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Master Chief Petty Officer Chuck Finley [Reece]

Name Chuck Finley [Reece]

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote Any time is a good time for mojitos.
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 264 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He is a stocky man, built like a brawler. His eyes always have a mischevious glint to them. He also has a very easy smile that most women seem to enjoy a lot.

Nearly half his body is covered in scars from injuries he received from the Jem'Hadar captors that held him as a P.O.W. During the Dominion War.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father CMC Donavon George Finley (Retired)(73 yrs)
Mother Capt Elvira Rose Finley (Retired)(68 years)
Brother(s) Cmdr Richard James Finley (34 yrs , XO-USS Amaganset )
Sister(s) Col Rebecca Anne Mitchelson (36 yrs, CO- Camp Thunderfoot, Bajor)
Other Family Maj Steven Mitchelson (37 yrs, CO- Alpha Company, USS Gettysburg)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chuck is absolutely loyal to those he calls "friend". He will be the first to volunteer to help. He will also be the first to order the drinks once the job is done. He works hard, and plays harder. He works very hard to ensure the safety and fair treatment of his fellow service members.

He tends to carry a strong sense of responsibility for those around him, even going so far as carrying the burden of their deaths as a personal failure.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strong analytical mind

Ambitions To become the Command Master Chief of Starfleet, like his father before him. One day, perhaps get married and start a family.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: reading, swimming, climbing, orbital skydiving, horseback riding.

Interests: Women, mojitos, guns, women.

Character Background

Personal History Born 10 June 2340, at the Adm Leonard H. McCoy Memorial Medical Center, located in New Berlin on Luna, to Donavon and Elvira Finley. His father was a Senior Chief Petty Officer at Enterprise Station and his mother was a cardiothorasic surgeon at the medical center in which he was born. He was to be the first of three children for the loving and happy couple. When he was four, the family was blessed with a little girl, Rebecca Anne. Two years after that, the family grew again with the addition of another boy, Richard James.

The Finley home was a very happy and loving one for the three children to grow up in. Each child was given every opportunity to grow and flourish into their own destinies. All during his school years, Chuck had but one goal, to enlist in Starfleet just like his father did. Everything he did was but a stepping stone towards his goal.

While he wasn't the smartest student or the best athlete, he constantly pushed himself and gained his fare share of awards and accolades during his school years. Upon graduation from high school, he was ranked in the top ten percent of his class and was the captain of the Paresis Squares and Chess teams.

A week after he graduated, he walked into the local Starfleet recruiter's office and enlisted. When he initially signed up, he requested to go into the starship engineering field, just like his father was. He then shipped out to Earth, to attend Boot Camp at the historic Great Lakes Naval Training Center, located on the North American continent in the state formerly known as Michigan.

He excelled at his training and upon graduation from both Boot Camp and his secondary schooling, was given his choice of assignments. He chose the Akira Class starship, USS Rutledge. He was assigned to the crew and made an Engineer's Assistant.

He would stay on the Rutledge for the next two and a half years, moving to various sub departments in the Engineering Department and getting promoted along the way as well. His time on the Rutledge was relatively quiet and uneventful. There were a couple times when there was some form of action for the ship, but nothing serious enough to take note of.

In January of 2372, PO2 Finley transfers from the Rutledge to the USS Orion, a Hornet Class starship, where e took over as the chief of the damage control teams. Two weeks into his new assignment, the second Federation-Klingon War began. A month into the short war, the Orion took part in a major battle during the Battle of Delindra III. It was the site of a forward observation listening post used by the Klingon Empire. The Orion was part of a ten starship fleet that entered the system undetected by heading through a large nebula located in the galactic southern pole of the system.

During the battle, the Orion was severely damaged and boarded by a squad of Klingon warriors. While PO2 Finley and his teams were busy trying to repair the damage to the Orion, he saw over the internal sensors the Klingons entering the bridge and set off several grenades, killing the entire bridge crew, including the Captain.

Knowing that the Orion's XO was the only officer left alive on the small ship, Chuck quickly moved the woman to the emergency transporter located in engineering and forced her onto the pad and stored her in the buffer. Once the Klingons were repelled, Finley freed the XO so she could take over command of what was left of the Orion.

After the battle was successfully completed, the crew of the Orion was transported back to Starbase 417 to be reassigned to new starships. Chuck's former XO decided to repay the young petty officer for saving her life. She knew that Chuck had shown interest in the Intelligence field, so, she called in a few of her own personal favors and secured a class slot for Finley back on Earth. After thanking her, Chuck departed for his future.

