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High Priestess An'Dalus

Name An'Dalus

Position Diplomat

Rank High Priestess

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Sequus
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 7'2"
Weight 387lbs
Hair Color White/cream colour coat
Eye Color Light Hazel
Physical Description Anne is a Bipedal Mammalian equine, Toned and muscular like most native Sequellians though she has a far more curvy physique than her male counterparts

The Sequus have been described by Starfleet officers although standing on two legs, Resembling closely with earth Equine populations, Though somehow at the same time completely alien.

Both sexes are noted as having long muscular legs which are similar in appearance to the hind legs of an earth horse, This also includes large hooves at the end of each extremity.

Both males and females possess four nipples though the lower two on females are usually much smaller and without a breast, subsequently they lack any mammary glands and do not produce milk, though it is not uncommon for two much smaller breasts to develop that can, in the case of Anne, she only has the two.

Their hands are four-fingered and evolved to be just as dexterous as other sentient humanoid species.

Males within the race are known to be broader and physically larger compared to their female counterparts, but only by a small margin, Whereas the females have less pronounced and more rounded features, typically having a shorter nasal bone and overall shorter length to their skull.

Skin and overall hair colours and patterns can vary greatly from each individual Sequus to the point it is used as a form of universal identification similar to how every human fingerprint is unique, the hair length can also vary greatly depending on which hemisphere and climate an individual has originated from - however, majority of the planet is tropical to some degree.

Anne like all Sequus also possesses a long flowing tail and thick mane that runs down the ridge of their back, sometimes connecting to the tail hair with some individuals. Both manes and tails are usually tied up in an ornate fashion, using jewellery or a patterned fabric to express themselves.

Like all Sequellians, Anne is covered from Hoof to brow in thick but very short hair, for which he is mostly cream white, Her cream mane is usually let loose but adorned with ornamental cuffs and beads.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Anne has an insatiable curiosity for other species and cultures, while at the same time wanting to express her own as much as possible to as wide an audience as possible.

This usually translates into her having a very welcoming and motherly persona, though she can sometimes be too much for some people, as like most Native Sequus, personal space is not something they have much of a concept of.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical
+ Enthusiastic
+ Curious
+ Open minded

- Stubborn
- No regard for personal space

Character Background

Personal History Anne is a native Sequus of the western equatorial regions of Sequella, having been in her late teenage years when her people encountered Starfleet and eventually joined the Federation.

This sudden Acknowledgement by her people that they were no longer alone in the universe spurned her curiosity in her late twenties to serve her people at the forefront, being an open hand of friendship for them and to operate as a cultural representative.

As such, she was inducted into the Mortuary cult to learn the finer details and history of her people, quickly rising the ranks of her circle to become a High priestess before finally joining the diplomatic core of the newly founded Sequus Planetary defense force, her peoples first and uneasy steps at becoming a truly space-faring species.

Though she quickly found that she could be far more useful aboard a non Sequus starship, learning first hand from the vast array of aliens that now served aboard such Starfleet vessels.
Languages Native Sequellian - Federation Standard - Vulcan - Klingon - a small amount of Romulan - Ferengi

Medical and Psychological Information