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Staff Sergeant Liam "Swede" Reece [Reece]

Name Liam "Swede" Reece [Reece]

Position Demolitions Specialist/Combat Engineer(Sapper):

Second Position Marine

Rank Staff Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote You feel lucky?
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 5"
Weight 267 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Liam is long and lean, strong without having bulk. This came from his childhood, when he was a competitive swimmer. Starting at age three, when he learned to swim, until he enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps, Liam spent nearly every waking moment in the water.

He has a very easy smile, confident that he is handsome, without being arrogant about it.

His most captivating features are his eyes. When he's happy, they seem to shine a near perfect jade green.

He has two tattoos. One is the SFMC emblem on his upper left arm. The other is the stylized word "FAMILY", located across his back, just above his shoulder blades.


Spouse Lt (jg) Samaire Elspeth MacBride-Reece
Children Skylah MacBride. (Step-Daughter)
Father Jackson Charles Reece
Mother Emma Rose Reece
Brother(s) Captain Kyle Reece (Academy Commendant, USS Elysium) (older)

Lt Commander Nicholas Reece (Starfleet Intel, ***Location Classified***)(older)
Sister(s) Alexandria Reece (Senior, Oxford University, Earth)(younger)
Other Family Director General William "Wild Bill" Reece (CO and Creator, Black Phoenix Group, location unknown)(paternal grandfather)

Captain K'Tox (XO, Black Phoenix Group, location unknown)(Adopted Reman Uncle)

Rear Admiral James Hurin (location unknown)(adopted uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Believes in what Starfleet and the UFP stand for. Will give everything he can to complete the mission put before him.

Works hard, parties just as hard, he lives life to the fullest he can.

Though his grandfather and big brothers have long shadows, due to their service histories, Liam has never felt that he beeds to add up to what they have accomplished. He is confident that his service file can stand on its own merit.
Strengths & Weaknesses +very kind
+highly proficient in all SFMC heavy weapons systems.
+proficient in all SFMC explosives

-sometimes parties a bit too hard
-can start to doubt his own worth when drunk
-hates spiders
-uncomfortable with heights
Ambitions To be the best Marine ge can be, to be able to go to bed every night knowing he left everything he had out on the table.

He would like to find a nice, intelligent, pretty girl and possibly start a family.

Start a swimming school for kids.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, scuba diving, free diving, surfing, basically anything one can do in the water.

Character Background

Personal History Liam Reece comes from a long line of military members. Both of his older brothers are currently serving in Starfleet. At the time of his graduation from basic training and his advanced individual training, then-Lieutenant Kyle Reece was the Chief Tactical Officer for the USS Elysium. His twin brother was awaiting assignment to the USS Talleyrand as her Cadet Chief Intel Officer. Liam wanted to join the Fleet with his brothers, but was too young and didn't score high enough on the entrance exam. Without losing heart, He followed in his paternal grandfather's footsteps and enlisted in the SFMC.

During boot camp, Liam excelled at heavy weapons. Since he was the largest member of his class, he soon got the callsign, "Swede." He became overly proficient in every SFMC and ally's small and heavy arms weapon. When his class graduated, he had the pick of the fleet for which ship he wanted to sign onto. He chose the Fleet's newest, and biggest ship, the USS Elysium. It was only after he arrived that he discovered that one of his older brothers, Kyle, was also serving aroard the same ship. Once things settled down, Liam looked up his big brother and had wanted a reunion that would have been remembered.

Unfortunately, the reunion was cut short as shortly after Liam arrived on the Elysium, the omnipotent beings known simply as "Q", attacked the ship and began to torture the crew. It seemed that the creatures were looking for a weapon of some kind.

After what seemed like weeks of being dragged through hell, the Q were captured by an even more malevolent being. However, this being seemed to favor the Elysium's commander, Admiral Myrkul Sharr, so it saved the crew and returned everyone to their proper dimension. It was discovered then that two weeks had gone by.

The Elysium returned to Earth and the crew were given a much deserved extended shore leave.

It was during this leave that Liam would meet someone who would change his life forever. He was sitting in one of the bars on the Elysium when the ship's Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Veronica Santiago, entered with her father, Edward Santiago. Liam was instantly attracted to her. He was trying to work out a problem with the targeting system of the Mark 11 and decided to ask Veronica if she could help him in any way.

With Veronica's help, Liam was able to get the targeting sensors working perfectly. Later, while the pair were on the firing range, alone, Liam suddenly kissed the Lieutenant. After an initial shock, she kissed him back.

The couple began to spend every free moment together. They were very happy together. They never felt a rank issue between them, even though she was a Fleeter Lieutenant and he was a Marine Private.

Their happiness hit a wall when Liam was critically injured in a fight with a Cardassian soldier that was posing as a diplomatic aide aboard the Elysium. During a tour given by the ship's Chief Diplomatic Officer, the group of Cardassians attacked the officer while on the Marine firing range. Liam immediately reacted and took on the largest Cardassian in the group. The fight quickly shifted to his opponent's favor when the Cardassian pulled out a rather vicious boot knife and tried to slice Liam to shreds.