After he finished his schooling, Finley was assigned to the USS Wolfsbane, an Akira Class vessel. Less than a month into his posting, the Borg comensed their second attack against Earth. During the short battle, the Wolfsbane and the rest of the fleet tried valiantly to stop the Cube. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in doing so until the brand new USS Enterprise-E entered the fray.

Regrettably, when the Borg cube was destroyed, the Wolfsbane was caught in the blast wave and suffered catastrophic damage to all systems. The ship was broken apart in the chaos. While some emergency force fields held, others couldn't stand the strain and failed. Most of the crew was lost.

Chuck, himself, had been pinned to the deck when a piece of conduit broke free and shot through his right thigh. He had to use his phaser to cut the metal, freeing himself. Afterwards, with gravity failing, he didn't need to put any weight on his injured leg. He began pulling himself along towards the nearest lifepod. The first one he got to was full, but wouldn't launch due to a malfunction with the launch mechanism. Putting aside his own life, he pulled open the console and launched the pod manually. As he made his way to the next pod, a sudden hull breach on his deck threatened to kill him. Thankfully, the pull of the vacuum maneuvered him towards an empty lifepod. He grabbed a piece of exposed structural girder and held on until the pull of the vacuum subsided. Unfortunately, when it did, that also meant that he had no oxygen.

As quickly as he could manage, he pulled himself into the pod, sealed the hatch, and launched it. He blacked out immediately afterward.

He woke up one week later in the hospital. His injuries had been treated and the doctors stated that he should recover fully, however, the vacuum had apparently put a heavy strain on his body. His right lung, spleen and kidneys had to be replaced with artificial organs. It would take him six months to get back in shape enough to rejoin the fleet.

Upon his reinstatement into the active duty, Finley was transferred to the USS Dimitrious to assume the duties of Analysis Specialist and Assistant Team Leader. A few months after assuming his duties, Finley was promoted to Petty Officer First Class.

A month later, the Dimitrious took part in a successful battle to destroy a Dominion relay station located on Beta Ursa Minor II. The battle itself was a short one, as the Jem'Hadar ships positioned there to protect the facility had been pulled away by a large decoy attacking force of Starfleet ships. During the melee, the Dimitrious snuck in, under cloak, and before the Dominion could recall their protection, laid waste to the planet's surface with several well placed torpedo volleys.

Later that year, the Dimitrious is part of the first Battle of the Chin'Toka System. After the battle is over, the Dimitrious is ordered to remain on site in the system in order to begin the arduous task of collecting and deciphering the vast amount of enemy intel that had been captured.

Over the next seven months, volumes of data are collected and recorded. During this time, Finley becomes the Dimitrious' Encryption Specialist. He quickly starts to become an expert on the Dominion and Jem'Hadar.

January of 2375 starts an extremely dark chapter in PO2 Finley's life. During a moment of lax attention, a trio of Jem'Hadar battle cruisers ambush the Dimitrious and cripple her almost instantly. The only thing that had saved her from being destroyed outright was the fact that among some of the collected items brought aboard, a small stasis capsule was hidden. Inside the capsule was a Founder, hidden away by its followers during the battle in an attempt to save it. While most of the crew of the Dimitrious were killed, Chuck and a handful of survivors were captured and taking to a P.O.W. camp deep behind Dominion lines.

The next nine months would be the darkest that he would face to date. Along with his fellow prisoners, Finley was placed in a camp which had abysmal conditions. The life support systems were kept at a minimum operating level, just enough for the Jem'Hadar troops stationed there. The food was nearly inedible and the water was unpurified. Added to this, were the numerous interrogations and general beatings.

Segregated from any captured officers, Finley was the highest ranking individual in his cell. Even through the darkest time to come, he continued to work hard to keep his fellow cellmates inspired and motivated to fight against their oppressors.

Three months into his captivity, Finley saw a chance to escape. He gathered the ten other men and women that were imprisoned with him and, when the time seemed right, they broke out and began their escape attempt. The attempt was nearly successful, however, as the escaping prisoners were about to board the shuttle that they had gained access to, a trio of Jem'Hadar shock troopers discovered them and sounded the alarm. The prisoners were all recaptured.

After it was discovered the Finley had led the escape attempt, the Vorta in charge of the camp had him strung up and forced to watch as his fellow escapees were executed slowly, one by one. After they were all dead, Finley was placed in solitary confinement. He remained in a tiny two meter by two meter cell for the next two months.

