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Lieutenant Noa'Shienne Oasis

Name Noa'Shienne Oasis

Position Botanist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Dunepaw Arten
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 4'8''
Weight 121 pounds
Hair Color sandy tan fur over most of her body, with lighter tan fur on her stomach and chest, and dark brown markings on her face.
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Noa'Shienne is a fairly typical looking Arten. She has a vulpinoid shaped body, and is tall (for an arten) and lean, with a somewhat coarse look to her fur. She has very large, triangular shaped ears on her head that swivel back and forth like that of an earth fox or cat, and a long, bushy tan tail, the tip of which rests a few inches above the ground. Her legs are digitrade,with darker brown spots up to her knees, along with similar brown spots on her forearms to her elbows. She has a slightly lighter tan fur on her stomach, thighs, chest, and neck. She usually stands upright and tall, but is very comfortable shifting to all fours for a smaller profile or faster movement. Currently she tends to wear a long, padded green dress and long sleeved top, but in warmer weather she wears a lot less. She has a gold choker, and a pair of turquoise studs in her right ear.


Spouse None
Children Nem'Etohk Oasis: Female Dunepaw Arten, age 4, Lives on Artania
Father Chief Gre'diashou Oasis
Mother Chieftess Tal'Ibard Oasis-Talldunes
Brother(s) Cal'Doras Oasis: Age 35, Captain of the ACDF Typhoon
Coh'Fulltara Oasis: Age 32, Wastrel on Artania somewhere
Nef'Torbin Oasis-Taildunes: Age 21, Serving aboard the NX 2127 Memnon (crewman, fresh from the academy)
Sister(s) Sin'Cora Oasis: 30, housewife on Artania
Loa'goro Oasis: 26, Serving aboard the ACDF Lagoon as a junior science officer
Hed'rash Oasis-Taildunes: 17, At home with her parents on Artania, studying medicine.
Other Family Fin'Laydo Cragwatch: 28, Ex Boyfriend, raising their daughter on Artania
Clan Oasis.
Clan Taildunes (By father's marriage)
Leh'toka: was 38, (deceased birth mother, Tal'Ibard is step mother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Noa'Shienne, or Noa for short, is stubborn, strong willed, and very confident. She can be a little bit on the standoffish side, and definitely has a complex due to being the middle child of the chief. She has a very high work ethic, and throws herself into her work and her passions. She can be friendly when she knows you though, and possesses a sarcastic wit at times. She is unused to military life now, having not been in either Star Fleet or the ACDF in years. But she does have the same social tendencies most Dunepaws have, including an occasional lack of respect for other's personal space. Sometimes she doesn't know when it's appropriate, as she's been on Artania for quite some time.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Very driven for her work
+Always willing to listen to other scientific experts to expand her understanding.
+Heightened sense of smell
+Expert in medicine and Biology, especially botany
+/- Deeply social psychology, always wants to be around others, and may experience anxiety if left alone with none of her work to distract herself. Can occasionally cause her work to become sloppy.
+/- Strong familial connections. On Artania, her family is a fairly influencial one, so this may effect her dealings with other Artens. This can be both positive and negative depending on how her family is viewed by them.
-Has a higher than average metabolism
-Exceedingly stubborn
-Has little respect for command when it's not a scientific authority
-/+ Extremely sensitive ears. Can hear things most species can not, be they very quiet or a higher frequency, but is very susceptible to pain and disorientation from sound, or air pressure changes.
Ambitions Study plants across the galaxy, so she can introduce genetically modified plants to Artania. This way she will be able to sort of soft terraform this desert world into one that's not so harsh on her people and visitors. Especially plants that create more water over time to assist in making the world more hospitable
Hobbies & Interests Ancient medicine, history, folk medicine and alternative medical treatments, Arten spirituality, alien cultures and customs, alien spirituality.

Character Background

Personal History Noa'Shienne was born to one of the major Chiefs of Artania, and was one of the middle children. She lived a rather privledged life, in her father's walled city. Being one of the protectors of the only sources of water on the planet, the Oasis Clan had vast wealth and influence, and Noa used it to the fullest. She developed an interest in medicine and science from a very early age, and pursued this passion relentlessly. She recieved dozens of awards and honors all through school, but being on a desert planet made her studies hard. When talks began to open with the Federation as a child, thanks to her father's position, she was allowed to tour a star ship, the NX 2215 Auron. It was there she discovered alien plant life, and immediately she wanted the chance to study more.

