly it was also growing boring with every passing year, as Myne found less and less things to occupy her mind or stroke the fascination of her imagination.

It was on her twentieth birthday that she convinced her parents to let her leave the ship and enroll in the Starfleet Academy. It was there that she met Sudra Redal, one of the Engineering instructors and a Joined Trill. Her mentor and youthful crush, which for someone who grew up in a rather restricted environment was kind of inevitable.

Now, let us not fool ourselves, Myne wasn't exactly the bright star of the Academy, there were plenty of those. But she was inventive, curious and never actually stopped until she solved a problem. Sleepless nights, obsessive research and countless attempts, Myne never really learned to stop trying. Maybe that is why Redal took an interest in the energetic cadet.

While Myne was clumsy and awkward around other people, she always found Redal's presence calming and comforting. Even if he put a quick end to her horrible, terrible attempts at flirting. It must have helped that Sudra himself was approaching the end of his long life, having chosen to retire to the Academy to share as much of his experiences with the bright and curious cadets.

It was at Redal's insistence that Myne joined the program, for some reason, to maybe one day be chosen to receive a symbiont. Not that she ever actually thought that would ever happen. Though, if Myne had been paying more attention at the time, she would have seen how Sudra Redal was grooming her, tutoring her, teaching and preparing her.

By the time she graduated the Academy, she was ready. She had been a normal good cadet, at least in her academic studies and achievements, but she had been instead a very good pupil to her mentor. It was just before she left to join her first commission on the USS Pegasus that Sudra Redal confessed. He wanted her to be Redal's next host.

Redal seemed to have a preference for the kind of people that had Myne's endless drive to discover and devour knowledge and experiences. Not to mention she was a good match, in a sense being very much like Sudra himself when he had been her age.

Myne never understood the politics and actions behind the scene, but by the time she boarded the USS Pegasus, she was no longer Myne Neral, but Myne Redal, a Joined Trill.

Redal symbiont
Born in the year 1997 the Redal symbiont has had ten hosts up to this point in time, bringing the average lifespan of a host once joined with Redal at around 40 years. Redal as a symbiont places a great strain and pressure upon its hosts, influencing them towards a singular, all-consuming goal that is driven by endless curiosity.

Unfortunately, or maybe quite fittingly, Redal has been classified as a rather unlucky and even cursed symbiont. None of its hosts have yet managed to achieve the performance of meeting the end of their lives in a peaceful or dignified manner. Only through the sheer will and resourcefulness of its hosts has the Redal symbiont always managed to find its way to new hosts time after time again.

Previous hosts

1st host - Iza Reen - cca 1995 - A rather dedicated and compassionate surgeon, Iza had been a source of comfort and kindness for all those around her for many decades. A dedicated healer to her community she had a great mind for medicine and tending to the ailments that afflicted her people. However, when a strange pathogen began causing ravages in the region where her hospital was, the number of people she could not save broke her and drove her to dementia. After she broke down, the death count in her hospital started to rise even though slowly the pathogen had begun to wane. After a few months of strange reports coming from her hospital and repeated disappearances in the area, a security team was sent to check the medical facility. What they found was a horror show of body parts and remains, patient and kidnapped victims put through hellish, nightmarish tortures and procedures with the once kind doctor turned serial killer staring around in shock and covered in blood.

8th host - Vede Tiers - ??/?? - He was an Operations Officer aboard the Ferengi ship Plausible Deniability. Originally he started out as a civilian trader in electronics. Contact with the Ferengi had opened up a world that seemed tailored to his dreams and aspirations and after many years he managed to earn, well buy, his place aboard a Ferengi ship. His knack for business had earned him both respect and envy, but he climbed the ranks and proved himself to be just as cunning, if not more than the Ferengi he served with. Aboard the Plausibe Deniability. He staged a coup, took the position of DaiMon and turned pirate. There are some known actions that have been verified with this host as the main perpetrator, many ending with bloodshed. Ferengi, Klingons and Cardassians, as well as other species still have outstanding death warrants for this host. He was diagnosed with psychosis during a very short vacation he had on a Federation prison colony, before escaping and leaving a trail of red behind him.

9th host - Sudra Koseem - ??/2394 - A simple colonist, in charge of computers on a remote Federation colony. His wife and son were traveling to the colony but their transport ship was intercepted by a Borg cube. Fate unknown presumed assimilated. Sudra enrolled in the Academy despite being over forty and managed to have a decent career and good track record. He eventually became a professor at Starfleet Academy. Has an extensive list of Counseling notes detailing a great mental strain caused by trauma from the loss of his family, diagnosed with depression. Of all previous hosts, Sudra seemed to have been the one with the least negative impact on the society in which he lived, in turn turning the rather destructive tendencies upon himself. Leading a life of concealing various substance abuses while trying to maintain a stable outwards appearance.
Service Record 2390 - 2394 - Starfleet Academy - Cadet

2394 - 2396 - USS Pegasus - Ensign - Software Engineer

2396 - 2397 - USS Pegasus - Lieutenant JG - Operations Officer

2397 - USS Elysium - Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Languages - English
- Trill
- Ferengi
- Cardassian
- Klingon
Academy Graduation Year 2394

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Clean bill of health. No outstanding issues, decent if not good fitness condition.
Allergies/Health Issues Extreme allergy to insect bites as expect of a Joined Trill. But no other outstanding allergies or health issues.
Counseling Review Socially awkward and unable to understand most queues. Eager to integrate while at the same time facing anxiety when actually put in the situation to act upon that eagerness.

Generally cheerful and with a happy-go-lucky attitude, Myne was deemed to be a good fit for the Redal host. Her prospects being rather optimistic due to the stable, well-meaning, and good nature of Myne's personality.

After the Joining several issues have began to appear during the following years. Myne had began to display pronounced autistic tendencies, deepening her own issues from before the Joining as well as adding a great new deal on top of those.