After being released from his cell and returned to general population, he immediately began to formulate a new escape plan.

Eight months into his captivity, Finley had discovered another weakness in their confinement. When the opportunity arose, Finley led another escape attempt. This time, however, the Jem'Hadar troops were waiting. The attempt had been known about from the beginning from a prisoner that had been broken and turned. The group of prisoners, numbering twenty-seven this time, were ambushed when they were attempting to clear the main courtyard. A horrific close quarters melee erupted. Several Jem'Hadar troops were killed, but not before most of the escaping prisoners had been killed or recaptured. Finley suffered his greatest injury when, during a fierce struggle with a young Jem'Hadar soldier, he was struck from behind by another enemy soldier. When he fell, the pair descended upon him, continuing their beating. Before they were pulled of of him, both his legs and back were broken and he had severe internal injuries.

The Vorta decided to make an example of Chuck. He immediately sentenced Finley to death. Chuck was dragged into the center of the open courtyard and the rest of the prisoner population was assembled to watch the dying Petty Officer be executed. As the executioner was about to deal his final blow, a Founder beamed down and ordered a halt to the execution and immediate release of all prisoners. It seemed that the war had ended and the Dominion had been defeated by the Alpha Quadrant powers. Finley was immediately given medical treatment as the camp awaited the arrival of the USS Lariat, a Nebula Class vessel, converted to act as a mobile medical ship, which had been dispatched to recover all of the prisoners.

The next ten months would prove to be nearly as difficult, physicslly, as Chuck endured the painful rehabilitation of his injuries and then had to learn how to walk again.

Upon his release from treatment, Finley was given the option of leaving the service with an honorable retirement. He chose, instead, to remain in the fleet. He was promoted two ranks to Chief Petty Officer and assigned to the Steam runner Class starship, USS Halsey and became her new Head Collections Manager.

During the next five years, he volunteered, and received training for, covert training in Starfleet IIntelligence.


Information covering all personal data from 10 September 2382 to 15 September 2390 listed as Level Alpha One Top Secret Classified. Only C.I.C. Starfleet and UFP President are privy to this information.


The beginning of October in 2390 began a new chapter in Senior Chief Petty Officer Finley's life. He was transferred to Triton Seabase to assume his duties as the base's new Command Senior Chief.

Shortly after arriving on the seabase, located on the tropical paradise of Amphitrite, Chuck met a young woman that he instantly became attracted to, Ensign Emma Dunne, newly arrived Diplomatic officer. The two quickly grew close and began to find the happiness in each other that they had been missing from their lives.

This happiness was interrupted, however, when an invading Klingon fleet arrived in orbit and conquered Amphitrite.

During an occupation that lasted several weeks, the Starfleet resistance continued to irritate the Klingon occupiers. The Klingons had a firm foothold on the planet and when Starfleet sent a liberation fleet in to free the planet, the Klingons laid waste to the planet, the survivors from Triton Seabase escaped through a temporal portal that had been discovered inside a submerged temple, located at the bottom of the ocean.




On 6 October, 2391, now Master Chief Petty Officer Finley was transferred to the USS Nimitz, Flagship of Task Force 72 and a part of Starfleet Tactical Command's Long-range Threat Assessment and Response Division. He assumed the duties of Chief of the Boat, or CoB.

For the next several years, Chuck took part in several missions of various difficulty and danger, until one day in late 2397, the Nimitz is destroyed in a skirmish against several dozen sentient battle robots that had been turned against the people they were designed to protect.

Though the Nimitz was lost, the mission was completed successfully. The ship's survivors were returned to Earth and, after a debriefing and much deserved R&R, were assigned to new commands in the fleet.

Chuck was elated to find out that he was being sent to the Flagship of the fleet, USS Elysium. He hoped that he would be a good addition to the crew.

What happens next is anyone's guess....
Service Record 7 January 2369: Enlisted in Starfleet. Did his training at the historic Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Michigan, North American continent, Earth.

10 June 2369: Assigned to USS Rutledge, Crewman, Engineer's Apprentice.

15 March 2370: Promoted to Creman

21 September 2370: Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class.

17 October 2370: Assigned to Cloak System Repair Team, USS Rutledge.

3 November 2371: Assigned to Damage Control Team, USS Rutledge, as Assistant Team Leader.

4 December 2371: Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class

7 January 2372: Transferred to USS Orion, joins Damage Control Team as Team Leader. Takes part in Battle of Delindra III, during second Federation/Klingon War. Awarded Bronze Star for heroism under fire when his ship is boarded by Klingon warriors during battle. His actions saved the life of the ship's XO after the Captain had been killed in an explosion on the bridge.

