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Lieutenant Vise [Sthilg] Kesahl

Name Vise [Sthilg] Kesahl

Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Ginger, shoulder-length hair awkwardly hangs over a chiseled, lively face. Heavy brown eyes, set wickedly within their sockets, watch delightedly over the city they've nearly died for for so long.
A scar reaching from just under the right eye , running towards her upper lip and ending on her left cheek leaves a lasting burden of her adventurous life.

The is the face of Vise Kesahl, a true warden among trills. She stands big among others, despite her subtle frame.

There's something bizarre about her, perhaps it's her unusual looks or perhaps it's simply her patience. But nonetheless, people tend to treat her like family, while secretly admiring her.


Personality & Traits

General Overview It's hard to describe a complex person like Vise, but above else know that she's balanced and contemplative. Of course she's also playful, focused and anticipative, but they're tainted by and mixed with habits of being childish as well.
Her sense of balance though, this is what she's kind of cherished for. People regularly count on this and her honor whenever they need assistance or help.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Excellent pilot.
Strong willed.

Not the best hand phaser shot
Is still learning how to handle the new memories in her head.
Adrenaline junkie.

Character Background

Personal History Jomaus was clearly no ordinary trill when she was born. Her spots being a bright shade of white which even the doctors were startled to see. Though it was a rather odd event it was nothing more than a harmless genetic condition.

Her early childhood was rather uneventful growing up with her older brother and family on many federation starships. Other than some teasing and other childish behaviour her life was rather normal up until an event that changed her life forever.

A day the ship's captain and councilor had to come to there quarters to tell them the bad news. There mother was dead and there father was badly wounded. Though he did pull through the event still haunts the trill to this day.

Through the years as she helped her dad recover the young trill also kept up with her education On her sixteen birthday she was chosen become part of symbiote program an event which brought her and her family

Like her older brother she applied and was accepted into starfleet. Her career choice was one of a surgeon like her mother and over her four years at the academy she quickly found she had a talent for it becoming a master at the federations many cyberneticslHer time at the academy was rather uneventful other than learning from her father was planning to remarry. Though she holds no ill will to her father's new wife she can’t say the same for her new half sister/brother who have been a rather big pain in her ass.

Even with that she managed to graduate with honors and has now been assigned to her first posting. She recovered from the rookie nervousness and was soon able to prove herself as a capable cyberneticist surgeon.

On her twenty fifth birthday she received some news that would change her life forever. She had been accepted as a host for a symbiote. She traveled back to trill for the surgery that was a complete success making her the fifth host of the Miex.

Medical and Psychological Information