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Hendor Charles [Reece]

Name Hendor Charles [Reece]

Position Crew Family

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "I love you Mama!"
Species Human
Age 5 years

Physical Appearance

Height 3' 4"
Weight 89 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue-green
Physical Description After several, fully successful, surgeries, Hendor now has a fully operational left eye and left ear implants. The following plastic surgeries were so well done, that he has the faintest of scars on his face and left side of his head.

His smile, when he shows it, could put a pulsar to shame.

While his left eye is artificial, his right eye is filled with the wonder of life that a young child, who is completely loved and protected, would have.


Father Captain George Charles (Adopted) (SFMC)
Mother Sergeant Leilani Charles (Adopted) (SFMC)
Other Family Sergeant Emily Charles (Aunt)

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is generally shy, when meeting new people. Then, after a bit of conversation, he will start to come out of his shell. After first living in a very hard and dangerous life on New Canaan, he is starting to see that the life a young boy should have, one full of love and safety, is much more enjoyable.
Strengths & Weaknesses +blossoming child-like wonder of the world around him.
+open, loving heart

-still has nightmares of former life on New Canaan.
Ambitions To experience all that his new life, with his Mama and Papa, on the the Elysium, has to offer.
Hobbies & Interests Playing games with his Mama and Papa, eating new ice cream flavors, playing in the Arboretum.

Character Background

Personal History Born on the Human Green colony world, know now as New Canaan, sometime in 2392. The exact date is unknown, as are the identities of his biological parents. It is known that he was born up in the lake country, because he was found, in a floating basket, by a member of the Outkasts, when she was gathering some fresh water and seeds to bring down below.

Upon opening the basket, it was quickly determined why he had been abandoned. He had been born badly deformed. While the right side of his face was normal, the left side was sunken in, plus, he had no left eyeball or eye socket, nor did he have a left ear or any of the associated tissues to hear on that side of his head.

The newborn was quickly taken to Home, and shown to Gregor, the leader of the Outkasts.

Gregor accepted the newborn into the ever-growing family of brothers and sisters that was the Outkasts. After finding him a nursing woman, he was given to her to care for and nurture this new life.

Slowly, the infant started to grow, though it was apparent early on that he would be on the small side. However, he seemed quite able to get into all forms of narrow spaces.

When he turned four, along with any other four year olds in the group, he had his naming ceremony, where he would pick the name that he would forever be known by.

The little boy thought long and hard and, ultimately picked Hendor. When asked why, he said, "Cause I fit through hen door."

Thus, Hendor was fully born. He started to train to be a messenger and another set of eyes, or eye, for Gregor when on the surface.

Shortly after turning five, while Hendor was on the surface, outlanders arrived topside. Gregor sent his fastest watchers to the surface, telling everyone else to stay below, until he knew it was safe.

Hendor, ever curious, didn't listen, and went topside as well. This would be a decision that would forever change his life.

While on the surface, he was seen by a group of local thugs, who gave chase, with threats that they would kill him if they caught him.

Thankfully, he didn't need to run far, as one of the Outlanders protected him, even ordering his warriors to form a protective ring around the both of them as they returned to one of the flying ships.

Upon returning to the massive Outlander spaceship, Hendor, still clutching tightly to the man who saved him, whose name was George, was taken to a medical room, which was apparently run by a magical dragon knight!

This was when Hendor met George’s mate, Leilani. Hendor thought he was seeing an angel when he looked at her. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen!

Soon, the Dragon Knight told Hendor that, if he wanted it, his face could be made to look, more like everyone else, with two eyes and two ears, and have them all work!

Hendor, nervous and excited by the prospect, agreed. And then the next bit of wonderful news happened. Leilani and George asked him if he'd like to stay with him, while he was on the ship, until the rest of his people could be found, that is.

The thought of spending more time with these two, super kind, super nice people, was too much to deny, so he said yes.

Later, when the three returned to Leilani and George’s home, Hendor was amazed by how much space they had! Twenty of his brothers and sisters would easily be able to sleep in their quarters!

Shortly after Hendor got to his new temporary home, the topsiders attacked, forcing George to go and fight and Leilani to help the wounded. Hendor did as Leilani told him, and stayed in their quarters, where she said it was safe. He had something called a holonanny keep him company during the battle.

Following the short battle, Leilani and George made another decision regarding Hendor’s future. They asked Gregor if they could adopt him! After speaking with Hendor, and seeing that the Charles's were taking excellent care of him, the Outkast leader agreed. Then, following some governmental paperpushing, the adoption was certified and Leilani and George became Hendor's new parents!

Their bond quickly cemented and, shortly afterwards, Hendor was told that he would be a big brother by the middle of the following year. This made him very happy indeed!

The next six weeks went by calmly enough. Hendor did have the first two of four surgeries necessary to give him full sight and hearing.

Sadly, a week after he got his hearing, Leilani, his Mama, returned from a mission to the Dragon Knight's homeworld. She had to stay in isolation for two or three weeks.

This news made Hendor very said. It made his Papa, George, very sad too. Several nights, Hendor would fall asleep in his father’s arms, only to wake there in the morning.

One day, Papa came to Hendor and told him that they were going to get cleaned up and dressed in their best. They were going to go see Mama, and give her a suprise birthday party, while keeping the isolation walls between them.

Over the next several months, young Hendor finished receiving all of his reconstruction surgeries, leaving him with the faintest of scars on his face and head. He and his family were told that, as he grew and matured, he would need follow-up surgeries, to adjust or replace his prostheses.

In the meantime, he lived his life as a happy, carefree little boy, spending his time either at school, with his parents or his best friend, Skylah McBride. (A few of the adults in his and her lives will sometimes comment to each other about just how cute Hendor is in his clear puppy love for Skylah.)

As Hendor was sleeping one night, the Elysiym shook violently around him. He quickly went to his parent's bedroom, to find only his father there. He had forgotten that Mama had had to work overnight.

Before Hendor knew what was happening, the ship shook even more. His father quickly wrapped his body around him, just before they both were tossed to the far bulkhead. When they hit, he heard his father cry out in pain.

It was later discovered that his father had broken his back protecting Hendor.

The ship continued to shake and explosions could be heard around them. All the while, Hendor stayed close to his Papa, even bringing him a blanket once the shaking stopped.

After they were rescued by some of the Elysium's marines, Hendor stayed close to his Papa, not knowing where his Mama was or if she was okay.

When they reached the relative safety of Marine Country, Hendor saw his aunt, Emily. Together, with the help of a doctor, she was able to help stabilize and save Papa.

Once they were loaded up onto a shuttle, Hendor's mother, Leilani, finally found them and after a few teary hugs and kisses, the family was transported down the unknown planet elbow. Hendor had no idea where they were or how serious their situation was.

Down on the snowy planet (he had never seen snow before), Hendor spent his time either in his family tent, the main relaxation tent, or in the tent that Skylah's family was assigned to. Very little of his time now was spent away from Skylah. Wherever they went, they stayed close, holding hands. He started to feel the need to protect her.

What happens next, is up to fate...
Languages English

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Born with severe cranial deformations, Hendor has undergone several successful medical procedures to both rebuild his head and face, and gain both vision and hearing on the left side of his head.
Allergies/Health Issues None known
Counseling Review Hendor is a quiet young boy, which is completely understandable, given his orginal way of life on New Canaan. He is slowly learning how to adjust to his new life, both on the Elysium and with his new parents, George and Leilani Charles.

While his education level is behind the current average level, he does seem to possess the ability to learn new skills and retain new knowledge quickly.

Should his current lifestyle stay constant, I foresee Hendor becoming a fully productive and happy member of society.