When she was 8, she and her mother were out visiting a smaller village that was less fortunate. At this point, Noa was starting to become a spoiled young brat, but her mother wanted this not to occur. She saw the good points in her daughter, and wanted to nurture her into being a well rounded, compassionate person. One the last day of the trip as they began to go home a sandstorm was kicked up, knocking out communications and crashing their vehicle. Noa's mother helped her shelter from the intense wind and sand, but they were stranded for days, ill prepared for such a wait. Her mother gave Noa the water in rations, to try and ensure she survived, and when it was clear it would run out, she left Noa in the relative safety of the skiff and ventured back to town to find help. Noa was eventually found by the villagers, but her mother had died to the elements. This become the source of Noa's drive to find plants to help sculpt Artania into a more hospitable place, both because of her mother's death, and the kindness of the villagers until her father came to bring her home.

The next year, her father married a scion of another clan to strengthen the ties of the two. It was an arranged marriage, and the two didn't really love each other, but they made it work. They worked quiet well together, governing their respective provinces, and even had a couple of children together. For her part, Noa grew close to her step mother, alongside one of her older brothers and her sisters, despite one brother seeing this as a betrayal of their mother. Noa also never had a problem with her half siblings, and developed a strong familial tie to most of her new family as well.

When Noa graduated from her schools, she was immediately accepted into the ACDF Science Academy, where she studied for a couple of years. But, she was dissatisfied with this academy, and worked hard to arrange a sponsor into Star Fleet Academy. She had no qualms about flaunting her family's power, which made her a bit of a pariah to her less fortunate class mates, but she was driven. None of them mattered. She excelled in her courses, and got away with a lot of things other cadets wouldn't, simply because of her family ties.

When she was accepted into Star Fleet academy, it was quite a shock to her system. While she had breezed through her old classes, even at the ACDF Academy, she found herself being challenged for the first time. In addition, her father's name meant absolutely nothing to anyone. She had to stand on her own merits. But she also found this to be a wonderful trial. She couldn't rely on her family name any more, but she also wasn't coddled because of it. She ended up having to spend an extra year to make up on courses outside of her interests, but she eventually graduated in the year 2390, with honors.

Swiftly after the academy she was scooped up by the NX Artemis, an old Excelsior class ship, as a nurse. She practiced medicine for half a year, and took part in several away missions. One such mission, she illegally brought local flora aboard, leading to a reprimand from the CMO, Doctor Watson. It was not entered into her record however, and Dr. Watson discovered Noa's specialty was being wasted as just a nurse. So, at her urging, Noa transferred to the science department, where she excelled in her research. In 2392 she was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Later that year, when her first tour of duty was complete, her father approached her, wanting to fund a Xenobiology Lab on Artania. She siezed the opportunity to return home, and resigned from Star Fleet. She met her boyfriend there, and eventually had a child. But, she was always much more focused on her work, and they broke up on less than favorable terms four years later, with him taking her daughter with him. At the lab, she dove deep into her research on plants to help change the artan biosystem, neglecting all else. She began to isolate herself. Ironically, it was because of her past with star fleet, where she stood on her own. Once back home, it felt like things were the way they were before, where she was seen as just her father's daughter, rather than her own, highly skilled person. When news came of the Elysium, and their need for a medical scientist with some of her skills, she swiftly accepted the position, coming aboard as an advisor and expert. However, she had plans to ask about reinstating her rank, and serving in Star Fleet once again, where she could pursue her goals without her clan looming over her.
Service Record 2385: Joined the ACDF Academy.
2387: Transfered to Starfleet Academy to pursue her goals, majored in botanical biology and genetic engineering, took courses in other various medical fields.
2390: Graduated the academy with honors.
2390: Assigned to the NX 3074 Artemis as a nurse.
2391: Transferred to the science department.
2392: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2392 to 2397: Resigned from Star Fleet to return home and work in a xenobiology lab with grants from her chief.
Languages Artanian (Native tongue), English (Fluent), Klingonese (Semi fluent)
Academy Graduation Year 2390

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review All clear, no issues detected.
Allergies/Health Issues N/A
Counseling Review Noa is a fierce, but loyal person. Her family ties are very important to her, but also are point of contention. She loves her family, but wants to prove she is capable without them. She needs to be reminded to take breaks and relax from time to time!