The two large men grappled like the highly trained warriors that they were. Unfortunately, the Cardassian got the upper hand and buried his blade in Liam's right lung. Feeling a surge of adrenalin, the young Marine snapped his opponent's neck. He then turned to his compatriots and finally collapsed, slipping into unconsciousness.

He was quickly beamed to sick bay and the CMO successfully preformed emergency surgery, removing the knife and replacing the destroyed lung. Because of the injuries he sustained, Liam was in a coma for almost a week.

When he finally woke up, one of the first people he saw was his love, Veronica Santiago. He knew that she was the one for him and he never wanted to lose her. Unfortunately, fate would strike again.

Less than a week after he woke up in sickbay, Veronica suddenly disappeared from the ship. There was no word about where she was or why she had left. Liam was heartbroken. He returned to his unit and began his exhaustive rehabilitation treatments, slowly getting himself back into prime Marine fighting shape.

Shortly after he returned to his unit, the Elysium was attacked by a group of terrorists from the group know as the HGP, or, Humans for Genetic Purity. The group had snuck aboard to kill one of the Elysium's crew members. Their attacks caused mass chaos all over the ship. The attack culminated in the detonation of a device that not only sent the ship back in time, but also into the infamous Mirror Universe.

After a few days in the MU, the Marines were sent down to that dimension's Earth in an attempt to rescue Admiral Sharr. Many Marines lost their lives during the battle. Including one Marine that Liam had cared about the most, his Grandfather.

Liam's Grandfather had come aboard the Elysium while still in the Prime Universe. Then, during the evacuation of the Marines on MU Earth, Grampy Reece used his private runabout to run a defensive screen for the incoming Elysium transports. Unfortunately, during the Elysiums retreat, a large explosion seemingly consumed the runabout.

With nothing to show that he was alive, when the Elysium returned home, Liam's Grampy was listed as K.I.A.

The young Marine found some comfort in the company of his brothers on the ship and his parents and little sister back home on Earth. However, there was still one pain that no-one could help assuage. The loss of his love.

A few weeks later, Liam recieved orders to report for duty as a heavy weapons specialist at Camp Falkirk. With a somber farewell, the Reece boys went their seperate ways again.

After arriving at his new posting, he found that the base had just been reopened after a prolonged closure. He, along with his fellow Marines, Liam immediatly got to work bringing the base back online. During this long process, it was discovered that small primate-like animals had made their home inside the base's inner workings. It took several weeks to drive them all back out into their native tundra outside the walls.

Once the base was fully operational, Liam's unit got down to doung their actual work, defending this far corner sector of the UFP. Over the next several years, he participated in numerous skirmishes with pirates and other low-level criminals.

Finally, when he had been at the installation for his fire year rotation, he was given a choice of assignments. Seeing that the Elysium was available, and hearing excellent things about the unit and its current CO, a Lt Col Naxea, he decided to return to his former home.

As a bonus, he had heard that his older brother, Kyle, had also returned to the Elysium, as a shepard for a group of scientists on the ship's 's current mission. As the trip would take his transport a couple weeks, he decided to keep his arrival a secret, to suprise Kyle.

Little did he know that a few days after he left Falkirk, disaster struck and all comms with the planet was lost. He had no idea that Kyle would be under the assumption that his little brother was listed as MIA.

Shortly after joining the Elysium crew, Liam would meet two women who would ......(tbc)
Now only fate will decide what happens next.
Service Record 7 Jan 2386: Enlists in Starfleet Marine Corps

15 June 2386: Graduates SFMC Boot, Camp Parris Island, Earth (Private)

13 October 2386: Graduates third in class, SFMC Heavy Weapons Training School, Camp Hades, Mars (Private, Private First Class)

20 October 2386 - 10 June 2389: Embassy Guard Duty, Pacifica (Private First Class)

14 June 2389 - 4 March 2392: Assigned, USS Elysium, 62nd Marine Detachment, 2nd Platoon, Heavy Weapons Specialist (Private First Class, Corporal)

10 Mar 2392 - 20 September 2397: Assigned, Camp Falkirk, Alpha Company, 3rd Platoon, Heavy Weapons Specialist (Corporal - Sergeant)

14 October - PRESENT: Assigned, USS Elysium, 62nd Marine Detachment, 1st Platoon, Heavy Exposives (Sapper) Expert (Sergeant)
Languages Fed Standard, Klingon, Bolian

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Sergeant Reece is in full and complete health, and is capable of performing his duties as a Marine.
Allergies/Health Issues No known allergies or preexisting health issurs
Counseling Review While Sergeant Reece has cwrtainly seen his fare share of combat and death, he does seem lucid and mentally fit. I see no reason why he cannot be allowed to perform his duties.