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Lieutenant Cassia Cavendish

Name Cassia Cavendish

Position Academy Instructor - Flight Track

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "The thinner the ice, the more anxious everyone is to see whether it will bear."
Species ½ Human ½ Betazoid
Age 30
Cabin Assignment Deck 20 -25 K-O

Physical Appearance

Height 5f8
Weight 90lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Spouse Nicholas Reece (Fiancé)
Children Bryleigh Emma-Rose Reece
Father Joseph Cavendish
Mother Mira Cavendish
Brother(s) James Cavendish, 35 -Lt. Commander, CHENG, USS Harristown
Eric Cavendish, 33- Lt. Commander, Chief Tactical Officer, USS Morris Shore
Sister(s) Mia Cavendish, – deceased, Former Lieutenant, Medical, Starbase 34 (31)
Carla Cavendish, 27 – Lieutenant, Tactical officer USS Kilkenny,

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cassia is a quiet person when around those she doesn’t know even more so since being a prisoner of the Breen. Her time as a prisoner of war on a Breen controlled planet has marked her and she often has nightmares about the time on the planet. Counsellors have not been able to get her to talk about it or to help her. She often retreats to her love of Ice-Skating and can often be found in the holodeck practising.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Self taught Knife Skills
+ Piloting skills

- Scared of the Breen
- Do not sneak up on her, she hates that
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Ice-skating, Skiing, though her love of snow has waned a lot in the past few years.

Character Background

Personal History Second youngest of 5 children, Cassia was born on April 5th 2367. She was the second daughter and very much a middle child. She was left much to her own devices and often got into trouble because of them. Even though what she got herself into was never terrible. When she hit high school Cassia retreated into her own little world. She worked hard at her studies, though neither her teachers nor parents showed any interest in her grades which were always as high as her older siblings. She won awards in High School for her ice-skating, putting in over 6 hours a day on it, 3 hours before and 3 hours after school to practice. Though neither her parents or her siblings ever attended unless it was a major school awards night and she never got any congratulations.

When she graduated she was valedictorian and her grades gave her a choice of colleges, from Oxford to Yale, but Cassia, determined to prove herself, set out for Starfleet Academy, following her siblings into the service.

Her years in the academy were quiet and productive. She worked hard, and made little in the way for friends as she aimed for graduation ahead of schedule. She took the route of high achiever. She graduated in 3 years, by doubling her workload and basically pushing to succeed. She graduated the same year as her older sister Mia, and to make matters worse she beat her scores in everything! Cassia graduated in the top 2% while her sister made the top 5% Area.

Their parents and siblings attended the graduation and when Cassia’s name was called out, all there was polite applause. And when Mia was named her family hooted and hollered. So Cassia returned to the family home, packed everything, rented a house in San Francisco to use when she came home on leave and severed all contact with her family.

She went to her first posting the USS Excalibur without a backwards glance. Her two years there were again the round of hard work and concentration. She had gained a reputation for being cold and business like. Counsellors were concerned about her lack of emotions, which was strange for a half Betazoid.

Despite this she rose to the rank of Lt JG on the Excalibur. She worked hard there and in 2390 applied for a transfer. It was granted and she was sent to the USS Jean Luc. The Jean Luc was a good posting to begin with, until they came into conflict with a Breen Battle fleet in 2390.

The deaths of the senior flight control officers put Cassia into the position of manning the battle bridge while the XO made his slow way down from the bridge., With the Captain dead and the majority of the senior staff wounded or dead, the XO ordered Cassia to ram the Jean Luc into the lead Breen warship.

Cassia did as ordered knowing there was little chance of survival. But before the ships collided, the survivors were beamed off the ship and onto the Breen ships and into holding cells. Cassia and her fellow shipmates were taken to Breen, accused of attacking the Breen fleet without provocation.

They were sent directly to a prison world, a world of L-class status, covered in ice and snow. Of Jean Luc's 258 surviving crew, 16 died the first night from exposure and wounds. Among them the second officer and chief of Engineering. The Assistant Chief of Medical died two days later, leaving an ensign in charge of the remaining crew’s health. The XO chose Cassia as his XO and for the next two years they fought and struggled to keep their crew together and alive. The 241 members of the crew grew to 242 in 2391 with the birth of a child named Eric Morris, son to the dead chief engineer and his scientist wife. Without proper medical facilities, the mother died of blood loss hours after the birth despite the crew struggling to save her.

They lived in caves carved out of rock, with ice and snow packed in around to keep out the wind. Their wardens were Breen who brought them food, barely edible and water. For the ice was salty and not safe or good to drink.

By 2392 when the federation were told of their presence and allowed to retrieve them, there were only 211 left, including the baby who was being cared for by a civilian from the Jean Luc. It was may 2392 when they were beamed up to their rescuing ship, the USS Keller. Starved and most with very little in the way of muscle retention, the crew were instantly confined the medical where they underwent intense medical checks and the like. The Keller crew worked hard to keep them alive and for many weeks, the rescued barely ate as their stomachs had shrunk so much that they could only handle fluids.

Several weeks later the remaining crew were back on Earth, warming their toes on the beaches of California and being debriefed by Starfleet Command. Cassia had to move into temporary accommodation due to her flat being rented during her time as a prisoner of war. She bought herself a house out in Napa Valley. She found her family were still not interested in seeing her and had told Starfleet that they didn’t care what happened to her things so they had been put in storage. Cassia set about making sure her new home was a home she could retreat to. Within walking distance of an ice rink, she was definitely happy with her home on Earth, though she wanted to go back to space. Determined not to let her family’s lack of compassion and love bring her down, Cassia was debriefed, given a refresher course and offered a number of postings, but she chose the Ragnarok, because it was as far away from her fellow POW’s as she could get.

Cassia headed to this posting praying it does not end the way the last one did. She believes, though no one else knows, that if she wound up in the same situation she would kill herself as she could not handle going through that again. She had not regained her proper weight and is on a strict diet to regain her proper weight and muscle tone.

When on the Ragnarok, Cassia got involved with Nicholas Reece, the Chief of Intelligence. Their relationship followed the normal pattern of dating and sleeping together then one night, after nearly 3 years together, he left the Rok without a word to her or anyone bar the captain. He left her a note and a rose. Since then she has not heard from him at all.

In 2396 she undertook a leave of absence at Starfleet Medical and Counselling, having still not regained her proper weight.

In late 2397, she was assigned to the USS Elysium as an Instructor at their onboard Academy.
Service Record Previous Posting: USS Jean Luc
Service Record:
Ensign- Lieutenant JG
2387-2390: USS Excalibur
Flight Control Officer

Lieutenant JG
2390-2390: USS Jean Luc
Flight Control Officer

Lieutenant JG
2390-2392: Prisoner of War
Breen Prison, location uncertain

2392-2393: Earth
Recuperation and Debriefing

2393- 2396: USS Ragnarok
Chief Flight Controller

2396-2397 - Leave of Absence

2397-Present - USS Elysium
Academy instructor

Medal Description
Pilot Wings

Medal Given to pilots who pass their pilots tests with 95% or more.
Passed Flight Exams with 98%
Combat Pilot Ribbon

Given to pilots who fought in ship to ship combat.
Given as a backdated medal to 2382. Combat on the Jean Luc with Breen Forces

POW Ribbon
Given to those who are held hostage by hostiles during a prolonged conflict
Held as a Prisoner of war for 2 years by the Breen.

Reprimands: None as Yet.

Languages Bajoran, Betazoid, Federation Standard
Academy Graduation Year 2387

Medical and Psychological Information