21 March 2372: Under recommendation from USS Orion XO, sent back to Earth to begin training in Intelligence Field. Attends School at Fort Meade, Maryland, North American continent.

23 April 2373: Assigned to USS Wolfsbane and defends Earth from second Borg incursion. Awarded second Bronze Star and Purple Heart for actions and injuries performed and incurred. USS Wolfsbane destroyed with only a handful of crew escaping.

17 October 2373: Assigned to USS Dimitrious, as Analysis Specialist and Assistant Team Leader.

3 January 2374: Promoted to Petty Officer First Class and made Team Leader of Analysis Team.

17 Febuary 2374: While assigned to USS Dimitrious, took part in the successful Battle of Beta Ursae Minor II.

23 June 2374: While assigned to USS Dimitrious, took part in the first Battle of the Chin'Toka System. USS Dimitrious ordered to remain on station inside system and work on decripting classified Dominion intelligence captured during battle.

27 January 2375: Becomes Encryption Specialist for USS Dimitrious. While still in-system, USS Dimitrious attacked and crippled by surprise Jem'Hadar attack. Taken prisoner with the rest of the surviving crew. Will spend the next nine months as a P.O.W. During captivity, works extremely hard to keep moral of those under him up and attempts escape twice. Both attempts fail. During second attempt, he is severely beaten while trying to defend his people. During beating, his back is broken. After second attempt, is sentenced to death. As he is being escorted to his execution, orders come down from Dominion leadership that the war has ended and aall prisoners must be released immediately. Spends next ten months in Federation hospital, healing and learning how to walk again. Awarded several awards in recognition of his actions during the remainder of the war and his imprisonment, the most important being the Medal of Valor for his actions during second failed escape attempt.

23 August 2377: Promoted to Chief Petty Officer. Assigned to USS Halsey as Head Collections Manager.

10 May 2381: Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer

30 September 2382: Began work as a Field Agent. Sent to Romulous under deep cover during the internal power struggle that was taking place in the Empire.

2 Febuary 2387: Hobus Explodes. To keep cover secure, evacuates with other Romulans aboard Starfleet emergency task force sent to save refugees. Returns to Earth for debriefing and readjustment period.

1 October 2390: Assigned to Triton Seabase as new Chief of the Boat. Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer. A year later, promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer.

6 October 2391: Assigned to USS Nimitz as new Chief of the Boat


1. Advanced Crewman Training/Occupational Specialty School
Kyoto, Japan, Earth, 10 July, 2370. (PO3)

2. Advanced Crewman Training/Occupational Specialty School
Antares Fleet Yards, Antares IV, 20 October, 2371 (PO2)

3. Advanced Crewman Training/Occupational Specialty School
Kyoto, Japan, Earth, 17 Novrmber, 2373 (PO1)

4. Subsoace attendence to Yale, Business Management Major, attended accelerated course, 7 January 2374 to 16 December 2374. Attained Bachelor's Degree.

5. Senior Enlisted Academy (CPO)
St. Dominic, Mantilles, 5 September 2376

6. Senior Enlisted Academy (SCPO)
St. Dominic, Mantilles, 14 February 2381



(In descending order of precedence)
(Back story awards)

Medal of Valor
Distinguished Service Medal
Silver Star
Legion of Merit
Bronze Star Medal (X2)
Pike Medallion for Heroic Injury (X2)
Meritorious Service Medal (X3)
Star Fleet Commendation Medal (X2)
Star Fleet Achievement Medal (X4)
Combat Action Ribbon (X7)
Prisoner of War Medal
Federation Humanitarian Award
Romulan Campaign Service Medal
Dominion Campaign Service Medal
Klingon Campaign Service Medal
Borg Campaign Service Medal
Gold Lifesaving Medal
Star Fleet Unit Citation (Borg Attack of Earth)
Fleet Unit Commendation (1st Battle of Chin'Toka)
Meritorious Unit Commendation (2nd Fed-Klingon War)
Wormhole Award
Alpha Quadrant Service Ribbon
Beta Quadrant Service Ribbon
Gamma Quadrant Service Ribbon
Bajoran Service
Boarding Repulsion Ribbon (2nd Fed/Klingon War)

(Sim awards)

Creativity Award (Triton Seabase) (first award)
Languages Federation standard, High Klingon, Common Klingon, Breen, Romulan, Dominion, some Borgr

Medical and Psychological Information